Definition of Terms


As you know we at ODMafia have a lot of technical terms and we use them often.
Why you ask? Good question!
It is because we are experts. We know stuff you don’t…and its best we give you our terms on….our terms.

If you are a new reader you need to get to know our technical terms and jargon to understand what we are saying(because what we write about is of utmost importance) :

Discernmentalist: An expert discerner who knows all, is able to read minds, re-interpret quotes, and misinterpret quotes biblically. Typically involved in the “special ops” of discernment, and has the right to mislead the public when defending the truth or orthodoxy against the unrighteous (ie almost everyone).


DTW: Discerning the World (not to be misconstrued with Discerning the World 3, another discernment ministry)

Stretch Technology: This technology is used by DTW.  STRETCH is an an acronym that stands for Survey Truth Revise & Exaggerate Truncate Cacophony of Hagiomania. Used to “reinterpret” data and quotes and allows DTW to peer into the minds of others.


TSM: Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries.

BS: TSM uses the Bible-Based Satellite (BS) & Secret cloaking device for Bibles and exotic research technologies. BS is full of surprises but is said to be purely absolute and biblical…at all times.


AM: Apprising Ministries.
DIRT: AM has devised (DIRT) Direct Interpretation Revelation and Translation to aid and abet discernmentalists across the world.

Secret Order of Discernmentalist United in Ministry


SoL / SOL / Slice: Slice of Laodicea

SoL: Invented DUMB technology which stands for Discernmentalist Utility for Mesmurizing Brains. It is a sort of stund-gun (not to be misconstrued with stun-gun) that allows a user to bend the laws of rational thinking. Used widely among discernmentalists…and this technology has been sold off to a number of ministries.

See GOIP Terms and Part 2 for even more terms.

70 Responses to Definition of Terms

  1. centralityofthegospel says:

    As a play on words I think you should do a topic on penile substition and the homosexual agenda of heretical thinkers!


  2. […] again by the world for a Secular dictionary has gotten the definition of Discernmentalists wrong: Discernmentalists typically focus on perceived heresies in Pentecostalism, Charismatism and Ecumenism, among others. […]


  3. […] Church voted recently for Rick Warren to take over Christianity in America—utilizing  Eric Barger’s Bible-Based Satellite System our Research Robot Monkeys found this quote from a Saddleback member: “I voted for Rick […]


  4. SC: Synergistic Calvinism. The doctrine that teaches that God elects some people to earn their salvation by faith plus good works and appoints others to reprobation through apostasy and vain faith. The paradox is that salvation is not of yourselves, and yet at the same time it is entirely of yourselves, so you may boast all you want. God will approve of your boasting and stroke your ego at the Last Day. Then you will enter heaven, which is a gossip parlor, where you get to have fun talking about all the wretched sinners who missed out.

    Also known as LS: Lordship Salvation


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  6. […] Discernmentalists have have long celebrated platonic dualism. We like to divide the world into the flesh (all that is bad), where God can’t go….and the spirit (where God is and we hope to be someday). In the end we want knowledge, accurate knowledge – you know 100% perfect doctrine….because we all know we are saved by perfect theology.   For more detail: […]


  7. […] a master at truth stretching….actually this is quote similar to Discerning The Worlds “STRETCH TECHNOLOGY.” Nevertheless, ODMafia is fully behind this sort of […]


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