Science-Free Medicine!!!

July 19, 2010

Are you as horrified as us over the Obamanation of ObamaCare? Are you tired of pseudo-scientific advances in Medicine? Have we got the answer for you—science-free medicine activated only by biblical faith because secular medicine is an assault:

  • an assault on the Bible
  • an assault on the Absolute Truth
  • an assault on our Faith
  • an assault on traditional American values
  • an assault on Freedom
  • an assault on our right to be stupid practice Bible-Based Science
  • and yes even an assault on our angry Sovereign God’s wrath and Law against sinners

Other reasons to get on board Science-Free Medicine today: Secular pseudo-scientists say that the microbes that attack our bodies are ever-evolving lifeforms which is why these evolutionary pseudo-scientists have to keep inventing new antibiotics. Isn’t that just evil? Can you say “placebo”? We Know this is just ignorance on the part of evilutionists—trying to educate people make up lies to disseminate prop up scientific truth their delusional fairy-tales. Besides would you want pseudo-scientists sticking strange needles and/or pills in you? Who knows they could be giving you the Mark of the Beast especially if they’re Roman Catholic doctors. We Know that microbes, germs, bacteria, viruses and diseases are all caused by sin and they don’t evolve at all as evolution never happens just as the Bible says. Just as God literally created the universe and everything within it unchangeable and as absolute static forms in 6 literal 24-hour days—God allows microbes, germs, bacteria, viruses and diseases to remain unchanged in order to punish vile, wretched and wicked sinners whose destruction we should all rejoice in.

Another reason to back our Science-Free Medicine is that secular medical science denies Absolute Biblical Truths already succinctly illustrated above. After infiltrating a pseudo-scientific lab full of evolutionary Emergent doctors, Our Research Robot Monkeys also noted the following:

Secular Medical Science and secular health care are so bankrupt that many are abandoning them to embrace New Age Mystical healing gooble-de-gook. Secular and New Age medicine is the new savior. Problems that were once blamed on individual sin and familial genetic sin (Original Sin) are now charged to chemical imbalances and disorders. Yesterday’s medical science and today’s medical science share the same fatal errors–they reject the total depravity of man due to sin; they treat the symptoms instead of the heart; and they aim for change that is not true sanctification. In spite of obvious failure, the notion prevails within the church that secular medicine and secular health care are more effective agents of change–particularly in dealing with the most difficult cases of illnesses–than the Holy Spirit who sanctifies. But can secular medicine and secular health care possibly accomplish something the Holy Spirit cannot? Can an earthly doctor achieve more than a heavenly Comforter? Is medicine more helpful than sanctification? Of course not.

Last but not least, the symbol of Secular Medicine is not only Pagan in orgin but also Occultic and Gnostic in origin and as We all Know Gnosticism is a heresy. If that isn’t enough to reject the evil and sinister cabals of Secular Medical Pseudo-Science whole scale then you must be a servant of Satan—so remember Science-Free Medicine for all your Bible-Based Faith-Healing needs where our motto is: “we’ll lock you in a closet and scream and yell Bible verses at you until you repent of your sins and get saved/cured/healed from your illnesses or else.” Warning if our Bible-Based Healing methods don’t work for you then it means you lack TRUE Biblical Faith and most likely weren’t meant to be healed to begin with.

Our Goal For A Post-Emergent Church

October 15, 2009

The Post-Emergent Church

The Post-Emergent Church Of The Future—For old people that never grow out of their youth. A non-seeker-sensitive approach to church: How to lose friends and alienate people. The Post-Emergent Church will return us back to fundamentalism while still remaining relevant. Praise Hymn Rock Songs Include:

  • In Awe Of Thy 600+ Commandments, Praise Jesus 25x Chorus, Jesus Is Coming Now Grab Your Guns, We’re Old But We’re Still Young In Church, A Mighty Fortress Is Our Bible, I Saw Jesus Shoot A Heretic But He Did Not Shoot The Deputy, We Hold The Absolute Truth And So Can You, We’ll Annoy You With One More Praise Chorus, We Wish You A Servetus Barbecue, O I Hope My Shoe Is Holey Enough For The Rapture and Raise A Banner Of War On The Non-Elect

Confession of Faith: Legalism is Lord. Church services will include inquisitions on non-believers followed by forced baptisms. Afterwards, we’ll have a pot luck lunch. Everyone wins—souls that is! Rainbow wigs available after your first forced communion.



There are no mysteries! We are certain!

September 3, 2009


 the end

There are no mysteries left! We know all and are certain of this. We are certain we understand and know all about the Trinity, Incarnation, virgin birth and other so called mysteries. Those emerging heretics live with their so-call awe of mystery yet live in total uncertainty… Yet we know all as we have OUR DOCTRINES! We agree with “. . . and the world hears them” as he states: Within Scripture we find glorious certainty of our faith! Yes! Then we just proof text all the scripture to support our position. God is no longer a mystery and we can claim full understanding of God with certainty. If you ever have a single doubt about your faith or even if God exists… then simply you are not saved! If you ever have a time you just wonder if any of this is real… you are not really saved. We are certain of that. If you are uncertain as to what God has planned for you just ask us…or remained unsaved!

We also agree that we can sum this all up by stating that if you disagree with us you are against the Holy Spirit:


The Holy Spirit teaches us. There is no need for any other ‘teacher’. “[Y]ou have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie” (1John 2:27)


So if you read this and do not understand what I am saying then I doubt you are saved… or rather I am certain you are not saved as I would not be saved if I ever doubt. I am certain that those of you who believe in spite of you doubts are even saved… again I am certain of that! Especially if you disagree with OUR DOCTRINES! We know that the opposite of certainty is doubt right? I mean there is no room in faith to learn how to trust and be certain of that I am certain! When one begins their walk of faith, they must know all that will be ahead of them. One must not be uncertain that they do not know what God has in store for them. One cannot be certain in God and uncertain in themselves… that is foolish and we then lose control of God! No. We must be certain in both out self and in God. The foolishness of the Emergent to think that one can be certain in God and not in themselves, I mean… that would mean we would have to be totally dependant on God for everything and that is what OUR DOCTRINES are for! So the next time you hear an Emergent tell you they are “uncertain” of the Trinity, yet embrace it’s mystery… or that they are uncertain of the virgin birth but embrace it’s mystery realize they doubt themselves and are trusting God to be Who he states He is even without themselves understanding this mystery… wait… there is no mystery… as I stated so certainly.


So in summary, one cannot be certain and embrace God’s mystery. If someone claims to be uncertain or expresses doubts but still states they have faith in God anyway, they are a heretic. I someone express that their doubts lead them to learn how to trust, again they are not saved. To admit one has doubts or fears takes humility and makes one vulnerable and we here at the ODMafia will have nothing with those weak willed things. I am certain of all this. Are you? Can you imagine if Spurgeon ever spoke of having doubts in the darkness of night?

Oh How we love those Emergents….!

July 31, 2009

Oh how we love those Emergents… and to show you how much here is my favortie quote.

“The dreams of perfect church -emerging church – of McLaren and others will end with their waking up in HELL!”

And here is a nice little worshp song that we approve!

Discerning the World hides it’s hidden Contemplative agenda!

July 6, 2009



We need to share.  But it’s not about sharing the truth, the Gospel of Jesus Christ as per what is written in the Word of God.  It’s not about saving souls for Jesus Christ anymore; it’s now ALL about saving lives on earth.  We need to show love and compassion by doing good works; feeding the poor, giving blankets to all who are cold, provide housing to everyone that they may have a roof over their heads, dig wells to provide water and stop emitting carbon so as to reverse climate change.  We have to do this, because this is our world, our earth.

But we can’t do this on our own, we need help.  Help from The Christ himself.  We do this through contemplative prayer.  The message of salvation where you need to repent of your own individual sin and accept Jesus Christ the Son of God by believing that He died for us, that our souls will be saved thereby receiving eternal life no longer applies.   There is also no such thing as sin anymore, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ which wholly includes the message of repentance of sin is now completely taboo. (emphasis added)


First off it is not “Online Discernamentalist Mafia” as Discerning the World states… it is “The Online Discernmentalist Mafia” so if she cannot read accurately we wonder how she can discern anything at all!

It has come to my attention that Discerning the World may be infected with emerging doctrines! As I read this I was confused as Deborah renounces emerging doctrines and then affirms them in about every breath! I read the statement above and thought I was reading Brian Mclaren!

Yes it is obvious that Deborah pushes the occult teachings of the mystics by pushing contemplative prayer! She even goes on to state this clearly:  “We do this through contemplative prayer.”  Yet, like Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea, she hides it in Da Vinci type codes throughout her blog! If you desire to read it for what it really says you need to buy our newest book, “Decoding the Discerning the World Blog Code!” In it you will read how to read what someone states then take it and make it mean the opposite! Then you will also learn how to not read what someone says and then state stupid things about them out of ignorance! Then the best part is that you now will learn how to read her blog and her double speak that speaks out both sides of her mouth! In the you will be able to claim that you are preaching clarity while all the while speaking mambo jumbo that really makes no sense at all! But best you can then claim other’s can’t understand it because they are not saved! Yes, you now do not have to admit you cannot write clearly and effectively to make an ounce of sense… it is God’s fault for not opening YOUR eyes.

Order now, for supplies are limited.


God inspires ODM with new answer to Emergents. “Bwahahhahaa!”

June 23, 2009



Bwahahhahaa! Is the new answer we are now giving to Emergents as it seems some ODM’s cannot actually give a real answer. Though at first this seems to make a mockery of ODM’s as the bible is clear that we are to not just laugh, but mock and make up more revisionist’s reality (As ODM’s never lie! We only revise reality to our own version and fitting!) against the evil and vile Emerging Church peoples! (Because they love to promote actually doing something with their faith! Sinners!)

You must realize dear reader, not everyone can become a ODM. There is much training and studying that must come before one can be allowed to judge and condemn others. It is not like some Yahoo wannabe can just set up a website or blog and become an ODM overnight! Did you know that you must have a certificate? (Please view our gift shop and buy your own certificate and become an official ODM!)

We here do applaud that Discerning the World at least is great with their revisionist’s reality, and suggest when dealing with emerging people and you cannot come up with a great answer use  “Bwahahhahaa!” instead as they do. That way you can feel superior and not fall into actually caring or loving the person you are talking to. It also works when you really cannot give an answer but still need to sound like you know what you are talking about even when you may not.

Contemplatin the Bible dangerous says Eric Barger!

June 11, 2009

dontOur partner in discernmentalism Eric Barger rightly notes “Is Contemplative Prayer/Spirituality being introduced and practiced? Is there talk of “Spiritual Formation,” centering prayer and something called “lectio divina” which, in a nutshell, is leading Evangelicals directly into the mystical and sometimes occult-based practices of the Roman Church?”

We at ODMAfia concur! Lectio Divina is about studying passages in the Bible. Reading them. Listening to them. Then praying about them. Then discussing them. Then reading them again….and discussing them from various perspectives. Then listening to them again. Discussing. Meditating. This is bad. Bad Bad.

Study! Meditation! Discussion! Prayer! Reading the Bible like this leads you into the occult!

We cannot be thinking about the bible…..NOR discussing it. Eric Barger is right on again….how dangerous it is to meditate on the Bible.

As ITodyaso has noted….I DARE YOU to find one quote in the bible about meditation or renewing our minds using the bible! I DARE U.

Let ODMafia do the discerning so that you don’t have to!

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