Special Out of Character Announcement


Dear Readers,

We the real people behind the masks of ITodyaso; Truthslayer; and Don Jobson would like to announce that we are officially severing our ties with Pulpit and Pen. We have had our fun lampooning them over the past few months but we’ve reached our breaking point as one of their latest posts linked on this post of ours goes far beyond what the Bloggers here are about. We have found in researching them that they are far more horrible than other Discernment blogs we’ve parodied. They are full of callousness and a haughty arrogance that we can no longer abide in exposing others to. Their site exists to demean others—there’s mean-spiritness and then there’s Mean-Spiritness. Pulpit and Pen go even farther than Mean-Spiritness. Even the late Ken Silva wasn’t as despicably deplorable as them—as even he had a sense of humor. We henceforth shall never read or link to their site again for the sanity of others and a true peace of mind.


Just 3 guys exposing the truth of “Online Discernment Ministries” that lack grace and true humility as our disclaimer points out:


P.S. We still have more Discernmentalism and humor to come minus jokes about PP.

P. S (2). While we’re out of character here are some of the good discernment ministries (besides our satire sites of course) that we really recommend as an antidote for the poisonous teachings of the bad ones that lack humility and grace:

  1. Spiritual Sounding Board
  2. Wartburg Watch
  3. Act 3 Ministries
  4. Warren Throckmorton
  5. Patheos
  6. Among others but most especially the Bible itself

2 Responses to Special Out of Character Announcement

  1. […] hiding in our Truth protected by our Doctrines as the job of discernmentalizing discerners is not for the faint of […]


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