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March 15, 2010

Our readers know that we have the best research robot monkeys that money can buy (or program, but not in a cult-like programming way!) This is what they have found regarding spiritual leadership…

We are to esteem our leaders… for their work (see first Thessalonians)

But again, discernmentalists are exempt. Our job is to accuse the brethren. Our job is to discernmentalize every move that Rick Warren, Rob Bell, Bill Hybels, Charles Colson, Charles Swindoll, NT Wright, Brian McLaren and Rob Bell makes….then  itemize, italicize, and criticize every word, thought or deed…especially their thoughts, like the ones that they do not write down, or speak about. When we’re not sure what the accused meant, we fill in the blanks to make them say what we think they will say. We say what they really mean. We are presumpteous (due to our rightousness) enough to discern this.

Remember, when we mean esteem, we mean attack.

We are Big Brother of the discernmentalist world!

We Want To Hear From You Or Else

November 1, 2009

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Happy Helloween! Burn Those Heretics Next!

October 15, 2009



Happy Helloween! Next year forget the books and burn the heretics!

We are proud to state that Pastor Grizzard is an honorary graduate of ODMU!

Christian WorldView Network speaks out against Rick Warren and Mysticism!

September 14, 2009

We are happy to present this video from Brannon Howes’ Christian Worldview Network. Mark Cahill speaks out against Rick Warren.

And remember that Marty Goetz will be performing with Brannon Howse concert

Help Bannon Howse speak out against Rick Warren! I saw Marty at Shoreline Church which is found on this list and he was great! Brannon Howse has performed at Dr. D. James Kennedy and Dr. Chuck Swindoll .*


* We at the ODMafia forgive no one ever. We do not think that Brannon Howse is a legitimate discernment minister any more and we are holding a formal ODM investigation for his possible infection of heretical ideals. Brannon Howse seems to want to associate with James Kennedy who supported the misleading Gonzales v. Carhart ruling with James Dobson as well as promote mysticism with his association with Chuck Swindoll who associated with Dallas Willard who pushes mysticism. Trust us, this seems complicated but this is a clear case of Guilt By Association! That is why we tell you not to think and just believe all we tell you. We are here to think for you!


Here are some other interesteing links:

Lutzer, Falwell, and Kennedy Endorse Contemplative Promoting Book

Brannon Howse has not renounced James Kennedy for endorsing emerging mysticism.

 I will end this with this thought. How dare anyone call Christianity a Mystic Religion! Can you imagine if Calvin was influenced by mystics?!?! I assure you that Calvin would never let those mystics influence his thinking… and we should not let them influence us today! Real Christianity would never have anything to do with Christian Mysticism… because we said so! Just be sure of this; be careful who you associate with, the ODMafia is watching you!!

ODMafia creates defensive shield against heresy!

August 27, 2009


The ODMafia is always improving technology, detecting false teaching and keeping you safe so that you don’t have to think for yourselves. Our skunk-works R & D Labs work tirelessly for you.  Our research robot monkey’s never sleep. But because we are so dedicated (unlike other discernmentalists) we have created an amazing heresy-roof-repeller using Take A Stand’s Bible Based Satellite System (BS). This roof  can filter out 99% of all heresy. Yes you have read it right – this roof  is Rob Bell, Gregory Boyd, Charles Colson, Richard Foster, NT Wright, Brian McLaren, John Stott , Charles Swindoll and Dan Kimball proof. In fact Obama’s speeches are also filtered out as well (a bonus!) and become Republican speeches.

Remember,  don’t do all that hard work of thinking and praying yourself….let us do it all and the discernmentalizing for you. Relax, sit back and imbibe our teachings. Remember purchase your Heresy House Repeller today!

ABOMINATION NATION – Now with 70% more insight

August 16, 2009

The ODslander-lawsMAFIA research robot monkeys think that the Abomination Nation has 70% more insight than other Online Discernmentalist Ministries making it the MOST effective, bible-based ministry that we are aware of. 70% more truth (and less filling) allows ABOMINATION NATION insights into who is in the Kingdom and who is out. We think that readers who like our blog are, are IN…and those who dislike it are OUT!

Here is our list of Top apostates chose by Charles Swindoll! We are as ANGRY as you are in his choices.

We believe the liberal media agenda is behind his choices…but nevertheless here they are.

1) Psychologizer Philip Yancey
2) Ecumenical psychologizer J.I. Packer
3) Catholic-sympathizer and author of occult fantasy C.S. Lewis
4) Easy-believism poster boy Charles Ryrie
5) Eugene Peterson (author of the blasphemous Bible version The Message)
6)  Psychologizer Warren Wiersbe
7) John R.W. Stott, an Anglican ecumenical who denies the reality of a literal hell.

Look at these unbiblical choices….intellectuals, writers, commentators, linguists and thinkers who love Jesus….all very useless if one is going to be true to discernmentalism. We discernmentalists believe that all it takes is a little back-bone, a quick bible read, osmosis and a superficial understanding of a subject  to be a true online apologist. His choice is complete garbage. How dare he!

One does not have to think thru difficult issues if you are a discernmentalist. You ALREADY know!

One does not have to be educated…unless from a learned edumacator like U of ODMafia.

One does not have to study various issues, one most just know that a conservative radio talk show host  has blabbed about a particular subject and we jump behind them in support. Yeah Rush and Hannity!!!

Trust us…we’re the ODMafia….thinking is for us to do…not you.

PS We don’t like Psychologizers. Whatever they are they sound EVIL.

My unFair Lady- Digitally Remastered!

August 3, 2009


The digitally remastered My unFair Lady is now presented to us in Blu-Ray! Professor Spurgeon who takes a bet from Colonel Pickafight that he can transform unrefined, illiterate non-truth warrior flower girl Eliza Judgelittle into a Discernmentalist Truth Warrior, and fool everyone into thinking she really is one  too! His plan is well executed and thus a young truth warrior falls madly in love with her.

In the end Eliza Judgelittle becomes a fine discernmentalist, (thus still remains generally illiterate) and gatekeeper of the truth. No one could have guessed at her excellence as an online discernmentalist, therefore she deliberately changes her name to Eliza Graceless out of shear embarrassment and to hide her true identity.

Finally hidden in the credits of the movie, she leaves with us a list of people we must meticulously follow, track, and mischaracterize as false teachers in order for all of us to feel as though we are doing a mighty work of truth.

Is conventional heresy detection going the way the VHS?

June 10, 2009

VCRAs an expert discernmentalist I have exposed many cases of heresy and false teaching. I have listened and watched hundreds of thousands sermons (per second) carefully to detect any nuance of bad teaching  (ie anything at all to safeguard your ears). I pounce on the slightest spoken word that I deduce as false teaching, or misleading remarks…. calling pastors “out” in public. I have read 245,004 books and found teaching that disqualifies 99% of all Christians as Christians.

….this includes Ravi Zacharias (who has spoken will of a man who embraces contemplation), John Stott (leans towards annihilationism), NT Wright, (Emergers like him) James MacDonald (spoke well of Obama), James Beverly (spoke at The Meeting House in Canada which makes him a communist sympathizer), Charles Swindoll (he once said darn!), Rob Bell (for his cool glasses), Gregory Boyd (he is an Open Theist and does not worship his country like he should) among others.

I have read 1.4 million articles (mostly my own articles) and cite them as a way to legitimize my own theology…I call that EXPERT discernmentalism.

Online Discernmentalist Ministries have been on guard for over a decade prowling the net to make sure that that we abide by theologically correct protocols and orthodoxy. That is the CALLING of most Bible Believers! It is a sad day  when conventional heresy detection (pointing fingers) in real life is going the way of the VCR and now we rely on digital finger pointing….sad.

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