Give me that Old Time Ken Silvan Religion!

April 25, 2019


I the ever-discernmentalizing and mighty I. Todyaso with the self-righteous finger of judgment have made my return after hiding in our underground bunker because of the emergent persecution as recently pointed out by our friend Don Jobson we have faced since one of our co-discernmentalists and mentors the ever Apprising Ken Silva and a few other of our Discermentalist bretheren have fallen in battle in our Truth War.

After many years of  mourning our personal mentor in the ways of our Truth War and much researchmentalizing—it has come to my attention through bible-based osmosis that what the world needs now more than ever is more of that Old Time Ken Silvan Religion.

It saddens me that all those impure in our great doctrines of hate grace didn’t heed our warnings against rampart apostasy. The great falling away is in our midst and I can no longer keep silent. The emergent hordes have brought us to this:


Proof of Your Doom

This is why we  had to come back from hiding out in our bunker to point our mighty finger of judgmentalism and laugh at you sinners because we’re saved and you’re not. In fact I think Ken Silva is rolling over in his grave. So remember all we told you. Why…because….

I. Todyaso

“Reformation Eroding!”: Warns Pulpit & Pen

April 24, 2019


Once again the Pure Doctrines of our most Holy most illustrious most inerrant Pope of our Truth War (PBUH) have come under attack. Our Research Robot Monkeys have noted that one of our own Al Mohler (who we already exposed as a Socialist against our Clear Teachings) did something that we ODMs disapprove of: mourned the fire at Notre Dame against our Clear Teachings against such. Quote:

Like most in the Evangelical Intelligentsia, Albert Mohler is signaling a virtue that is almost altogether disconnected from his theology. The long, long line to mourn the loss of a Temple of Idols forms somewhere near the headquarters of The Social Gospel Coalition, who lean heavily upon Roman Catholic Liberation Theology to support their progressive political agenda.

Mohler wrote an article entitled History Burning Before Our Eyes in which he laments the loss of so much ‘history.’ The history of Roman Catholicism has been the death of hundreds of thousands of Protestants, abject tyranny, responsibility for the Dark Ages, and the propagation of superstitious anti-Christ religion around the world.

We here at the ODMafia agree that this is a clear perversion of our the Doctrines of Grace and will erode the Protestant Reformation of Martin Luther’s (who observed Easter against our clear teachings on it’s pagan catholic origins) and John Calvin (who was influenced by the Patristics against our clear teachings to avoid all things Catholic). For shame Al—repent back to our Angry ODM Truth War Gospel against all those we deem unworthy of God’s grace or the liberals; gays; emergent hordes; Catholics; semi-pelagians; Rob Bell;  Armenians; pacifists; extraterrestrials; Red Letter Christians; Dracula; Bigfoot; etc. whose God’s love wins will erode our Reformation and the Purity of our Sound Doctrines and prevent us from bringing all of us back to the Dark Ages.

As noted by one of our fellow Discernmentalists after reading the excellent Discernmentalist article by Bullsh@t & Spin Dullspit & Sin Dips#it & Pretend Pulpit & Pen:

“Quite a shame Al Mohler bases his postmodern opinion on to the Reformers none of whom were Catholic. There was not even a shred of mention by them being influenced by Catholic belief. I’m sick of Social Justice promoting Christians? basing all their thoughts on things with “feelings.” I don’t care how you feel about things, you don’t get to change the facts to suit your preferences, just by posting your favorite leftist postmodern opinion. Truth be told the Reformers are rolling over in their graves with everything you jackasses have done to screw up the church.”—Tyrone V. Hoofendorfer

We move that Phil Johnson aka Hugh Jass  of the mighty Truth Warrior site Pyromaniacs force persuade Al to rejoin the ODM fold and take a stand in the Pure Doctrines of our most illustrious most Holy most inerrant Pope over ODMs and internet Calvinists everywhere (PBUH) or revoke his association with Mohler. In case you have forgotten my credentials—I was personally  mentored by the late great Pastor-Teacher to the Online Congregation of the True Remnant of ODMs—who personally sat at the feet of the late Walter Martin by pouring over his Apologetics cassette tapes for several hours. This gives me more than enough self-righteousness to discernmentalize and judgmentalize all those who don’t hold true to the Purity of our Doctrines of the Truth War.

Once again we are under attack by emergent-evolutionist bible monkey

July 2, 2010

I the mighty Truthslayer (defender of truth and all things pure) have been forced to stoop to the level of an ape to talk with a monkey. ODMafia fans, please do not shed too many tears for MY persecution, attacks and difficult questions posited by this “BIBLE MONKEY.” We are told that true truth warriors would be persecuted, EVEN martyrred for spurious and underhanded tricks by satan’s minions.

It just so happens that Bible Monkey is an avowed emergent….and we know that all emergents act, smell, talk and think the same way. That is why I know that Bible Monkey is another way of saying that he supports evolution. That’s right folks…Bible Monkey has stooped to an all time low and is secretly trying to bring evolution into the church (ie  sinister plot uncovered and exposed). In these last days we are told that evildoers would come into the church and introduce bible monkeys and social justice.

We need to TAKE A STAND and fight back. Contact every mighty truth warrior ministry (Brannon Howse, Apprising, Take A Stand, Slice of Laodicea, Herescope, Discerning The World and more) today and let them know the truth. Get the word out! We need to stop this menace before it gets any worse!

It is possible that Bible Monkey may also be a Democrat (you heard it here first).


PS I have no doubt that John Armstrong, Rob Bell and NT Wright likely support this heretical horde. Also note that we will have a DVD out next week to expose the evil plot against the church.

Dear fans of ODmafia

June 28, 2010

Dear fans of ODmafia,

You know my pedigree. I was born via wedded bible believing Republican parents, and  was baptized as an adult believer. Moreover, I am a true bible believing double predestination Calvinist who listens to John MacArthur on the radio every morning, Todd Friel in the afternoon, and Apprising and Eric Barger in the evenings. I’m a strict adherent to God’s word, particularly ignoring the beatitudes which are reserved only for liberals and emergents….I’m so devout that I go on persecution binges to tease out those false teachers and heretics – pretty much everyone except those whom I approve of. As you know I’m meticulous about my observance of the word and therefore I more than anyone else take a true stand in defending the  truth and discernmentalism. Please join me in Taking A Stand.

Remember, never doubt me. Never question my articles or missives. They are right because I am right and have crystal clear discernmentalist qualities. Doubt me and you should doubt your faith, and secretly harbouring liberal viewpoints.


Brannon Howes teaches how to persecute Christians

May 26, 2010

“Brannon and John will explore the five stages for establishing the persecution of Christians. Stage one. Define the opposition. Stage two: Marginalize the opposition. Stage Three: Vilify the Opposition. Stage Four: Pass laws criminalizing the activities of the opposition. Stage Five: Enforce the new laws against the opposition.”

We here at the ODMafia are soooo impressed with this latest teaching out of Brannon Howse. We see this not only as the view on how we poor, poor innocent Christians who never do anything wrong, will be slowly persecuted, but also that this can be turned around and used against OUR ENEMIES! Yes! This very outline can be used against people like Rick Warren, Brian McLaren or N.T. Wright!


Stage one: Name your enemies! Shoot we will do that for you! Just read our blog!

Stage two: Make your enemies lesser than yourself. Make up funny names and demean them as people.  See them as substandard Christians at best or heretics worthy of burning at the stake or at least flaming on your blog!

Stage three: Vilify your enemies! Yes, even if it is not true make things up. GOd gave true dicernmentalists the tools of this world (Lies, slander, bearing false witness… you know those things) to use against our enemies. So, do like Brannon Howse does with Rick Warren and others and make things up! Whatever it takes as the truth is what is at steak here!

Stage four: Pass law criminalizing the activities of the enemies! If they are gay, vote no to marriage and civil unions. You get the picture… make them suffer!

Stage five: Enforce them laws! So back the anti Gay Uganda laws that could put gays as well as those who know a gay person in jail  or even executed! I mean as long as we persecute gay people then we do not have to face the reality that our Christian marriages rival the world percentage wise with the secular world in divorces… and that pastors have a higher divorce rate than even the secular world! Yes, we can put the blame on Gays instead of face our own sin, depravity and weak view of the “sanctity of marriage”.

Rick Warren’s Newest Sinister Plot Discovered

April 20, 2010

Rick Warren plans to unleash Purpose Driven Baseball upon the world. Oh the sheer horror! We Know that like life baseball should be kept as Purposeless as humanly possible. John MacArthur teaches this essential Absolute Biblical Truth when he says:

People have to understand that salvation is not being delivered from bad feelings or the lack of self-esteem or and unimportant life or a purpose-less life or a less than fulfillment. Salvation is deliverance from the eternal wrath of God and everlasting Hell. You have got to get the message right. First of all as to the condition of the sinner and the remedy also in Christ.

We agree that the purpose driven life has no gospel in it as God doesn’t have a plan or purpose for your life. Todd Friel  adds:

God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. No, God does not love you and does not have a wonderful plan for your life. The only promises for the convert are trials, temptation and persecution. If that is how you define a wonderful life, fine. Otherwise we must command all men everywhere to repent and trust.

This is why we must take a stand in God’s Absolute Sovereign Wrath against Rick Warren’s hideous plans for Purpose Driven Baseball:

Bad news Bob needs you!

February 3, 2010

Are you tired of all the good news the proliferates the air waves, print publications and the internet? Now you can report nothing but bad news…..and bad news about the Christian world! You read correctly!

You can report on the bad news of other Christians AND increase traffic to your website…..all thanks to Discerning The World.

They need reporters.

Are you up for…

a) reporting sensational news?

b) reporting bad news?

c) quickly grabbing links to BOOST your web cred?

Here is a snipped “Report on: New Age infiltration into Churches – Stories of top ranking Pastors who deceive -Prosperity Gospel – Ministries who are clearly nuts and preach utter nonsense -Cults -Vatican News – Interfaith – Christian persecution – New World Order takeover – Hollywood and their anti-Christian agenda – Advancement of Technology – Demise of Freedom of Speech – European Union / United Nations plans of world domination – Non Christian news of interest that affects the world – Biblical Prophecy – False Prophecy that did not come true or False Prophecy that anyone with half a brain cell can tell will not come true –  Conspiracies that actually seem plausible, etc.”

Are you looking for a ministry that is clearly nuts? This may be for you! This IS for you!

Clearly an edifying website. You and your entire family can build themselves by bringing everyone one else down.

This is your chance to be like the National Inquirer. You don’t need to fact check. Just report. You don’t need credentials…all you need is a good juicy story (gossip)….but edifying gossip. Only the best biblical gossip will do. And you may have the opportunity to use STRETCH TECHNOLOGY.

Apply now!


Right now!

Truthslayer endorsed….because its bible based. Discernmentalism at its best.

Miss California Exposed!

May 21, 2009


Ingrid from Slice of Laodicea notes”  “Here’s yesterday’s “Just a Thought” from Tony Miano’s blog. Well said, Tony. Thank you.Tony wrote more fully on the subject here.

(Photo: Carrie Prejean, Miss California. Photo had to be cropped for modesty and even that didn’t work too well.) WOW Ingrid (thank-you!!!), you are very very holy, thank goodness for your bible-cropping and concern for modesty – and even making the claim of modest is even MORE modest.

ODmafia, being MORE humble, modest, prudish, diligent, conservative and Biblically minded made sure that the model photo met our high standards of decency and therefore we made adjustments to suit our audience. We apologize to our audience for exposing so much flesh. Please do not judge us.

Bigfoot still hates me!

August 24, 2008

Fellow warriors,

This heavy persecution from Bigfoot is really taking it’s toll on me. I ask you to pray that God’s full vengeance is set against him. When I talk to Vietnam vets they describe the horror of war. I too understand as one of the front warriors in this Truth War against all of God’s enemies. , PDL’ers, liberals, and missing link primates all seem to hate me. I hold up the high standard of those who fight daily in this truth war. Remember, it is people like me who see fit to attack those who hate OUR doctrines.

Finances are just not coming in. I am forced to not only preach at my church of 5 but also must take a day job to support my continual war against the enemies of OUR doctrines that make us Elect and give us that special grace others only wish they could have.

I am so persecuted by these reprobates that I too know what a person that has fought in war. I am a martyr for OUR doctrines. Please stand with me. Pray a pox on all who oppose and hate me. Even some of our faithful brother and sister ODM’s have turned against me for holding their standard up for them.

My banner is still waving, just as the those Great Marines in that famous picture. Together we must stand for our fragile truth and protect it now more than ever. We must not let those that oppose us have any victory in Christ and stumble into heaven. Imagine having to share your mansion with Tony Jones, Doug Pagett, Rick Warren or Bigfoot. What a horror that would be.

I know that my own church is small, but this blog ministers to thousands if not ten’s or thousands and I know that you also feel as I do about this truth war. Together will must stand and protect God, country and OUR doctrines as we understand them.


Taking a stand and filling the gap for you,

I. Todyaso

Rumors about Ingrid of Slice!

August 22, 2008


Ingrid of Slice and I talked a bit the other day. She confirms she is NOT PREGNANT. I wish that this persecution of her would stop. It seems some out there will stop at nothing to spread rumors and lies about others. She was very upset and stated that comments like that make this site look mean and hurt her on a personal level. Of course we are mean as that is our calling as Truth Warriors and how we fight for the truth as as walk in the Ways of the Master Discernmentalist. Yet, stuff like that is uncalled for.

On another note, I hear Richard Abanes may be pregnant.

Keep fighting that war for OUR Truth with what ever it takes,

I. Todyaso

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