Celebrating the Purest form of Capitalism

March 21, 2015

deregSo we conservative Christians want to deregulate…. right?

OD_Mafia believes that a truly free country must be under the oppressive foot of (deregulated) capitalism and our tax dodging corporate overlords. We also believe in RIGHT TO WORK states that give YOU and I the privilege to be overworked, and severely underpaid (this is to ensure that CEO’s will make several hundred times what we make – on our labour!) We entirely reject communist ideas (or did Jesus have that idea first???)  like sharing (see Acts), giving (see Jesus), or expecting a society supposedly formed by Christian ideals …to act on them.

A true Christian never critiques thy holy Capitalism. To criticize capitalism is to be a communist. Just like when art critics criticize art – they really hate art.

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March 15, 2015


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