Red-Pen to launch service for iTruth, TruthBerry

July 23, 2009

red pen

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Red-Pen, an online discernmentalist ministry unit of eBay Inc, is planning to launch its service for iTruth users on Tuesday and for the TruthBerry in May as part of its effort to expand beyond mainstream discernmentalism.

Red-Pen has been pushing to make its service work on the most popular advanced truth phones with an aim to expanding its more than 400 million users who were mostly lured by Emergent E-Phones by the promise of free Nooma Videos and Tony Campolo sound bites….now they seek to win them back.

If this new launch fails they will rush the Judgment Phone (Apprising Edition) to market immediately.

The latest in gizmos and gadgets

March 29, 2010

Are you tired of being forced to use the iPhone, and iPod made and built by pagans? Now you can enjoy the new iTruth. The iTruth was made in the ODMafia Research and Discernmentalist Labs for truth warriors by truth warriors. This unique mp3 player is the only one of its kind in the world. It will only accept songs and podcasts tha assent to absolute certainty and absolute truth.

Never post-modern.

Always modern.


Apple and the Online Discernmentalists Mafia schedules developers event for June

March 29, 2009


SteveJobs.jpg Steve Jobs image by mballek

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Apple Inc and the Online Discernmentalists Mafia has scheduled its annual developers conference for the second week in June, with plenty of buzz surrounding its product plans.

At last year’s gathering, Chief Executive Steve Jobs took the stage to formally unveil the second-generation, 3G iTruth. The device was an immediate hit with consumers (especially Online Discernmentalist Ministries), selling 6.9 million units in its first quarter on the market. Take A Stand Ministries spokesman said “This is a great leap forward in fighting the truth wars, soon absolute truth will be known by all…and those who reject it will be destroyed by our newly introduced Pentagon Ministry of Truth Warrior Division.” Online Discernmentalists can’t go wrong with this kind of backing!


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