An Exciting Announcement!

May 13, 2019


“The Bible has a wax nose; you can twist it whichever way you want!” —Martin Luther

Finally a Candy Bar with Discernmentalizing bite! Packed with Truth-bending powers and waxy bits. Literally melts in your mouth to aid in Scripture-twisting. Absolute guarantee for Bible beaters. Gives more energy to help you with your Stand. Remember Take A Stand Bible Bar available now at fine Bible-believing resellers everywhere…buy it now. Act now for the extra added value of Dark sunglasses and wax nose included free with purchase. And remember its Truthslayer Endorsed!

Attention Truth Warriors

December 24, 2010

It’s the most Satanic time of the year. Help us out by supporting our Truth War on German Lutherans. You can continue pledging your total allegiance to us by doing this, continuing your committed support of Bush’s illegal invasion of  the Iraq war and outlawing Christmas as one of our most hallowed Discernmentalists has noted: ” Btw, if you want to see a large, lavish Christmas display in a mall… go to Dubai in the UAE! Many countries that are not Christian celebrate this holiday. That right there should tell Christians it’s not of God!”

And you wouldn’t want to do anything that non-Christians let alone non-Americans do. Why if you celebrate Christmas you are supporting terrorism and the terrorists. Most of all how dare anyone have fun or take pleasure and joy in anything….for fun, pleasure and joy are a sin and you know how much our God of Absolute Sovereign Wrath and commendable hatred hates sin and sinners.


So this December pray that the war on Iraq continues and that more people would open their eyes and make war on Christmas. This message is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood GOIP Committee of Concerned Citizens in conjunction with Killjoy Puritan Calvinazi Church


ODM Science Lesson # 6

September 12, 2010

100%  Todd Friel Approved:

P. S. Buy our new anti-science book!

Think fearly, not clearly

April 8, 2010

Dear fellow discernmentalists,

there are those among us that want us to research using highly regarded books, careful thinking, and prayer  to understand the nature of an opposing argument. In other words they suggest that straw manning an opponent is unbiblical. We EMPORE you to think FEARLY, NOT CLEARLY. If you don’t fear what you don’t understand, how will you be able to attack and undermine the said subject? Fear is the only thing that drives us to true discernment. Fear drives out all love and allows us to hate our enemies properly.

Remember, think fearly, not clearly.


We support the New Conservative Bible

April 4, 2010

We are proud to sponsor the New Conservative Bible. In fact, here is an animation we truly feel is inspired by our DOCTRINES and God! This is how OUR Jesus would have acted like and taught.

Article by I. Todyaso Appears in Newspaper!

February 2, 2010


We wanted to share this article from a major newspaper publication called The Discernment written by I. Todyaso. We wanted to state that next to the Internet, the newspaper is the more accurate place to get news. This means it must be all true!


Tired of your children eating candy of pagans and liberals?

October 19, 2009


Are you sick and tired of eating the same candy as pagans, liberals and other sinners? The new and improved Judgefinger candy-bar is the perfect treat of discernmentalist parents and children. With zero calories and all the taste one can expect…you will be swept off your feet (in the most biblical sense) while appreciating this stellar candied delight (stellar as in the non-astological way)!!!

Don’t accept any pagan substitutes!

Remember, its TRUTHSLAYER endorsed!

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