Manliness is Essential


“The church of God must focus in on manhood as an essential to discipleship. The church must take on an active role in restoring the image of men through Jesus. We must work hard at engaging men beyond breakfasts and small events. There must be a concerted effort to make sure that the church is where manhood can be seen and trained.” ~ Eric Mason

Preaching manliness is essential to discernmentalism. We don’t need any weak willed; wimpy; gutless grace; girliemen in our ranks. We only need essentially oiled rugged men. In fact Masculinity is the raw lump of metal; biblical manhood is the forged sword. The work comes in shaping and molding the unbridled masculinity of adolescence into a force unleashed for good upon the world.

So how can the gospel shape masculinity into something useful for the kingdom of God?

I’ve met students with encyclopedic knowledge of fantasy universes, musicians, sports teams, video games; the list goes on and on. The danger is that these easier pursuits can keep them from mastering the difficult things that are far more valuable in the workplace and in their own lives. Feminists say they want equality for women. But how many of them actually want weak men? No woman applauds a man for being addicted to video games and pornography. What is honorable and worthy of admiration is the man with self-mastery, who refrains from being entrapped by such sins. We yearn for the man with self-control, with temperance, with strong moral character.

Teach your wife the practical application of the Bible. Situations will arise where you can apply and remind her of a scripture about dealing with a neighbor, stopping a rumor, mentoring a child, or rising up to honor the elderly. Do not fall into the trap of thinking, She’s an adult; I don’t want to preach to her. We all need reminders of what God’s Word says and how to apply it.

For the past 50 years the ministry has attracted high-estrogen males, which is no doubt a factor in the decline of churches. People are attracted to a guy with charisma and confidence, not someone who looks like a librarian. The great evangelists like D. L. Moody, Billy Sunday (former professional baseball player) and Billy Graham were all masculine males.



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