Hate the anti-haters!

March 10, 2011

This is so sad. How can heretics claim to take a stand against our hatred for them. We have our great and powerful DOCTRINES to stand behind on and they have their liberal interpretation. They follow liberals like Arminius and those influenced by them! We have Calvin and Luther! (Yes at times we allow a Calvininium in our midst, but only if they hate the same people we do!) These people love to be challenged in their faith while we want them to learn our ways of judgment and condemnation! While many will denounce people like Fred Phelps, we here know that most of those who call themselves part of the ODMafia agree with Fred Phelps on the important things like hating gays and others that are not like us! Join with us to hate the anti-haters! Send us your donations now before we are hated out of existence! God is sovereign!


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