Love wins people over to heresy!

April 4, 2011

Ladies, Gentleman, and Underlings,  we knew that the fallout from the Rob Bell heretical view of non-hell was going to undermine the truth of scripture and lead many astray (sorry for the lack of grammatical clarity but we are so upset over this news we can’t use punctuation properly) but never did we imagine the magnitude of   the fallout.  Nor did we imagine the swiftness in which the Devil was going to lead people astray.   Nor did we think that our leadership would fall.

What’s the big news?

Hold on to your phylacteries,  bathe in holy water, hide the eyes of the innocent, and prepare the millstones:  R.C. Sproul (a.k.a second in charge [behind John McArthur PBUH] of calvinist dogma doctrine) says GOD IS IN HELL!    I wish we could say that we are making this up,  we wish that we could say that there was some confusion of intent, we wish that we could say wait until the book comes out but we can’t.  The truth is that R.C. Sproul believes firmly that GOD IS IN HELL based on this excerpt from his upcoming book “The place of God’s Disfavor”.

The problem with hell is not simply the absence of God’s graciousness. It is the presence of God that is so difficult. God is present in hell because He is omnipresent. The psalmist declares, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there” (Ps. 139:7-8). If God is everywhere in His being, then certainly He is in hell as much as He is anywhere else. The problem, then, is what He is doing there. He’s there in His judgment. He is there in His punitive wrath. He is present in hell as the One who executes His justice on those who are there. That’s why I say that anyone who is in hell would most want God, more than anyone else, to leave.


Rob Bell says there is no Hell.  R.C. Sproul says God is in Hell.  What next? God is Dead? Only God knows…well…and us.  After all we are discermentalists!


Bible Monkey Finally Embraces The Truth War Through Our Gentle Coercion

July 7, 2010


We would like to welcome Bible Monkey to our Fold. Thanks to our Clear Teachings and expository preaching of John MacArthur’s Truth War Doctrines, Bible Monkey finally decided to embrace our Truth Wars.  H0pefully we will soon gently coerce Bible Monkey into bowing down before our Pure Doctrines of John MacArthur’s Truth War but until then we still cannot reconcile with Bible Monkey.

We have high hopes for  Bible Monkey though as Bible Monkey already demonstrates the Absolute Biblical Truth of our Pure Doctrines as Bible Monkey is:

  • Totally captivated by our Clear Teachings
  • Unable to resist sitting under our feet
  • Learning to study our Truth War ways
  • Irresistably drawn to our expositions of Absolute Gospel Truth
  • Perfectly enslaved to our Great Merciful Loving and Graceful God’s Law and Wrath towards sinners

Don’t miss this!

May 11, 2010

True star power! This movie stars Truthslayer, and other “little people” that truthfully (because that is all I can speak) don’t really count.This is not like all those pagan movies….this is about the bedrock truths. Absolute truth cloaked in awkward dialogue, plot twists that would astound pre-schoolers but always family safe.

In this movie I strive for truth…as always I can do no less.

I clash over truth.

I fight for truth.

I slander for truth.

I malign for truth.

And last but not least….I lie for truth’s sake. We also recommend other classic truth-movies.


PS If you see this movie MORE than THREE times we will award you an honourary ODMafia Certificate of Discernmentalism.

Obama Is The Anti-Christ And Hates America

October 29, 2009


Recently  our resident Redneck GOIPers discovered shocking evidence that proves once and for all without a shadow of a doubt that Obama is the political anti-Christ. We’ve known all along that he hates America, our Rite to theocracy and Our God-ordained Holy Republican American Reich so this is no surprise. Also Obama wants to hand America over to Canada a nation run by satanists that is his evil plan in destroying our God-ordained and God Chosen Nation. Here is what “RR” has to say:

I admire Glen Beck with every fiber of my being for going on national television and calling the president a racist with a deep seated hatred toward white people. Beck is so right, but the only problem is that he doesn’t go far enough. Obama hates Americans, and the country we live in. Hate is too soft a word. Obama loathes each and every citizen with a hate that few people can comprehend. The man is full of hate.

There have been blogs that compare Obama to Hitler, but that is going easy on Hitler. Hitler at least was doing what he felt, however misguided, was in the best interest of the German people. Obama is doing the opposite. He wishes only harm and misery on the American people. That is his goal, and we are seeing his hateful scheme unfold before our very eyes.

Obama’s plan is to create a humongous socialist government. Each and every American will become wholly independent on Obama’s Big Brother, Orwellian government. Only Obama will decide who will be happy and sad. Only Obama will determine who will be successful and who will fail. All the power will go into his hands. Of course, one element of this evil plan is universal health care. Like Sarah Palin said, there will be death panels that determine who will live and who will die. And die we will. Mainly white people. Same as the Jews during Hitler’s regime, but instead of gas chambers, Obama will use universal health care.

When one thinks of the most evil people in the history of the world, Obama tops them all. On 9/11/2001, Osama Bin Laden killed brazenly 3000 innocent Americans. Obama wants to kill a lot more than 3000.


I and Ken Silva agree that it is offensive to Hitler to compare Obama to him as Hitler is our Führer Ron Luce’s hero. Ingrid “Eva Braun” Schlueter also adds that we must Take America back by force in order to establish our theocratic dominion.

Don Jobson—p.s. after stealing enough money from the poor and hiring Legal immigrant computer techs to help with my Mexican and Canadian slaves —we’ve finally “officialized”  The Official Blog Of God’s Only Inerrant Party.

Ad Hominem Communications this fall!

October 13, 2009

adLearn the ways of a Master Discernmentalist! Coming this fall we are offering a very instructive new diploma Ad Hominem Communications. You get the best of a university and college degree in this fantastic new course. We will offer Ad Hominem Communications theory (ie abstractly working out ways to personally attack opponents). Moreover we will provide “hands-on” college level applications. You will be required to apply this verbally and in written form. For instance, you will endeavour to apply the art 0f  erroneous logic; linking a person with some form of faulty logic and therefore to condemn them rightfully as a heretic or false teacher. Moreover, we offer a bonus “Guilt by Association” seminar for free to complement the skills of this very prestigious communications course. Please keep in mind we are proposing a specialization in Guilt By Association B.A. in the coming year….that is far more indepth for the aspiring discernmentalist.

Here are some actual examples we will explore and employ in real world circumstances….

* “You can’t believe Bob when he says he trusts in Jesus. He hangs out with Emergents.”

* ” John is not saved. He once agreed with Rob Bell’s book “Velvet Elvis”

If you have not signed up, please do. iTodyaso and I (Truthslayer) will be instructors, providing you with years of discernmentalist instructional advice. Will Farel XV will be a guest lecturer and advisor on this very instructive course.

Rest assured this course is Truthslayer endorsed!

Importance of the oath!

September 3, 2009


Each year thousands of new discernmentalists take the HYPOCRITICAL OATH. This very important oath reminds us of who we are. We are many things….the special ops of the truth warrior class, people of insight, the righteous ones, the last bastion of true Christians rightly attempting to divide the church word of God.

Today we remember our first truth warrior Hypocrities as he attempted to distance himself from sin, and unrighteousness by digging a deep hole in the middle of the Greek Empire and attempting to live within its deep recesses. We remember and care deeply for Hypocrities because he said one thing and did another with absolute resolve of absolute truth. We recall that without him we would not have the ability to demean our opponents with name calling and suggesting that we are more righteous and therefore qualify for more grace and have a specially crafted ability to discernmentalize things out of thin air. Ex Nihilo No Big Deal-O.

Let us give a great thanks to our original truth warrior! If you have not already….take the oath today!

The First Official Honorary ODMU Certificate goes to!

July 10, 2009


Honesty is not a high virtue for us Truth Warriors; if it was, then how would we be able to attack others as vicious as we do! To make my point in how the best of the best Truth Warriors operate, (not just the ODMafia) we turn once again to Discerning the World to show us how to be dishonest and yet come across righteous about it.

Here is a response to yours truly:

Comment by itodyaso | 23 June, 2009 <!– @ 14:50 –>| Reply

  • I see you let the one post through… but where are the others? Are comments monitored on this site? Usually it states it is or not.

    Comment by iggy | 23 June, 2009 <!– @ 15:01 –>| Reply

    • Iggy.

      Yes they are and I don’t sit here waiting for you to comment so I can jump and approve it. All comments are allowed.

      Comment by Discerning The World | 23 June, 2009 <!– @ 15:51 –>| Reply


    Why are you censoring my last comment? Afraid people might learn the truth?

    Comment by itodyaso | 23 June, 2009 <!– @ 14:44 –>| Reply

    • Not censoring your comments…

      I monitor all comments on my own and then approve them.

      Like I said earlier: “I like to do it this way, so I can keep up with everything that is being said. I ‘allow’ all comments…except foul language, people trying to use fake names – multiple split personalities (like Roger/Frank did and friend of Steve’s), posting the same thing over and over again (this is not spam, it’s real people), people who seemed relatively sane to start with but do not end that way after a few approved comments, people who blatantly lie and try turn my blog into something it’s not meant to be (an advertisement for false teaching). etc. I will let everyone have their say, until it gets out of hand, so don’t EVER come say I did not let you speak yur mind.”

      Comment by Discerning The World | 23 June, 2009 <!– @ 16:47 –>| Reply

    Then from that comment on and also in other threads, “Deborah” of Discerning the World deleted many comments citing that they were “not biblical”.

    Now we here at the ODMafia allow all comments no matter how annoying they are. Yet, at Discerning the World it is an amazing gift she has to be able to state “All comments are allowed” and then delete whatever comment as she deems. (Often in a way that does not allow her readers to see the rebuttals so she can lie about what they stated! Clever!) Deborah really does not let you speak your mind… oh wait she does, but she just deletes it and lies about what you said. I am almost tempted to do that here!

    We give the honorary certificate today as a Dishonest Comment Deletor in “Allowing all Comments”  yet not allowing
    “all” to Deborah of Discerning the World. (She must be a Calvinist as “all” does not mean “all”) Congratulations!

    HONORARY%20DE copy

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