People saved by this blog today!


18 Responses to People saved by this blog today!

  1. Dwayne Forehand says:

    Frickin awesome site.


  2. Piper says:

    Umm… your counter only goes up to 9. So, I guess you are stating that only 9 people are being “saved” by your blog each day. Still… 9 people is 9 individuals. So great job! That is pretty impressive for one who is quick to judge every theologian you don’t see eye to eye with. I do agree with some of your stuff, but you are very skillful at stretching & twisting things into your own personal beliefs (kinda like a heretic). Keep up the great work and I pray you dodge hell when you die.


  3. itodyaso says:


    I think you miss the subtle nuance of this blog. People get saved by it becuase of God for salvation is of God alone and the only formula that works is to preach the Law until they realized they are worthless and truly nothing to God becuase they sin. God hates sinners and cannot tolerate them. Then when they are saved, we may teach Grace as long as it manipulates them unto good works like tithing.

    The counter is only a symbol of our reality. The Truth is that I am sure many more are saved every day by OUR God by us.

    As far as being quick to judge, I will say THANK YOU! But note that it is not just judging but also condemn. We here see that though we even agree with a ministry we need keep an ever watchful eye even on them so that they will not fall short of the Glory that Ken Silva and Ingrid at Slice have set before us. We strive to please only OUR God and no other by keeping all in OUR pure and holy “Truth” doctrine.

    May God also deem you as worthy as we are being Elect as we are, unto Salvation as we are.

    Believe because,

    I Todyaso


  4. Piper says:


    Thanks for the quick reply. I will admit I am a bit of an instigater. I do agree actually with much of this site and have been enjoying what I have been reading. I just thought I would try to get you to condemn me to hell for my comment I left here. Or for one of you to tell me to dust off my bible and read it to cover to cover. I do like the tones of many of your responces to other’s comments on your page. Again, I do agree with your overall vision and purpose for this blog, and only find myself dissagreeing on some small things.

    I did see that you all love MacArthur & Spurgeon… as do I. Actually, I visited the Spurgeon library while in college. And MacArthur has the best stuff on the history & authority of Scripture.

    But besides the Scriptures, is there a doctrine you all hold dear? Ex: The Westminster Confession of Faith

    Just Curious to know. Thanks!


  5. itodyaso says:

    Piper, (As if that was a real name!)

    I hold to the Bible and MacArthur and Spurgeon and Calvin and all the Reformers who hate the RCC and people who disagree with us. If you knew you history you would know that is part of the heritage we share here with the Reformers. If they fought amongst themselves so should we to keep up the Reformed traditions we hold.

    Sheesh did you even go to college? Was it one of those liberal ones?

    And we know that “just curious” is a code about homosexuality so you better repent! I mean if you are not going to listen to God, then at least listen to me.


    I. Todyaso


  6. Rick Frueh says:

    “Keep up the great work and I pray you dodge hell when you die.”



  7. Piper says:

    Now that was the responce I was looking for! You guys are great!

    Again, “Keep up the great work and I pray you dodge hell when you die.”

    Or as Driscoll (your hero) would put it, “I pray you are a duck in God’s game of Duck, Duck, Damn.”


  8. itodyaso says:


    Even if I was Emergent, Driscoll would not be my “hero”.

    I also rebuke you for swearing, as the proper Biblical term is Damnation. damned or damnable, but we must never just say “Damn”.

    Now I have to go to my closet and pray to get my sanctification back.

    With that sort of language, it would seem you are a Driscoll lover with all the swearing.

    I. Todyaso


  9. Jon_Hagy says:

    Thank you for this wonderful and confusing collection of “TRUTH” on this site. It has converted me to believe that all who does not agree to fight all who stands for friendship with sinners will burn in the real hell that the God of your doctrine is preparing for them.

    May the flames burn higher.
    May the anti-christ be revealed. and sit in Jerusalem
    May they all see we weren’t talking nonsence when we said that the Beast will give them a bar code on their foreheads and right hands
    May nobody see that we have been changing our story who Gog and Magog are. (Or the anti-christ or the false prophet or the ten horns of the Beast or…)
    May the countdown in Jerusalem not go on forever.


  10. itodyaso says:

    Jon Hagy,

    I think you get it. I really do!

    Blessings from my affectionate Uncle,

    I. Todyaso


  11. Steve Scott says:

    Shoula known it. You guys are just a bunch of wimpy Arminians who know absoutely nothing about the fifth point of Calvinism, perseverance of the saints. Thy counter bewrayeth thee. Those are the same nine people re-re-re-dedicating their lives to Christ every five seconds because they refuse to believe that God is really Sovereign.


  12. Mr. Atheist says:

    Make it ten!


  13. Bobby Hunter says:

    I heard you on TV , Fighting For The Faith. Yes I am a Christian and I have seen and talk to Jesus when I was around 12 years old and didn’t even know the first thing about Jesus . My family never went to church . The other night I heard you talking about Cults. some one said that The Masons is a cult, did I hear wrong ? I have been in the masonic lodge since 1973, am I going to hell? I want to know because I am 64 y.o. I can go at any time! you have to believe in Jesus or you don’t take another step in joining the Masonic lodge . Now Eric I have a book telling all about the Masons , if you want to read it and let me know if I am going to hell for being a mason I want to know. I have seen the masons do allot of good for people in our town and all over the world . Send me your address and I will forward the book to your home don’t need to return it to me . I am serious are you ? Thank for your time Eric . please reply .After reading this book then you tell me. Robert Hunter =


  14. John says:

    Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?


  15. William Wallace says:

    To even suggest that “this blog” can save anybody is false doctrine. Now that you have fallen away you will never be able to repent again! We discern that only God can save by irresistible grace. He lassos the secretly chosen ones into the sheep fold, leaving the rest to starve and die of the deserving famine. Even though his lasso is big enough to rope us all in, He MUST leave others to die in order to reveal His “other side” Why? Because “who are you oh man to question God?” To ask why is to be a wolf in sheep clothes…. Discern that!


  16. itodyaso says:

    Sir William Wallace, We may listen to you but you led a rebellion that has hurt England before Calvin and Luther. Since you protested and rebelled before the appointed time, you words are moot.


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