Bible Believing – says Take A Stand!

If your ministry states that they “are bible believing,” then it must be true. Bible believing is code word for believing the bible better, stronger, faster than others…and in particular Roman Catholics, Anglicans, emergents, liberals, NT Wright and Rob Bell (who are really not Christians at all, but false wanna-be-bible believers-who-don’t really want to believe.) I hope that makes sense. If you are not a bible believer you won’t get this.

You won’t catch Rob Bell saying he’s “bible believing,” and we would not believe him regardless.

Stating the phrase “bible believing” often, lots, many times, and more often than others makes you a bonafide hard-core bible-believing-ministry. What other option is there? Remember, saying “bible believing” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Say it enough and you believe it, even if its not true.

Thus when Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries states “we are bible believing” that means that every time they “discern” another ministry and tear it down, they do so only because they are bible-believing. If they won’t stand up for truth, who would?

We would.

In the same way, we at ODMafia are a  bible believin’ ministry ourselves trying to get by, with all these ungodly unbiblical ministries (**ROB BELL ALERT**) that we must contend with. We do get some opposition, but this is because legions of darkness are against us because we are simply trying to uphold the  simple truth.

How could true bible believers oppose a bible  believin’ ministry?


Take A Stand’s bible believing mantra of over 20 times affirms that they are truly bible believing. It has to be true….they said it.

4 Responses to Bible Believing – says Take A Stand!

  1. HeftyLefty says:

    Boy, you guys sure seem to have the discernment gift…showing us who is discerning properly and who is not.

    It’s nice to know I can now make up my own meanings to God’s word and still be saved. Thanks!


  2. truthslayer says:

    Thanks Hefty, it takes a special class of DISCERNMENTALISTS to know who is in and out. Normally that is left to Jesus, but not in this case! That is how special we are! (-;


  3. John Arthur says:

    Hi Truthslayer,

    You guys have nothing on Ken Silva. Jesus told us to love our enemies:(the liberals, the emergents, the contemplatives, the Anabaptists,the Quakers, open theists, Arminians and other heretics). But Ken seems to know better than Jesus. Is the Sermon on the Mount missing from his bible?


  4. truthslayer says:

    HeftyLefty – only when ODMafia says its true…its true.


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