Don’t be like foul mouth Mark Driscoll! Be more like Martin Luther!

March 11, 2009


Luther the pure and holy great reformer once said…

Warning: this quote contains strong language!

“Yes, we afterward established in our decretals that only the pope should convoke councils and name the participants.” But dear one, is this true? Who commanded you to establish this? “Silence, you heretic! What comes out of our mouth must be kept!” I hear it—which mouth do you mean? The one from which the farts come? (You can keep that yourself!) Or the one into which the good Corsican wine flows? (Let a clog shit into that!) “Oh, you abominable Luther, should you talk to the pope like this?” Shame on you too, you blasphemous, desperate rogues and crude asses—and should you talk to an emperor and empire like this? Yes, should you malign and desecrate four such high councils with the four greatest Christian emperors, just for the sake of your farts and decretals? Why do you let yourselves imagine that you are better than crass, crude, ignorant asses and fools, who neither know nor wish to know what councils, bishops, churches, emperors—indeed, what God and his word—are? You are a crude ass, you asspope, and an ass you will remain!” – Against the Roman Papacy, an Institution of the Devil. 1545.

Yes, do not be like Mark Driscoll, be more like Martin Luther!

Unknown Facts about Mark Driscoll!

April 26, 2008

1. Mark never sleeps, he plants Churches.

2. Mark is so holy he can add new books to the Bible, like Acts29

3. Mark once killed a man by reading him Calvin’s Institutes.

4. In prison Mark shanked a man in prison to keep his front teeth.

5. Mark is now afraid to shower with other men.

6. Mark used to swear more until his Tourette syndrome was properly medicated.

7. Mark has the mark of the beast tattooed on his buttocks

8. Mark once attended a U2 concert.

9. Mark used to be grunge when grunge wasn’t cool.

10. Mark once talked to Ravi Zachariah so Mark might be saved.

11. Mark once talked to Ravi Zachariah so Mark might not be saved.

 12. Mark shot a man while robbing his castle, Bobbie Sue took the money and run.

13. Before Mark was converted, he was the Rooster  and the Man in The Box (lyrics contain swear words so if you are easily offended do not click link)

14. Mark has seen the Black Hole Sun.

15. Mark dated Alice in Chains and members of Soundgarden.

16. Mark once went to see Swearengen to learn more swear words for sermons but left early as they did not swear enough.

17. A big part of Marks seminary training was at the Chapel before he realized it was a bar.

I am sure there are more, I am doing more research even now.

I. Todyaso

Way of The Master Radio Endorses Mark Driscoll!

April 17, 2008

Picture of Freakishly Tall Todd Friel looking for Emergent Heretics.

I am beginning to wonder if some are switching sides in this Truth War. Now it seems Todd Friel endorses Mark Driscoll. A spy showed me this article at a very backslidden blog.

My sources had told me just last night, that Mark had called Rob Bell to tell him that someone sent his mail to the wrong Mars Hill proving to me Mark Driscoll is still Emergent.

Oh, I feel like Elijah, am I the only one?

I. Todyaso


Steve Camp Proves Mark Driscoll is still Emergent!

April 13, 2008


If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it and tell me what you think? (BTW, heads up – at the end of the song, Ben Stiller comes on and in an attempt to be comical says some expletives that are bleeped out though you can pretty much tell what he said.  For Mars Hill Church members, this will seem like Sunday morning worship; for everyone else, it will seem like Saturday night at the bowling alley.)


Kudos to Steve for showing the Truth Warrior he is and teaching us how to properly judge others. I am glad Steve still agrees with us Mark Driscoll should stop cussing in every one of his @*#$ing sermons!

(Sorry for that I lost my sanctification from watching that *&%ing video. So make sure you are prayed up before watching it! I now must go to my prayer closet and gain my sanctification back.)

Seeking after His Kingdom,

I. Todyaso

Please also read the update here

Mark Driscoll the Cussing Pastor, forgets to Cuss During Sermon!

March 5, 2008


Picture of Mark Driscoll using hand gestures as he describes his latest series on Song of Solomon.

Discernmentalist News~

Mark Driscoll who was made famous by Donald Miller in his book  little book of heresy “Blue Like Jazz” is the lead pastor Mars Hill Seattle an emerging church (every other week).

 While preaching last week Mark Driscoll finished his service and almost fell on his face when he realized he forgot to swear during his sermon. He was put off a bit when half the congregation (that only comes to hear him swear and find out if they are to give a thumb up or down on Emergent Village.) began to get up and leave half way through his sermon.

There were some that were over heard as they left stating that they were wondering if Mark Driscoll had gotten saved sometime last week before the service, though this cannot be confirmed or denied we just thought we might let the reader JUDGE whether condemnation is needed.

Continue to pray against Mark and his Church of potty mouth wannabes so that God will be still Holy in Seattle.


Is Mark Driscoll Emergent?

February 10, 2008


Keep Checking in with us.

Discernmentalists Make Hugh Jass of Themselves

May 12, 2019


Phil Johnson of the mighty Truth Warrior Blog Pyromaniacs the right hand man of the Ways of the Master himself taught us all we know in how to be a Hugh Jass. Phil revealed his Hugh Jass when he made a site to expose all to the truth of King James Onlyism. Just like him we made this Hugh Jass site to expose all to the truth of graceless Discernment ministries like Phil’s mighty Pyromaniacs. We hope we never lose our Hugh Jass or his. All Discernmentalists are required to expose their Hugh Jass.  In fact we must humbly thank this Anonymous Emergent Commenter (Name Withheld) on one of our non-Socialist media sites for helping us to bare our Hugh Jass for all the world to see—quote:

“Nah, I see zero moral difference between the *censored for a word Mark Driscoll once used* that writes this outlandish *censored for your mother would be ashamed* to incite outrage, and the *censored for unbiblical cuss word* that post this outlandish *censored for edification* to incite others to be outraged with them.”

This just proves how our Mighty Doctrines save sinners as we now suspect he has converted to our ways of Discernmentalism. In fact we see zero moral difference between Anonymous Emergent Commenter (Name Withheld) that wrote that outlandish comment to incite outrage, and Fox News viewers/Breitbart readers that post similar outlandish comments to incite others to be outraged with them. For example:

Antifa (literally anti-Fascists) are the same as ISIS and actual Fascists for exposing and opposing Fascists

Anti-Racists are the same as Racists ie. Reverse Racists/anti-white for talking about racism and exposing/opposing racists

Or even worse as Paige Patterson said: “The Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) are as reprehensible as sex criminals.” for being an organization bent on exposing abusers and protecting victims

Rhoblogy Caught On A Slippery Slope Down The Postmodern Emerging Heresy Slide

March 9, 2010


Rhoblogy forsakes his convictions to stand against all errors, false teachers and heretics who have crept into the Church. We’ve caught him in the act of being soft on heresy and heretics like Mark Driscoll—here Rhology notes:

Thursday, March 04, 2010

One of my favorite watchblogs overreacts

Defending.Contending. is usually a good read, and they often have useful and discerning stuff about the zillions of shades of heresy and heterodoxy that are always popping up in the church of Jesus. However, recently they announced that they are no longer going to endorse two massively helpful websites – CARM and Monergism – because they endorse Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  Happily, the author of D.C. will be contacting each ministry to let them know of his concerns and his removal of his endorsement for what it’s worth, and no doubt asking them to reconsider their endorsement of Driscoll.  I would hope Monergism and CARM (read: Matt Slick) would go ahead and heavily qualify any endorsement of Driscoll that might remain, because that’s the right thing to do.  But to go so far as this?  Here in order is the 1st comment I left, the response, and my reply.

Brothers, I’m a bit concerned.
I love your site and always have ever since I heard of it and read it.
In this case, I wonder if you’re not going a bit far when you decide to stop endorsing such sources as CARM and especially Monergism just b/c they don’t dislike Driscoll. Not everyone can spend all the time you guys do on discernment type stuff.

How dare he attack John MacArthur’s Blessed Absolute Truth Wars™ and Discernmentalism. We Know that all True Christians are Absolute Truth Warriors and that all Absolute Truth Warriors spend all their time Discernmentalizing their fellow Christians. Doesn’t he know that the mark of a True Christian is to divide and split churches over random, arbitrary and non-Essential teachings and our own egotistical agendas? Clearly Rhology is in error—but wait he attacks True Discernmentalism even further:

Are you not separated from the profane already? You actively call out Driscoll for his many sins, and that’s great, and needed. But did you read Phil Johnson’s piece that I linked to in my last comment, about guilt by association?

Clearly Rhology is being deceived and doesn’t know that a True Absolute Truth Warrior Christian must render everyone they disagree with as guilty by association. This is an Essential Christian teaching as well as Discernmentalism as the clear teachings of Ken Silva attest. Perhaps Rhology ought to read our Pure Teachings on Mark Driscoll first before reconciling  with him. What happened to the heretic-bashing Rhology that we all know and love? Here Rhology condemns himself by a comment that he left on that Theopoetry heretic’s site:

Rich Mullins was right that we humans pull ’em out to suit our own desires, but the context in which he said it, ie that being born again is great but not all that we need to do to have eternal life, is heresy. If I’d known he’d said sthg like that before now, I’d never have bought any more of his music or attended his concerts or anythg (kinda like I intentionally avoid Phillips Craig and Dean, since they’re Oneness and thus heretics). Were I in charge at Wheaton (and had I the courage), I would’ve at that very moment stepped onstage, said “thank you, Rich,” proceeded to refute what he’d just said, never invited him back, and encouraged other seminaries/Christian schools to do the same.

Discernmentalists this is why we must stand with Defending.Contending. against Rhoblogy and sex-obsessed heretics like Mark Driscoll as our own illustrious Dr. Itodyaso has noted that Driscoll has yet to renounce all his Emerging/Emergent ties.

CRN receives honorary certificate! Stealing is the new Christian value! Updated!

August 23, 2009

picture stolen from Ron Hodgman with permission

Picture stolen with permission from the owner being Ronald Zell Hodgman; unlike when it was stolen by CRN and Defcon (Picture has been removed from Defcon site so we retract all that is stated about them by inserting this statement)

CRN always amazes us in their innovations and how they push us ever forward in the Truth Wars. God must be proud when He sees those of us who are real Truth Warriors use lies, slander and now… thievery to protect Him from those heretics that are ever destroying the truth of our doctrines. I mean, CRN has recently stolen Ron Hodgman’s property (a picture that was posted on and used it without permission from the owner. As you know war is hell and we must use hell like tactics to take down our enemies in the Name of Our Doctrines. We give this Honorary Certificate to Ken Silva and Company for opening the doors of Hell against our enemies. We now know it is a righteousact to steal someone else’s property and use it for our own means. Integrity? We don’t need it we have Our Doctrines to protect… and our God needs us to protect Him as He cannot protect Himself…

Here is your certificate CRN! Enjoy! We are so proud of you!


Like CRN we were also just too lazy to send anyone to cover the event ourselves, so we also just stole this picture… though we did get permission from the owner unlike CRN. Special acknowledgment to Defcon who also sets a new low standard in integrity in a Christian Ministry. In other news, eye witnesses at the event where the picture was taken stated that Mark Driscoll preached two different sermons. Though neither would be considered positive by Hour of Power standards, Mark did preach the Cross the second service with rather graphic details. Thankfully this will most likely be censored and CRN and Defcon will not have to eat crow about saying Mark failed to preach Jesus at the Crystal Cathedral.

CRN keeps tabs of whether Ingrid of Slice is a woman or not!

May 3, 2009

CRN agrees with Schuleter, who at last check is a Christian woman herself, who said: “If this is an example of Christian womanhood, who needs it?

We agree that Ingrid is a woman and did not need to subject Ingrid to any type of examination to find out otherwise!

In fact we did not even need to prove it by placing a perverted secular song to prove our point that Ingrid is a woman… we just discerned that a long time ago! We have not even seconded guessed out original thought on this as CRN seems to have.

Now, the other issue with the song used is that it is very “worldly”… women screaming “sock it to me” which means in today’s youth culture, “Have sex with me, cuz I am a woman!” No we here at the ODMafia respect women… especially married women like Ingrid. No, we did not even need to hear this song to talk about some sex fiend who grabs women at the beach by the hair and takes them back to his cave to rape them! Is that a truly Godly message we want to send to our kids and young women? Abduction, rape and abusing women is not funny Pastor Ken Silva! Shame on you!

No this is not parody on CRN’s site… this is a song about the abduction and rape of Bertha Butt, one of the Butt sisters, who after her abduction, falls in love with her abductor/rapist. This is really sick stuff!

This is just sickening that CRN used this song to prove Ingrid is a woman… and we are truly sickened by this lapse of judgmenalism let alone discernmentalism on CRN’s part. Ingrid should be outraged over this! We here truly feel sorrow for CRN as they promote abduction, rape and hot pants. And why does CRN want us to check out Ingrid’s breast implants? I guess sex sells! Repent! This is as bad as a Mark Driscoll sermon! At least Mark Driscoll calls out abusive men and does not promote the abuse of women by using sick humor to prove Ingrid is a woman! Ingrid call your lawyers and have that site closed down!

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