Who we are



Who we are:

I. Todyaso: I have a self-appointed Doctorate of Divinity obtained through hours of listening to Walter Martin’s Bible answerman. I also have a Masters in Divinity I gave myself after reading  the Apprising Ministries blog since it was first incarnated on the blogosphere. I was tutored by Ken Silva until I realized I could make more money  I was more gifted in the gift of judging others.I also have be most greatly gifted above all others in Discernment and am truly the most humble for it. No one else can match my grandiose ability to judge all others with the Doctrines of the Truth War. I also have created and with patent pending made up the word “Discernmentalist”.


TruthSlayer: I’m an Online Discernmentalist of the highest caliber …but one less than I. Todyaso.  I am rooted in classic, historic, orthodox discernmentalism. Due to my rootedness, Truthslayer was pre-ordained by I. Todyaso to uphold and fight for absolute truth and does not tolerate dissent or assent. Although what is written at The Online Discernmentalist Mafia may often be quite blunt, considering the time of rampant apostasy in which we now live, this also is by design. It needs to be understood that in Special Ops often unconventional warfare techniques become the norm. I have been asked to come on board as the Special Ops division. This is who I am, I am Truthslayer…divider of Bible believers, destroyer of unity.

Oh and before I forget I’m against political correctness, bad people, good people, fun people, emerging, demerging, submerging, sinners, people who want to be sinners, unbelieving so-called bible believers, liberals, relativism, post-modernism, science and rational discussion. Anything else you can think of I’m against as well too.

10 Responses to Who we are

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  2. Hein Breytenbach says:

    Good Day, I kindly seek permission to make use of the picture as part of a presentation on hell – “What happens to a soul when they reject Jesus”. The relevant acknowledgement will be given.

    Many thanks in advance.




  3. addict says:

    Thanking G-D for the special ops my head was about to pop whem I was reading to many dicerning minds that know.Thats kinda funny .But what was not funny was my heart was getting hard . thanks guys , you won one for the g- pper


  4. Nehemiah says:

    First of all, after looking at your web site, I am very impressed with your info.
    Thanks for doing the great article on Michael Horton. We studied his book on Beyond Culture Wars in Sunday School, and he is out in left field. I would like to publish your article far and wide. I have a conservative newsletter with over 10,000 emails addresses. Please contact me as I would like to discuss further.


  5. jimbs says:

    I like that the picture up above shows that you have room for growth, because there are only two of you and three in the picture. That is being visionary at its best! Keep up the good work for Christ!


  6. Do you clowns have a mailing address? If so, post it for those of us who do not server the Image of the Beast (Internet).


  7. […] Dr. I. Todyaso, Pator-Teacher; Master Discernmentalist; Truth Warrior-Extrodinare; Instructor-Correcter … […]


  8. […] is a dirty word in the religious milieu of conservatism and our Truth War as you can see. I sat, ages ago, in many sermons and read many articles about it—having […]


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