Jerry Falwell’s University goes Woke: Embraces Marxist democRat Agenda

The colors blue and yellow shone bright from the Freedom Tower at Liberty University on Friday night, following a campus prayer time for the country of Ukraine.

We Truth Warriors mustn’t let this nonsense and assault on our GREATEST Most Biblical Nobel Peace Prize-winning ex-President Trump stand. Trump was so noble in his Peace-waging when he drone struck the Middle East nearly every day for 4 years killing innocent children. Trump was also the Greatest fighter of child trafficking in my lifetime. If Jerry Falwell, Jr (who stands for Traditional Values) were still in charge; he wouldn’t have let this stand. It’s time to put the BIG Boyz back in charge.

Even Franklin Graham noted Sintologist and Agenda 21 proponent has fallen for the sissified Fake News propaganda and disingenuous narrative of the Woke effeminate known Leftist rag The Gospel Coalition. God is a Capitalist said so—so it must be true:

… the evangelical left represented by CT, The Gospel Coalition and David French are less than 10% of evangelicals and his audience is a puny fraction of the SBC. The only people who care about his jeremiads are those who hate Christians, like the Atlantic. Moore justifies their hatred.

Besides that Vlad is our friend—Trump said so—so that settles it. Boom! Just because governments have always done bad things for all time doesn’t mean Putin’s GOVERNMENT is doing Bad thinGs now that would be crazy!*



Anti-Government activists for Trump/Putin (GOVERNMENT) and Anti-Vaxxers for the PRO-VACCINE and FULLY VACCINATED Trump/Putin

One Response to Jerry Falwell’s University goes Woke: Embraces Marxist democRat Agenda

  1. donjobson says:

    We’re now reading quotes from REAL Manly Men to wash away “Liberty” University’s abomination of SJW Wokeness so here’s a quote of REal LIBerTY for your FreeDumb:

    Suppose that there is a starvation situation, and the parent of the four year old child (who is not an adult) does not have enough money to keep him alive. A wealthy NAMBLA man offers this parent enough money to keep him and his family alive – if he will consent to his having sex with the child. We assume, further, that this is the only way to preserve the life of this four year old boy. Would it be criminal child abuse for the parent to accept this offer? Not on libertarian grounds. For surely it is better for the child to be a live victim of sexual abuse rather than unsullied and dead. Rather, it is the parent who consents to the death of his child, when he could have kept him alive by such extreme measures, who is the real abuser.

    —Walter Block, Libertarian for Trump


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