Cult leader exposed? One of our own…

October 30, 2009


Our readers are aware that our research robot monkeys never sleep. Deep in a lead lined, electromagnetic pulse proof bunker deep in the earth they work tirelessly to expose the truth and the underbelly of all that is false. (mostly everyone). You can rest assured that if we say it here it is gospel truth and you must not question or doubt anything we print in electronic form. We decide what is true, it is your duty to believe it without question.

Under the noses of many discernmentalists and avid followers of Take A Stand Ministries we have discovered that Eric admitted out in the OPEN that he is a DANGEROUS CULTIST!!!

Don’t believe us?

Take a look at the DVD that Eric himself uses to out himself. It is highly unusual that a discernmentalist will accuse himself of being a cult leader (but sometimes our rational is convoluted -so you must understand), but Eric’s sharp shooting discernmentalism has beat him at his own game…. he’s that good.

Our research robot monkeys have been wrestling with the fuzzy word next to Eric’s name for several minutes… using a special research robot monkey discernment algorithm. Acquiring the latest technology in discernmentalism forensics ( ie Corel Draw 4, ) we have determined that the word next to Eric is inconclusive. As a discernmentalist we demand answers, and shun any ambiguity whatsover (inconclusive is a bad word!) Therefore, we have decided to insert what we THINK the word is regardless of how that might effect Take A Stand. We care so much about the truth that we are willing to overlook it to prove how right we are. By inserting words into texts that may or may not be there and drawing all sorts of strange conclusions is what a discernmentalist does.

Remember, let us do the thinking for you so that you don’t have to!

The ODMafia, making truth as simple as back and white.


PS (on a serious note) I recommend the following for a serious look on how to do a proper evaluation Pastor Scott’s blog.

Take A Stand gives expert advice on spotting the Emergent Church

September 21, 2009


According to Eric Barger, ” Today, one doesn’t have to look far to see the spiritual disrepair that liberalism has left the denominations in. Because of the longstanding apostasy of the spiritual liberals [ but not spiritual conservatives, because we are untouchable], untold millions have already entered eternity without Jesus Christ – having previously believed that those entrusted with teaching them the Christian faith were doing so faithfully and authentically.”

ODMafia went on the prowl….we sent our research robot monkeys behind the scenes to find the authentic Emergent Church (EC). We discovered that the EC are actually eaters of human flesh and drinkers of blood, and a freakish cult who chat about being missionaries at work, at play about some dead dude who rose again from the grave. We didn’t want to get too close because we did not want to be the NEXT victims. So we used surveillance cameras, post-it notes, etch-a-sketch (to catch the likeness of these cultists) to capture the essence of what it is and means to be in enraptured by this spiritual liberalism.

What did we find? Vampires (just was we thought!), and werewolves… although none were transformed into these creatures but we could TELL by the shifty eyes that they were indeed emergent underlings. We also found the TERMINATOR who came back from the future to obviously destroy truth warriors and attack the true church.  This goes to show you just how far the EC will go to destroy the church!!!!

Moreover, we discovered some were vampire fans of the movie Twilight…..which clearly shows us what kind of people these Emergents are. We also sighted one emergent without hair….that’s right…BALD (another twisted emergent characteristic). How sick is that?????????

Among other  things that have been discovered (as suggested in previous posts)….we spotted couches, candles and sometimes left-over coffee cups (often left in the recycled bin which suggests that they are Earth worshipers). Surely this has new age undertones.

Beware folks! We take our research seriously….and so should you.


You are so good at naming the sins of others…we know!

August 6, 2009

sinnerPastor Scott has written something something for you folks! It is damning really! We urge YOU to pay attention. Let us clarify that this is written f or YOU….NOT US.

“You are so good at naming the sins of others. It’s easy for you to stand in the pulpit and preach about what ‘those people’ are doing, or how ‘those people’ are destroying the culture. You love to hold up their wickedness because it helps you to feel self-justified.”

The ODMafia, can ignore this admonition….afterall, we don’t sin like you, we only point out your sins (we call it ministry) because we love you so much. We hope you understand, and believe us it hurts you more than it does us….so sit back, relax and let us criticize you so that WE may feel more self satisfied. You see we at ODMafia have our spiritual lives together, we got our T’s crossed, our I’s dotted.  ODMafia are simple bible-believers. You should strive to be more like us.

Please don’t take this the wrong way…we are doing this for your own good.

The newest drink of heretics!

July 20, 2009

Emerge drinksI suspected something was in the water that was causing all this new heresy! Now I know what is going on. They are all drinking Emerge! If they were real Christians they would be drinking Kool Aid!

Eric “Take A Stand” Barger valiantly defends Wesley against McLaren

July 19, 2009


So called Pastor Scott notes “Eric Barger has criticized Brian McLaren for saying that if John Wesley were alive today that he would be an emerging church leader. Brian made that comment in the light of Wesley’s tendency to take his preaching into the fields and to use methods around him (including bar tunes) to extend the gospel. We need renewal movements like the EC reminding us to take the good news to where broken people are.”

Pastor Scott, its ok for Wesley to be innovative, think outside the box and to go so far as to use dirty bar tunes for the gospel. That is because the suspicious word EMERGING was not invented yet. You see anything different or creative or imaginative is BAD BAD BAD today. Luther used the printing press, that is ok because…that was “back then” and “this is now.” If you try to explain the gospel in a way that is tangible to a post-modern that is BAD BAD BAD…because Post-Moderns need hell…not Jesus. Moderns are ok though….because most of us think and use a framework based on this model.

Remember its not enough just to disagree with McLaren…we must contend (if we are orthodox and the side of truth) that he is going to hell….

In the future please check with us…or be relegated to the Camp of the Apostates.

Pastor Scott making us sick! More “EC” buzzwords found….

July 2, 2009


Our Online Research Robot Monkeys have discovered more nonsense from so-called Pastor Scott that just makes us sick!

He says “Certainly the EC are not the first nor the only group to emphasize radical discipleship, but I do believe that many people (especially young people) are attracted to the EC because of the creative ways the EC is trying to embody the holistic life of the disciple in the world. In particular, the EC is trying to find ways to embody the present but not-yet reality of the kingdom of God through practices of love, compassion, and justice.”

I’m getting sicker by the moment. Liberal-new-age-buzzwords that are as unbiblical as they come are making me dizzy.




Give us a break…its all about doctrine! Abstract ideas. That is what its about.

In addition so-Pastor Scott also states “The Body of Christ is never a fixed entity it is always alive and developing. Certainly the Scriptures form the “rule of faith” for how and in what ways the Church should be formed, but it is nevertheless the reality that in every culture and successive generation the gospel of Jesus Christ finds ways to be re-formed. The great Reformation of Luther’s era was not the end of the Church’s development theologically, ecclesiastically, liturgically, etc. It certainly marked a unique moment of massive transformation, but the Church that is reformed is continuously reforming.

The EC is one group that is keenly aware of the current re-forming taking place in the Church.”

Sounds to me like the EC church is trying some kind-a-fake-counterfeit Reformation. ONLY the Reformers are allowed to Reform! Unless we see fit to reform.

If the EC THINKS that they can take OUR place, the the place fitting for a DISCERNMENTALIST…they are dead wrong. We will be the ones doing the judging and the kicking out…and we call that MINISTRY. There will be no room for mamby-pamby-unbiblical-compassion and love. As a matter of fact there is NO need for reform today…except that which we criticize. And there is a lot of stuff we feel called to criticize as part of our very special ministry of criticism.

Suspicion is best when researching says ODMAfia

July 2, 2009

Pastor Scott says “There are some who won’t like this question because the word “emerging” itself has become such a negative term that the idea that anything of value might come out of the EC is anathema. But I believe that even the most ardent opponents of the EC need to have more of a hermeneutic of charity (rather than a hermeneutic of suspicion)”

Are you serious? Discernmentalism is founded on fear and suspicion!!! We should know!

If we were to evaluate theology on another basis we would have to use the bible properly  and apply love, be humble, our use our rational faculties, common sense and even be objective and all that stuff.

Besides a hermeneutic of charity is anti-biblical. We can’t find a single verse in the New Testament that would suggest loving our enemies…and we have TWO dusty bibles.

We can’t adhere to so called Pastor Scott’s advice and still have an audience that will follow us. We demand at least 2 hits a day.

We can’t adhere to so called Pastor Scott’s advice and sell our our books, T-shirts, and DVDs without spreading fear and outrage….at the delight of our audience.

We implore our readers to our DEFAULT mode of fear, and suspicion….and DEFINITELY  no hermeneutic of charity! That in itself sounds like a post-liberal-modern combo that we must come against. An apologist who wanted to remain nameless suggested “We need more suspicion in ministry.”

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