New Buttons for you!

We know Our God is angry and hates sinners. We have bible verses that prove that and will cram them in your face if you ask us to. We also noticed that some “Truth Warriors” are not doing enough (though some are) to spread the Good News of the Angry God and His Wrath.

We pray that Team Pyro will step up to the New Standard and High Bar we have set. We are also saddened they do not go far enough and have even shown a little “emergent tendencies” with things like this.

We here at The Discernmentalist Mafia refuse to compromise like this and will even stand up against the nonsense that God loves sinners. We know God only loved the Elect of which we are. If you are not, then God has a place prepared for you called HELL!

2 Responses to New Buttons for you!

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