Is Mark Driscoll Emergent?


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36 Responses to Is Mark Driscoll Emergent?

  1. solagratia82 says:



  2. itodyaso says:

    Well, If he is not today, maybe we can catch him tomorrow and start attacking him again. I hope he still cusses though we need someone to attack for being “crass”!

    Now, as long as he is still reformed, and by that I mean the “right” kind of reformed that only we Discermentalist know, then we can know for sure he is saved by Grace through faith and not by works and can repent, unlike those unregenerate heathen in the Emergent Village he calls “friends”. I mean what does light have to do with darkness? No one should have an unsaved friend as bad company corrupts good morals and we know that it is our own morals and sense of righteousness that will save this nation and others, By Grace of course… and not by works.


    • Chris says:

      Donald Miller labeled him “the cussing pastor” – Probably because he said ‘sucks’ as in ‘this sucks’ – Are you guys that petty? I’ve yet to hear the guy cuss. Please someone shoot me a link with audio or video of Driscoll cussing because I can’t find it anywhere.

      If Driscoll is the definition of “crass” for you discernment guys/gals then no one is safe. Discernment is a good thing until you start taking down fellow Christians for your own sense of worth or to get more hits. How do you even read the Old Testament if that kind of stuff offends you?

      By the way, if you’re witnessing to someone and they have a cigarette and cuss every now and then – are you going to give up on them before they corrupt your good morals?


      • Eric says:

        Hey Chris,

        While I do love the way Mark preaches but he does take things too far.

        Here is a link to a YouTube video:

        I think he stands a bit to far on the worldly side. However, I think he has an amazing message but is a bit too “crass”.

        Also, you said: “Discernment is a good thing until you start taking down fellow Christians for your own sense of worth or to get more hits.”

        That is both true and false all at once. It is true that no one should go up against other believers to get more “hits” or increase their own “self-worth.” However, biblical discernment DEMANDS THAT YOU STAND AGAINST THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS BUT PRESENT A WRONG MESSAGE! The Apostle Paul did this exact thing to Peter in Galatians 2:11-13. If you feel a brother or sister is wrong, go up against them and confront them from Scripture.

        This is biblical and important. I feel that this has fallen too far out of practice in the modern Church.

        In Christ,


      • Rick says:

        You Do know where the term “Sucks come from don’t you. It refered to someone being forced to perform oral sex on a man.
        Just goes to show how people forget the real meaning of words when they gain poular approval.


  3. Scott says:

    Um, I am as against this Emergent Movement as anyone and heretical views, but I must disagree with your statement about no one should have an unsaved friend….that is not biblical at all. Now, I will grant that you should not be hanging out with these unsaved buddies as they can pull you down, but you can have a friend that is not saved…hopefully, by your friendship God will use that to bring that person to Christ. Jesus did not hang out with just “believers”. It is by grace that you or I even make it through each day. Part of the christian life if doing good deeds…not as salvation, but as a result of our salvation…part of good deeds is befriending a lost soul and helping that person see the light of Jesus. Only Christ can regenerate that persons heart of course in order that he might accept Jesus, but God will use us to bring these people along if we are willing.

    I certainly hope that statement you made was being funny.

    Pressing on in Christ,


  4. itodyaso says:


    Now let me say it this way, I am a firm believer in eternal security except for heretics like the emergents. It is so obvious that they are not only not saved, but of all people God has chose to UNsave them.

    If you do not take this site serious, then you must not take any of us who stand as warrior protecting God Sovereign and all powerful truth from those heretics semi plagiarises. You must take this all serious or you too might be snatched from God’s hands and we might all lose the truth we earnestly war with against all these heretics.

    As far as unsaved people, I ask you this… why did you let them slip out of God’s hands and get unsaved? Only Jesus can regenerate them, but if they are un-re-un-regenerated, then I doubt they were saved in the first place. Only we elect are secure and we know the elect becuase some of us “just know Truth”… as our guru leader Ken Silva states.

    I suggest you get on your knees and repent that you let you friend become an un-saved friend in the first place and try harder at saving them by Grace in which we stand.

    My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me,

    I. Todyaso


  5. kichigaime says:

    No he’s not. he explains what he calls the “Four Lane Highway” In his sermon about the emerging church. If anyone’s interested in watching that sermon it can be found on the marshill website. It’s under the series “Religon and Nine other Misconceptions” or something like that.
    There I found the link for it. Watch it.


  6. itodyaso says:


    I am sorry, you are so wrong. If you notice that is an old date February 24, 2008 and it seems Mark has recently talked to Tony Jones on the phone since then. That means Mark is still associating with these sinning heretics and has not made up his mind. We know the bible states we need treat unrepentant “so-called” sinners as unbelievers and tax collectors. This means we need preach hell and repentance in hope they are Elect and just do not know it yet, or if they are just backslidden that we (if we could) take them outside the city and stone them.*

    Believe me,

    I. Todyaso

    *See my great teaching post on Biblical stoning.


  7. Randy says:

    Are you all serious? What was Christs command to all believers…. to LOVE one another. I dont always agree with everything the emergent guys say but I love them as brothers in Christ. They ask serious questions and they push us all to a deeper faith by questioning what we believe. Why is it so wrong to ask question? What are you so afraid of?


  8. itodyaso says:


    1. I refer you to the “Are you serious?” page.
    2. Love, love, love sounds more like the Beatles than OUR wrathful and sinner-hating God we represent.
    3. If you love an emergent you are GBA* so repent!

    Listen to me if you have ears as,
    I. Todyaso

    *Guilty By Association


  9. itodyaso says:

    I might add that WoTM Radio endorsed Mark Driscoll yesterday, yet I heard he had called Rob Bell as to tell him some of his mail was delivered to the wrong Mars Hill, so Mark still has some Emergent tendencies to overcome.


  10. Randy says:

    im sorry… I must have you confused with a Christian blog


  11. itodyaso says:


    So much for your “love” statement. And yes you are confused as this is a Discernmentalist Blog. We are more than just a Christian Blog as we represent the God of OUR doctrines.

    Have you even looked at the links I suggested? I doubt you have otherwise you would get what is going on here.
    Again, go and read a bit more and then make your decision if it is you that need grasp the power of OUR doctrines and OUR wrathful and angry God who hates sinners and unregenerate vessels.

    Indeed, I am gifted with long suffering,

    I Todyaso


  12. Randy says:

    I didn’t say anything in hate at all. So, please don’t assume that. All I stated was that we must be confused with beliefs here because my God and your god clearly aren’t the same. And my view of Christianity is clearly different from yours. Do we read the same Bible? Because your god who hates sinners and all the other venom flowing from your words isn’t in my Bible. All I was stating is clearly we can’t believe in the same thing.


  13. Randy says:

    BTW… I did go to the link.


  14. itodyaso says:


    My little friend, IF you are having anything to do with Emergents past or present then you are suspect and there is NO CONFUSION. You simply are worshipping a different God that WE are. Pretty simple if you catch on to what is going on here at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia. We surely would not satirize Truth, but we sure would make satire of people that do!

    I. Todyaso


  15. itodyaso says:

    Please pray for Mark Driscoll as we just found out he had spent time talking to Ravi Zachariah once and we all know he is not saved but really is a Canadian Hindu (Ravi I mean).

    I. Todyaso


  16. HA. Ravi a Canadian Hindu. Funny.

    Just arrived here so not sure what to make of you. However, I do need a laugh once in a while as I am one of the serious ones out here…


  17. Raff says:

    Christ preached love

    itodyazzmuncher reaches Hate

    Nuff said!


  18. Jim the Bison says:

    Driscoll is not emergent. He is emergent bait and switch. Using a style to get young men in the door (young women will follow) then switching to a Hyper-Reformed only picture of following (Mark) and a Bill Gothard like, Fall model for marital relationship dynamics. In this he is heretical. One day the other shoe will fall and the house of cards will crumble…sadly a pile of mislead men and women will be in the path.


    • Chris says:

      Jim – maybe Christ is using people of all types of styles to bring others closer to him. These guys might initially be attracted to the personality but are told about Jesus and as far as I’ve heard – not false teachings. As far as him talking about marriage. Every pastor I’ve ever heard has a series on marriage but that’s just a few weeks of the thousands of other sermons that they preach. The emergent church has some ‘strange’ philosophy and I would definetly not listen to Driscoll if I ever heard any of those ideas in his podcast and I’ve listened to the whole series – he isn’t perfect and I don’t agree with everything but he isn’t a heretic because young guys like the church.


  19. Antireligious Fanatic says:

    This is absolutely awesome I think believers need
    to laugh more we take everything so serious. I mean God created
    us so he has some humor at least.


  20. itodyaso says:

    I was just informed Mark Driscoll accidentally landed on Ken Silva’s Apprising ministry blog… We have reason to believe that Mark was saved by the Grace of Ken Silva’s holy doctrines tonight… oh well there is always tomorrow.


  21. centralityofthegospel says:


    I bow to your discernment of the agenda of this BLOG.


  22. Chris says:

    no – he’s not emergent. Far from it.


  23. Chris says:

    Oh – well – this is satire -okay…disregard my throwing fits earlier. 🙂


  24. itodyaso says:

    We are all for throwing fits… if we were monkeys we would throw other things.

    I Todyaso


  25. rzhblog says:

    Mark Driscoll appears to be “missional” meaning a follower of Tim Keller. However, many spiritual discernment guides believe that “missional” is a secret code word for “emergent” meaning that both Tim Keller and Mark Driscoll are undercover “emergents” advancing the agenda of “emergents” while claiming to be “missional”.

    However, “missional” persons believe that spiritual discernment guides (watchblogs) are using the works of the flesh to make Chrisianity so ugly that only spiritual discernment guides and their parrots will be saved from eternal Hell fire.

    Both John Piper and Mark Driscoll are strongly influenced by Tim Keller. Never underestimate Calvinism packaged in a “missional” label the Tim Keller way. Tim Keller is the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) secret weapon to take over the USA in the name of conservative Presbyterian-ism. R. C. Sproul was simply like John the Baptist creating the right atmosphere for the appearance of Tim Keller. The Baptist are concerned that the Baptist age in the USA may be over due to Tim Keller and his neo-Baptist version named Mark Driscoll. Baptist spiritual discernment watchblogs are expecting Mark Driscoll to repent of his Baptist beliefs at the right moment to do the maximum damage to Baptist and return to the Presbyterian-ism of John Knox thanks to the Tim Keller influence on Mark Driscoll.

    I can send you some monkeys if you desire other things to get thrown without getting your hands dirty.

    Keep up the satire and how about some “missional” rumor or better yet …. at least one article on Ken Silva’s girl Friday (Denise of Surph’s Side blog) and Steve Camp’s ex-girl friend. The drama queen of spiritual discernment deserves at least one satire posting on your blog.

    Hopefully my spiritual discernment research on the true influence on Mark Driscoll which is Tim Keller not John Piper; will not derail the PCA agenda to make all Christians in the USA a parrot of John Knox. 😉


  26. […] as the clear teachings of Ken Silva attest. Perhaps Rhology ought to read our Pure Teachings on Mark Driscoll before reconciling  with him. What happened to the heretic-bashing Rhology that we all know and […]


  27. Tiggy says:

    No, he’s a c@&% – homophobic and mysogynistic.

    (Sorry, ODMafia had to edit the comment to keep the site family friendly and yeah, we hate him also, but to us, those are his good qualities so we are a bit confused at this comment!)


  28. Tiggy says:

    Calvinism stinks – I’m so glad we don’t have it in England.


  29. rzhblog says:

    Perhaps it may be safe to say that Calvinism died in England with the death of Charles Haddon Spurgeon?


  30. jimbs says:

    Ummmm, guys I think you are revealing here that you are not genuine ODMs. This blog thread is so wrong, the changing thumb thing. It has long been the policy of the truest ODMs that once a Christian ODM fatwa has been pronounced upon a brother or sister in Christ that that cannot be removed, as it would be shown to be weakness, an emergent characteristic. There is only one exception to this rule however, and that is if the person upon whom it was issued becomes an ODM him/herself… Sorry, but iron sharpens iron brothers(I say that cautiously…).


  31. jimbs says:

    Did I mention that an ODM fatwa cannot be reversed for any reason??? This includes even if said brother/sister evidences penance, public confession, proving beyond a shadow of doubt that the accusations are false, etc, etc, etc………


  32. Jo Hansen says:

    This is totally fascinating.
    I get the feeling I am writing to a people who are mostly
    A) male
    B) young enough to be my children
    C) seriously under-educated ( except the owners of this site, who are on the ball.)
    Guess what – There are tons of real, faithful, walking-the -walk Christians out here who do NOT expect their clergypersons to tell them how to run their marriages.

    One sign of a cult is that it controls its adherents’ sex lives. Driscoll’s sex-obsessed preaching is a huge red flag.
    Don’t drink the Kool-Aid at Mars Hill.


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