Pirate Radio Invents A New Biblical Theology Detector

May 5, 2010

Worried that your church or your home may be infiltrated by Emergents  or any of the other heretical type reprobated people like Catholics, New Age Apostates and Arminians? Never fear Pirate Radio has teamed up with we of God’s Only Inerrant Party and the Online Discernmentalist Mafia to bring you the new Multi-Zone Biblical Theology Detector. Now you can verify if someone has Biblical Theology or not before they even come into your vicinity. Just place our Multi-Zone Biblical Theology Detector near a doorway, gate or anyother type of entryway and let the Multi-Zone Biblical Theology Detector work it’s magic for you.

The Multi-Zone Biblical Theology Detector will automatically detect if someone has Biblically verifiable theology or wishy-washy ignore-it-or-make-it-up-or-change-it-to-suit-us so-called theology. If someone has Biblically verifiable theology the green Pass sign will light up while playing a Bible-Based tune like the hit song and theme song of GOIP-Lander: God Hates The World or it’s love theme: Broken Wings. However if someone has wishy-washy ignore-it-or-make-it-up-or-change-it-to-suit-us so-called theology the red Alarm sign will frantically flash while sending volts of electricity into the perpetrator and also filling their ears with loud and foul sounds.

You’ll never have to worry about the ungodly and unbiblical ever infiltrating your Holy grounds again with the Multi-Zone Biblical Theology Detector protecting the Purity of your Doctrines and the Sanctity of  your vicinity. Now you can remain unsensitive to Seekers with ease with the Multi-Zone Biblical Theology Detector doing all the work for you. The Multi-Zone Biblical Theology Detector not only works on people but also on pets and objects as well. It also functions as an Absolute Truth detector and also verifies Biblically-correct theology in books. The Multi-Zone Biblical Theology Detector also comes in a version for automobiles and other vehicles—never let the ungodly ride with you. Customer  satisfaction guarenteed!

One of our satisfied customers after using our Multi-Zone Biblical Theology Detector:

pirate77 said…Intolerant fool? If you are not tolerant of Todd Friel, what does that make you? I’ll take his Biblically verifiable theology over the wishy-washy ignore-it-or-make-it-up-or-change-it-to-suit-us so-called theology that has been initiated by people like Joel Osteen, Brian McLaren (whom you seem to love) and Doug Pagitt, just to name a few. —May 4, 2010 11:23 AM

Top Discernmentalist declares, “I like cookies!”

January 23, 2010



Top Discernmentalist declares, “I like cookies!”


While many cry, “Preference!” we true Discernmentalists know that what we prefer in our churches was handed down by God in the form of our Most Holy and Highest Doctrines. So, if one of our own discerns that cookies are good, and we can have them in our churches so we declare also, “I like cookies.”

 Yet, unlike those emerging couch churches with those RCC candles, we do not allow them in the sanctuary during our Holy Sanctified Services.

So now you can add cookies to the official lists that are approved by Discernmentalists which reads so far as:


  1. Pews instead of chairs. God forbids comfort in the form of couches or stackable chairs as those are part of the emerging and seeker/purpose driven churches.
  2. Pastors must wear suits and ties. Now as the Highn-endedness of Holiness states: “Look, our culture understands that if you wear a suit and a tie, the occasion is formal…the occasion is serious. There’s a certain dignity. I don’t think there’s anything more serious or more dignified than coming before the Lord in worship. Look, I wear a suit and a tie because I want to portray seriousness, dignity, certain sober mindedness. When you call people together for the purpose of worshiping God in the collective church and you’re going to open the Word of God and speak, that you need to maintain a decorum and a dignity and a respect that comes from looking like you treat this as a very, very special occasion.” (note that John MacArthur does not care about presentation or being relevant to any culture… he seriously only preaches the Gospel in his church!)
  3. There must not be candles (except if you are Lutheran)
  4. One must never observe Advent. (Unless you are Ingrid Schlueter or Slice of Laodicia)
  5. You must never cuss, (unless it makes a point or if you think it is funny, don’t worry we give grace to the “worthy” people”
  6. You must never use a contemporary example except once or twice a year. (Again, that is too much like emerging or purpose/seeker driven churches)
  7. You must preach through the Sermon on the Mount, but never, ever, ever let it sink into your heart. Tell people Jesus just means that stuff for after they die and go to heaven!
  8. Never ever read the bible in any way that is “spiritual” or think about what you are reading as that is called contemplation which is evil. We must never think while reading that is dangerous.
  9. Never use logic or reason to understand the bible as that does not allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. Likewise, it is too much like the early church practice of Christian Humanism who used logic and reason to approach and understand God.
  10. We proclaim that we must use logic and reason to approach and understand God. This looks like it contradicts #9 but if you do not think about it, it will not bother you!
  11. Pastors must only use John MacArthur as a source and no one else unless it is Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, or Glen Beck. (We used to allow focus on the family, but no longer do!)
  12. Pastors or those who want to be pastor-like must quote Spurgeon and Calvin MORE than Jesus as Jesus tends to change people. God forbid that happens in OUR churches!


We will surely add more soon.

Emergent Homosexualist Agenda

October 15, 2009

Recently our GOIP Researchmentalist Robot Monkies as in Monkeys that mock Catholic monks have come upon this convicting photo of those Evil Emergents. Our faithful party members Jack Chick and Peter Ruckman obtained this photograph via their Mighty G…od Fortress Space Station on Mars that they were Raptured up to after escaping the 10 Foot Tall Black-lipped Alien UFO Anti-Christ. They got there via our Holy Time Machine which took them to an Alternative Future Universe run by those Apostate Emergents and Human-Animals hybrids. Fearing for their lives and the safety of our Pure Doctrines, they rushed back to the past to post this photo exposing those Heretical Emergents for the Bible-Corrupters that they are. So do you still think those Emergents aren’t Evil imposter Christians who are Spiritual Terrorists out to destroy our Pure Churches, Pure Doctrines and Pure Bibles? If you still don’t believe us this photo should remove all doubt. We all know that all of those Evil Emergents support same-sex marriage and we know with Absolute Certainty that if gays and lesbians are allowed to get married that the next logical step is interspecies marriage. And that’s just what will happen if those Satan controlled Emergents get their way. Is this what we want for our children’s future—interspecies marriage? Human–Animal hybrids— “Manimals?” We think not that’s why we must impose our Pure Doctrines on everyone by military and government force. Praise God!
Don Jobson—Standing on the Absolute Truth of Orthomarriage as espoused by only by God’s Only Inerrant Party.

ODMafia exposes Truth Van! Discerning the World finally relents…

September 1, 2009


Unknown for several years Discerning the World has been roaming the continent to spread Discernmentalist Truth and to expose heresy, false teaching, apostasy and anything generally DTW has a problem with. This TRUTH VAN was secretly built using an Abomination Nation engine, and has a specially made Take A Stand Bible Based Satellite System (BS) truth-link for navigation and heresy detection.

Our research robot monkeys were doing independent research when stopping in for a coffee at Starbucks they accidentally backed into the Truth Van (fortunately our monkeys drive without car insurance) and quickly drove away without having to file a claim. Incidentally, paint marks left on our ODMafia vehicle prove without a doubt that this is the rumoured Truth Van that has been sighted in Iowa, Montana and Michigan over the past year or two. What is strange about this is that home base is in South Africa…but we never doubt the research of our robot monkeys.

DTW has since been forced to go public with the Truth Van.

Discernmentalists Using Social Networks To Target People

August 30, 2009

Internet shopping for heretics

Users of social networks are giving away vital information about themselves and their whereabouts that is being used by Discernmentalists to create a list of heretics, according to a new report by the British-based ministry Legalism & Over-generalization.

The report “The Digital Discernmentalist,” found 38 percent of users of sites such as Facebook and Twitter have posted status updates detailing their theology and 33 percent have posted status updates saying they are looking for a new church.

In addition, 23 percent of social media users have discussed theology “wall-to-wall” outside the privacy of their own page and 17 percent have reported seeing people’s theology posted on pages that can be seen by strangers.

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Discernmentalists are using social networks to develop relationships with people to identify likely heretics,” said Michael Stalker, reformed Discernmentalist and star of the BBC’s “Beat the Discernmentalist” series.

  concerns about

“It is incredibly easy to use social networking sites to target people, and then scope out more information on their actual beliefs using other internet sites like Google Street View, all from the comfort of the sofa.”

The Six Million Dollar Discernmentalist

August 11, 2009


Steve Austin is a man barely alive. In a freak accident, amateur truth warrior Steve Austin crash landed (not surprisingly)  in the Nevada Desert next to a downed UFO. Steve’s body was recovered, and with  spare parts from the Sony Aibo, and Toyota’s Asimo he was reassembled with new working appendages. Unfortunately, due to copyright infringement all his electronic parts are forced to run on Windows 95 Service Pack 1. Even so Steve was recruited by the best and brightest in the Online Discernmentalist Ministries Religious Police Force. Despite Steve’s limitations he is still able to use his bionic body to  haughtily judge discern faster, quicker and higher than any other truth warrior before him. For instance, his bionic eye can detect heresy from 300 ft, view x-rays of Brian McLaren, using truth recognition detect Bill Hybel’s thought patterns. Using his bionic legs Steve can speed to an Emergent  gathering (to spy of course!!!!) or to intercept Rob Bell in a moments notice. Furthermore, using a carefully devised logical algorythm he can locate couches and candles in almost any neighbourhood and attribute them the the Emerging Church….who else would have these instruments of unrighteousness?

Stay tuned for more!

ODMafia is proud to announce that we have a truth warrior hero in our midst!

The newest drink of heretics!

July 20, 2009

Emerge drinksI suspected something was in the water that was causing all this new heresy! Now I know what is going on. They are all drinking Emerge! If they were real Christians they would be drinking Kool Aid!

ODMafia: Spreading the hate since 2008!

July 15, 2009


Picture of I. Todyaso’s recent “love” outreach.


Yes, the ODMafia is the only authentic blog that promotes true and authentic Christianity in the same manner of Ken Silva, Discerning The World, CRN, Slice of Laodicea, Eric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries… and many more sites that spread the truth of the angry God who hates sinners and hates anyone that disagrees with us… (mostly on minor issues that really do not matter to most!) Yes, these are the sites that truly inspire this blog!

We are glad to represent and “mirror” the hate from those great sites. So if you see hate here, then you will love the hate those sites inspire… yes, they inspire us daily and give us more hate to feed on and regurgitate here for you! Of course if you disagree and hate us… then you are not a real Christian!

Keep spreading the fear and hate!

I. Todayso

Take the Poll!

July 7, 2009

At Discerning the World there is a poll how you feel about ODMafia… be sure to take theirs and then take ours!

“Absolute Diploma” a must have!

June 26, 2009


The Diploma of Absolute Truth is a must have for junior discernmentalists. In this course you will develop a binary way of thinking based on Enlightenment and Modernity. You will learn to reduce complex ideas and theories into a caricatures and misrepresentations. Moreover, this course will help you to fear all sorts of ‘isms’ that you do not understand a mis-characterize such as post-modernism. You will also learn to fear liberals and conservatives with views that different than yours. You will also learn the technicalities of categorizing truth in a liberal vs conservative context. …just like Jesus did.

The course also emphasizes excessive rigidity in worldviews which is necessarily based on a North American culture as THE standard which all else is judged…we recommend that you prepare to be as inflexible as possible before engaging your mind  in this course. Ignorance of history is also recommended.

Prerequisite: Introductory Judgmentalism

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