Why John MacArthur (PBUH)?


For one the Pharisees tried the game of Discernmentalism with Jesus and lost. MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, JOHN.  John MacArthur (PBUH) is one of  them—a Pharisee of all pharisees. And as good Online Discernmentalists we must be of our father Johnny Mac (PBUH). I am not joking. I mean it.

Secondly JMac (PBUH) achieved Sainthood by virtue of being born able to exegete Scripture literalistically and from a modernistic neo-Platonic dualist epistemic Calvinistic Premillennial Dispensationalist interpretation of an Augustinian Paulian hermeneutical lens then name a Study Bible after himself (PBUI) as his interpretation is the only Correct one* (PBUI).

Lastly he (PBUH) was elected to Popehood over all online Discernmentalism as all he (PBUH) speaks he (PBUH) speaks ex-Cathedra as all his words (PBUT) are inerrant and infallible.

*- I once had a prof in a non-liberal college who, to bolster his argument, quoted himself from the book he wrote. 🤦🏼‍♂️. JMac (PBUH) gets more adherents by doing that. It’s our cult of Discernmentlism. We appeal to our authority (the favorite logical fallacy of most uneducated Christians like us Discernmentalists). Just gaze at our Mighty Blogs and Truth Warrior sites.

This is why we at ODMafia have used that term to venerate JMac (PBUH) for a few years. He’s the Fundies’ and Discernmentalist prophet (PBUH).

Grace to you=condemnation to you—no Grace to you more Grace for me,

Dr. Donald John Thad Foreal, DTHDD

6 Responses to Why John MacArthur (PBUH)?

  1. donjobson says:

    Amen Thad PBUH and PBUU!!!


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