United We Stand Against Social Justice!

March 21, 2010

We are not Ecumenical as Ecumenism compromises our Pure Doctrines and the True Gospel…. but…. United We Stand…in our diverse ways of  hatred. United we stand in bigotry and arrogance. United We stand in slandering and libel. United We stand in haughtiness. United We stand in Discernmentalism, greed and True Americanism…United We Stand as DUASJ (Discernmentalists United Against Social Justice).

We Know that Social Justice is evil. We Know that Social Justice is anti-American. We Know that Jesus never talked about Social Justice at all. We Know that Jesus only talked about buying a ticket to Heaven for the Elect and the Elect chosen and frozen few only as that is the Gospel. We also Know that Social Justice is a code word for Communism, Marxism and Socialism as Jan Markell explains:

The causes of the religious Left are exclusively social, socialism, and social justice (just another term for socialism.)  You can read about them on the various Web sites such as the National Council of Churches (NCC).  Some representatives are more extreme than others, but most are cozying up to “liberation theology,” various Marxist dictators, amnesty for illegals (also being promoted by the National Association of Evangelicals), socialized medicine, pacifism, opposition to welfare reform, and even a resistance to a missile shield for America!  Some of them even want a “truth commission” to examine U.S. war atrocities.  And for this crowd, “Obamacare” is a dream come true. As I write this, they are denouncing the few pro-life Democrats who could bring “Obamacare” to a halt.

We also Know that there is no such thing as Social Injustice and that the only social sins are homosexuality and abortion as Jan Markell further states:

And then there is Jim Wallis, who represents a ministry known as Sojourners. He’s a 1960s Communist who worked with the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). He realized he had to moderate to the center and be a socialist as the years went by. He is making appearances on Christian college campuses and hitting it out of the park with his messages. His thrust is to get students to quit focusing on abortion and same-sex marriage and, start to think about “social justice” issues. 

 Discernmentalists, We must take a stand in our diverse ways of  hatred against Social Justice as Discernmentalists United Against Social Justice. Together we can make a difference in our diverse ways of fear-mongering so that we can halt the Communist menace that is out to destroy Our America, Our Gospel, Our Churches and Our Pure Doctrines.

The Mighty Slice of Laodicea Retreats back to its lair.

March 19, 2010

The once mighty and slightly nasty Slice of Laodicea (SoL) has began a retreat to its secret Crosstalk lair. It seems that it is too costly to maintain the hate on more than one site so they ahve abandoned the SoL site. All teh hate one could want to read is now over at their Crosstalk blog where the Cross is rarely talked about but all the gossip on the people we love to hate is there! We here at the ODMafia only feel shame, embarrassment and dishonor at this major setback of one of the major players in the Hate Truth War. We are seriously considering revoking Ingrid’s SODUM membership.

The newest drink of heretics!

July 20, 2009

Emerge drinksI suspected something was in the water that was causing all this new heresy! Now I know what is going on. They are all drinking Emerge! If they were real Christians they would be drinking Kool Aid!

Discerning the World hides it’s hidden Contemplative agenda!

July 6, 2009



We need to share.  But it’s not about sharing the truth, the Gospel of Jesus Christ as per what is written in the Word of God.  It’s not about saving souls for Jesus Christ anymore; it’s now ALL about saving lives on earth.  We need to show love and compassion by doing good works; feeding the poor, giving blankets to all who are cold, provide housing to everyone that they may have a roof over their heads, dig wells to provide water and stop emitting carbon so as to reverse climate change.  We have to do this, because this is our world, our earth.

But we can’t do this on our own, we need help.  Help from The Christ himself.  We do this through contemplative prayer.  The message of salvation where you need to repent of your own individual sin and accept Jesus Christ the Son of God by believing that He died for us, that our souls will be saved thereby receiving eternal life no longer applies.   There is also no such thing as sin anymore, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ which wholly includes the message of repentance of sin is now completely taboo. (emphasis added)


First off it is not “Online Discernamentalist Mafia” as Discerning the World states… it is “The Online Discernmentalist Mafia” so if she cannot read accurately we wonder how she can discern anything at all!

It has come to my attention that Discerning the World may be infected with emerging doctrines! As I read this I was confused as Deborah renounces emerging doctrines and then affirms them in about every breath! I read the statement above and thought I was reading Brian Mclaren!

Yes it is obvious that Deborah pushes the occult teachings of the mystics by pushing contemplative prayer! She even goes on to state this clearly:  “We do this through contemplative prayer.”  Yet, like Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea, she hides it in Da Vinci type codes throughout her blog! If you desire to read it for what it really says you need to buy our newest book, “Decoding the Discerning the World Blog Code!” In it you will read how to read what someone states then take it and make it mean the opposite! Then you will also learn how to not read what someone says and then state stupid things about them out of ignorance! Then the best part is that you now will learn how to read her blog and her double speak that speaks out both sides of her mouth! In the you will be able to claim that you are preaching clarity while all the while speaking mambo jumbo that really makes no sense at all! But best you can then claim other’s can’t understand it because they are not saved! Yes, you now do not have to admit you cannot write clearly and effectively to make an ounce of sense… it is God’s fault for not opening YOUR eyes.

Order now, for supplies are limited.


Just like Butter but not.

May 19, 2009


Yes, Margarine was to be like butter yet, it was not. In fact it was illegal to color it yellow until 1967 so that people could tell the difference between real butter and fake margarine. And now, we have that problem in the church. Yes, we have a fake yellow margarine church. No longer is the church pure and holy like real butter, but it now seems to be harder to tell if it’s butter or margarine you are getting at your church.

That is why we invented, “I can’t believe because it is just margarine and not real butter” discernment butter. Yes, now when you take communion, you can spread real butter on your communion bread in protest over the fake believers in your church. Now you can tell who is real and who is fake when those who partake do not spread this holy butter on their communion bread or wafer. Not only that, but it adds flavor also! No more will we settle for margarine style believers when we can have real believers “spreading” the word.

Miss Bigfoot USA pregnant & stripped of crown!

May 12, 2009


Bigfoot Bikini Girl

Suggestive pictures taken of Miss Bigfoot when she was 17!

Miss Bigfoot USA was stripped of her crown as she was found to have posed naked in numerous pictures that have been posted around the Internet. Donald Bigfoot Trump says of the photos, “Sexy!” yet felt that Miss Bigfoot having now been confirmed by the ODMafia as being pregnant, “But that is too much!”

Miss Bigfoot stated that she was tricked into posing for a photographer who stated he could make her the next Bigfoot Victoria Secrets model and she was 17 at the time. She stated that she truly regrets having been trick and seduced into the idea of posing in a suggestive manner.

We here do not see that as true repentance. Though she was underage and the photographer should have been prosecuted for child pornography, we see we are the real victims of this tragic story. We demand that Miss Bigfoot USA remove all the suggestive pictures on the Internet that others posted and only then will we consider whether her repentance is real or not. But there is no promise that we will honor her so called “repentance”.

You might recall that Miss Bigfoot USA almost lost the competition when she was asked whether gay Bigfoots should be able to marry. She stated that she felt that only true Bigfoot marriages were between male and female Bigfoots as that is how she was raised and believes God sees real marriage. This answer outraged Ingrid of Slice as she saw through the lie that gays should not be married. Ingrid pointed out that Miss Bigfoot USA did not go far enough with her statement and also give the four spiritual laws as well as quote passages about homosexuals going to hell.



We also confirmed that Bigfoot decided to call off the ongoing lawsuit that has hovered over us for over a year. We thank God and our lawyers for counter-suing… which is the true Christian way!




ODM Union has rough start getting going!

May 6, 2009

Picture taken at last DUM meeting.

ODMafia News Update: The Union of ODMer’s called, DUM is having a rough time getting going. It seems there is some disagreement as to who should lead the DUM (Discernmentalist Union Members) Infighting caused by Tim “I will not name names” Challies recent post about some ODMer’s being entertainment and not real ministries is the cause. Other Union representatives tried to help in the organization, yet it was said that Steve Camp received a horse head on his law with a message calling him a traitor.

 Other ODMer’s have reported that Pastorboy aka John Chisham has threatened others with invites to have “coffee” with him and speak “man to man”.

 Altogether this is a mess and a sure sign that the Truth War is suffering some major setbacks. We here at the ODMafia are hopeful that I. Todyaso will be appointed to organize and snuff out those who are defecting. Times are a changing and we need to get back to protecting our God and His fragile truth or all will be lost to bathing suit wearing, Miss America wanna be, anti gay marriage, so called Christian liberals like those at Focus on the Family!

CRN keeps tabs of whether Ingrid of Slice is a woman or not!

May 3, 2009

CRN agrees with Schuleter, who at last check is a Christian woman herself, who said: “If this is an example of Christian womanhood, who needs it?

We agree that Ingrid is a woman and did not need to subject Ingrid to any type of examination to find out otherwise!

In fact we did not even need to prove it by placing a perverted secular song to prove our point that Ingrid is a woman… we just discerned that a long time ago! We have not even seconded guessed out original thought on this as CRN seems to have.

Now, the other issue with the song used is that it is very “worldly”… women screaming “sock it to me” which means in today’s youth culture, “Have sex with me, cuz I am a woman!” No we here at the ODMafia respect women… especially married women like Ingrid. No, we did not even need to hear this song to talk about some sex fiend who grabs women at the beach by the hair and takes them back to his cave to rape them! Is that a truly Godly message we want to send to our kids and young women? Abduction, rape and abusing women is not funny Pastor Ken Silva! Shame on you!

No this is not parody on CRN’s site… this is a song about the abduction and rape of Bertha Butt, one of the Butt sisters, who after her abduction, falls in love with her abductor/rapist. This is really sick stuff!

This is just sickening that CRN used this song to prove Ingrid is a woman… and we are truly sickened by this lapse of judgmenalism let alone discernmentalism on CRN’s part. Ingrid should be outraged over this! We here truly feel sorrow for CRN as they promote abduction, rape and hot pants. And why does CRN want us to check out Ingrid’s breast implants? I guess sex sells! Repent! This is as bad as a Mark Driscoll sermon! At least Mark Driscoll calls out abusive men and does not promote the abuse of women by using sick humor to prove Ingrid is a woman! Ingrid call your lawyers and have that site closed down!

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