Say “NO!!!!!!”

March 20, 2010

Discernmentalists say “NO”Here is why….

Apprising notes “The absolute truth is that the message of Jesus Christ runs counter to what the world, and now sadly much of evangelicalism, expects God to be like. A good analogy is that He calls you out of the world to walk the opposite way the rest of the people are going.”

For instance, when Rob Bell preaches on the Fruit of the Spirit (which contradicts the Western World’s self interested world view) he is really preaching against Jesus because we know that according to Apprising Ministries such preaching is unapproved especially if it attacks America or Rob Bell preaches this.

Moreover, Rick Warren’s PEACE initiative is also unbiblical, because we KNOW the bible would never advocate taking care of “the least of these.” We realize in the world of Apprising Ministries, War is Peace, and Peace is War.

Remember, real love tells the truth….but without love. We just need bare truth but without wisdom. Just say NO!


We Want To Hear From You Or Else

November 1, 2009

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Evil Emergent Plot Uncovered

October 15, 2009

Ken Silva and the fine crew of God’s Only Inerrant Party have recently discovered a new sinister plot by those  Evil Emergents who are truly pagan and worship Satan. Here are the details that our GOIP Bot Searcher 3342 found on futher investigation:


You see there—those Evil Emergents are plotting to sacrifice little Baptist children to Satan (and by Baptists we mean only those who follow the Pure Doctrines as preached by Spurgeon). They said that they were doing this in protest of our Halloweenie Heretic Book Burning Shindig.  If that isn’t Absolute Proof that Emergents are the Incarnation of Absolute Evil then here is futher proof: Emergents love Postmodern Philosophy. Jacques Derrida is a Postmodern Philosopher and the devil reads Derrida. Photographic evidence:


From this we can conclude that Postmodernism is of the devil—so therefore the Emergents are non-Elect and also of the devil, too.

Don Jobson—Taking A Stand on the Urgent Emergency of the Emergent Heresy.

Bible Answer Man Cannot Answer Bible Question

June 21, 2009

speechlessIn an astonishing news announcement Hank Hanegraaff was asked a question on live radio and was not able to give a Bible based answer….

The Online Religious Police (ORP) have since been investigating the situation and have brought Hank Hanegraaff  in for questioning.

Some have noted that the so called Bible Answer Man may have to change the name of his show. Some suggestions include:

1) Occasional Bible Answer Man

2) Answers to Only Part of the Bible-Man

3) You tell us!

The ODMafia is miffed. We have answers for everything. If we don’t have an answer – like other discernmentalists we make it up. The ODMafia will continue to protest and complain until Hank is able to answer any and all questions poised on the radio by his listeners. Like you we are outraged when he cannot answer. If he does not have it in him, he shouldn’t be entertaining informing his listeners. Please join us in our outrage.



P.S. We don’t know if Hank has ever been stuck with a tough question he has not been able to answer. If he is or was, then it is equally valid for us to be angry and self-righteous.

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