Emerging Church Tied To Horrible Plane Crash…

This just goes to show just how far the Emerging Church will go to justify their ungodly rebellion against the Only True and Correct Doctrines.

New raw footage of last Friday’s deadly air show crash in Reno shows the doomed plane nosediving and exploding on audience.

Watch: Crowd screams ‘Oh my God’

In related news: The Emerging Church has also been tied to a brutally fatal shark attack. We have evidence just read this: “We saw the shark’s nose emerge and then the man just vanished. It was very sudden, then the animal just swam off. ” That’s just how sinisterly vile and disgusting these Emergent types are in their corruption of Pure Doctrine… They violently try to fight the Truth of Orthodoxy by leading people astray into apostasy. This is why we must fight this Truth War to protect God’s Truth from those infected by the Emerging Church disease.

All my researchmentalism on this subject has been “well-researched” so you should just take my word as Absolute Truth and fact. In fact, you all should thank God for this site and sites like the infallible Ken Silva’s CRN for our great and important research such as this article!  If you didn’t have us to Take A Stand on things such as this matter the Emerging hordes will destroy God’s Truth.

5 Responses to Emerging Church Tied To Horrible Plane Crash…

  1. […] Apprising Ken Silva News Reports- Emerging Church Shark spotted swimming deep in the Indian Ocean earlier this morning. Authorities say be on the look out […]


  2. Emerging church has a whack sense of humor to be sure…And that’s pretty freakin’ crass and insensitive to use the still of that horrific plane crash.


  3. BrotherEnoch says:

    What do you suggest we do to the Emerging Church, kill them all, pray for them or rather be usefull in the kingdom of God. Acts 6:4 suggests that we shall engage ourselves firstly in prayer and then the ministry of the word… not nosing around about others business.


  4. I’m praying for you ODM apostate heretics! Don’t you know, God wants to save y’all? http://donaldlindsey.com/2011/11/22/hell-and-wellness-gospel/


  5. Dr BLT says:

    Just remember, that when it came to the outward appearance of religiousity, Jesus was the biggest rebel of all.


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