The Lords Wrath be upon Drama

April 15, 2019

A teachable lesson bow down….


The Evil of Drama
Rev. Richard J. Smit

“Drama is evil.” Who would ever dare to say that today? Who would dare to say that when drama is so widely accepted and enjoyed by many Christians?

The drama of radio, television, movie, video, and film is widely welcomed and enjoyed by many Christians who have failed to examine critically what they are actually doing. Today, we have become so accustomed to drama that it has become an acceptable part of our daily life. Many children have grown up with it in the home and continue entertaining themselves as they have learned. Keeping in step with those homes, many Christian school boards have integrated drama into the curriculum as a tool to instruct their elementary and secondary school students in Bible classes or Church History classes, for example. Many churches promote drama for Sunday school programs, Christmas programs, or even for “special” services. The result of having accepted the form of drama is that the people of God have opened the gates, and allowed this sinful practice of the world to invade and firmly to occupy their Homes.

Against this evil practice, which is well-rooted in many Christian homes today, the Reformed believer must take up the sword of the Word of God to examine himself, reform himself, and to protect himself from the fascinating and riveting allurements of drama.

Make no mistake, the root issue that the believer faces is not the evil of the sinful content of drama, but the form of drama itself. In opposition to that evil the believer must look to the Word of God for direction and protection. By evaluating the form of drama in the light of Scripture and the Three Forms of Unity the believer discovers that drama is an evil which must be forsaken.

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