Whataboutism 101: A New Old Course for Discernmentalists

August 29, 2020


Fresh from our presses we bring you a new course from the good old days. Learn how Whataboutism came about and how you can use this effective tool to up your Discernmentalism game. Soon you’ll be out-arguing the enemy tenfold. Increase your scorecard using these simple tactics—examples-

The lamestream media reports a hate crime:

  • What about black on black crime?
  • What about the racism toward white men?

A gay starts talking about his or her fears:

  • What about the persecution of straight white men?
  • What about your bigotry towards conservative Christian businesses?

Someone accuses Trump supporters of racism:

  • What about the Democrats? They’re the party of the KKK.
  • What about liberal blacks and Hollywood being racist towards straight white men?

Get it–got it good because we told you so.

Big Brother

March 15, 2010

Our readers know that we have the best research robot monkeys that money can buy (or program, but not in a cult-like programming way!) This is what they have found regarding spiritual leadership…

We are to esteem our leaders… for their work (see first Thessalonians)

But again, discernmentalists are exempt. Our job is to accuse the brethren. Our job is to discernmentalize every move that Rick Warren, Rob Bell, Bill Hybels, Charles Colson, Charles Swindoll, NT Wright, Brian McLaren and Rob Bell makes….then  itemize, italicize, and criticize every word, thought or deed…especially their thoughts, like the ones that they do not write down, or speak about. When we’re not sure what the accused meant, we fill in the blanks to make them say what we think they will say. We say what they really mean. We are presumpteous (due to our rightousness) enough to discern this.

Remember, when we mean esteem, we mean attack.

We are Big Brother of the discernmentalist world!

Article by I. Todyaso Appears in Newspaper!

February 2, 2010


We wanted to share this article from a major newspaper publication called The Discernment written by I. Todyaso. We wanted to state that next to the Internet, the newspaper is the more accurate place to get news. This means it must be all true!


We Want To Hear From You Or Else

November 1, 2009

Write us at our ranch:

1 The Way

Dobson Ranch, AZ,

Jesusland, USA

Ranch tours available upon request. Follow us on Facebook as well or else.

ODMafia creates defensive shield against heresy!

August 27, 2009


The ODMafia is always improving technology, detecting false teaching and keeping you safe so that you don’t have to think for yourselves. Our skunk-works R & D Labs work tirelessly for you.  Our research robot monkey’s never sleep. But because we are so dedicated (unlike other discernmentalists) we have created an amazing heresy-roof-repeller using Take A Stand’s Bible Based Satellite System (BS). This roof  can filter out 99% of all heresy. Yes you have read it right – this roof  is Rob Bell, Gregory Boyd, Charles Colson, Richard Foster, NT Wright, Brian McLaren, John Stott , Charles Swindoll and Dan Kimball proof. In fact Obama’s speeches are also filtered out as well (a bonus!) and become Republican speeches.

Remember,  don’t do all that hard work of thinking and praying yourself….let us do it all and the discernmentalizing for you. Relax, sit back and imbibe our teachings. Remember purchase your Heresy House Repeller today!

My unFair Lady- Digitally Remastered!

August 3, 2009


The digitally remastered My unFair Lady is now presented to us in Blu-Ray! Professor Spurgeon who takes a bet from Colonel Pickafight that he can transform unrefined, illiterate non-truth warrior flower girl Eliza Judgelittle into a Discernmentalist Truth Warrior, and fool everyone into thinking she really is one  too! His plan is well executed and thus a young truth warrior falls madly in love with her.

In the end Eliza Judgelittle becomes a fine discernmentalist, (thus still remains generally illiterate) and gatekeeper of the truth. No one could have guessed at her excellence as an online discernmentalist, therefore she deliberately changes her name to Eliza Graceless out of shear embarrassment and to hide her true identity.

Finally hidden in the credits of the movie, she leaves with us a list of people we must meticulously follow, track, and mischaracterize as false teachers in order for all of us to feel as though we are doing a mighty work of truth.

Original Discernmentalist Host will be back to Host “Are You A Heretic?”

July 8, 2009

hostThe show, “Are You A Heretic?”which was created in America, and its popular line “Will you answer the question – are you a heretic?”  a smash hit….is coming back to TV.  Rating began to plummet when contestants where unable to discern as heresy as quick as audiences had originally hoped. The show will be re-tooled to fit a more savvy audience, but network bigwigs think that slight adjustments to the show and finding and branding more heretics like Brian Mclaren, Gregory Boyd, Charles Colson, NT Wright, Dan Kimball and others might help to boost ratings.

A spin-off show is being considered such as “Guilt By Association” among others.

Discernmentalists everywhere are lining up, being interviewed in hopes that they can finger a heretic in this revised television series.

Several ODMs including ODMafia’s variety entertainment show get the ax

May 21, 2009

AxeLOS ANGELES   – Belt-tightening broadcasters continue to take hard-line stances against older, modestly performing shows (like ours).

CBS has canceled long-running discernmentalist action-drama “Truthgate SGI” and veteran crime drama “Without a Discernmentalist,” and NBC is putting an end to Thursday night comedy mainstay “My Name Is Ingrid” and truth thriller “Mediocrity.” The moves come after late-in-the-game saves for relatively new fan favorites like NBC’s “Chuck Colson” and Fox’s “Truthhouse.”

OFMafia’s Variety Entertainment Show based on absolute truth skits was found to be entirely underwhelming, lacking in any entertainment value whatsoever.

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