Our Covenant with you.


God’s truth is so fragile we must take a stand in God’s sovereignty to protect it. If we do not, the perverts and sickos of this world will destroy the church. Are you tired of those wimpy so called Online Discernment Ministries? We are and we want to stand up and protect our God and His Truth…Truth is so fragile and if we do not make a stand in the sovereignty of God, the Church might be lost to the sickos and perverts out there who are invading it! We know who and what they are. They are in our pews. They are on your TV. They are corrupting the most godly of things, the Internet!

This blog is about protecting the truth of God that is so fragile.

What we promise.

To expose all to God’s wrath.

To preach that Jesus is coming back and He is so angry with sinners!

Hell is a real “place”.

If you do not hold to true doctrine then you will be blotted from the Lamb’s Book of Life forever!

Spread the gospel of Spurgeon and John MacArthur (the only truth living teacher of God’s word) to all the world.

We are tired of emergents, RCC wannabes, Rich Warren, Rob Bell, Beth Moore, Brian McLaren, Doug Pagget, Tony Jones, sinners in general who are not worthy of our God, and anyone that sounds like or acts like any of these apostates.

My credentials are that I studied at the feet of Walter Martin. Yes, I bought some tapes and books and even own a copy of Kingdom of the Cults. I also listened to the Mike Corley Show with Ken Silva on it and it was then I realized that with these tools I will wade through the mire of pseudo religious intellect and speak the true doctrines that save us to all. For, I am God’s anointed Pastor/Teacher to the Internet Congregation.

Peace and Grace from our God to you,

I. Todyaso

47 Responses to Our Covenant with you.

  1. […] Pajak attend a denomination that teaches such error as “Man Willingly Fell to Sin” and The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is ‘Speaking in Tongues,’ while also denying the holy teaching of Calvin on Election with their Every Person Can Have […]


  2. peyton says:

    You guys are awesome! I knew as soon as I started reading that it was all wack! Made me laugh though, you guys have obviously encountered some of the same wackjobs I have in the church. Thanks for making me smile about it. Not always easy, but your black sense of humor wasn’t lost on me.

    Thanks and God bless you dudes


  3. seymorespurgeon says:

    Wack? I have no idea what you mean. I believe you have the gospel confused with something else. Maybe you need to take a time out, go read the Bible again (cover to cover) and come back. Maybe then you will have an appreciation for the TRUTH that we convey here.

    For we have been givent the TRUTH, and we aren’t sure about you.

    Dr. Seymore Spurgeon


  4. itodyaso says:


    My dear fellow. It is obvious that if you are running into these “wackjobs” at your church God is telling you to repent. You see by the witness of two or three you too can be deemed a heretic and excommunicated. Then we can despise you like the sinner you are… even treat you like a “tax collector” which we know are all thieves that are after others money.

    I wish you were at my church… so i could drive you out and expose your sin!

    Whoever knows God listens to us,

    I. Todyaso


  5. Erwin says:

    This blog is just being sarcastic right?

    If not, wow. I’m curious, what are your thoughts about love? How do you think love is related to the Gospel?

    Also, I disagree about God’s truth being fragile. On the contrary, God’s truth is in Christ Jesus. It is MIGHTY! Yes, there have been, there are, and there always will be people who will twist God’s truth. But God’s truth always stays the same and it will last FOREVER!

    Please read the Paul’s letter to the Ephesians– especially chapter 4 and tell me what you think.

    Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus.


  6. Will Farel XV says:


    How dare you question the esteemed discernMENTAList teacher-pastor I.Todyaso? And yes OUR truth is very fragile and therefor needs people like myself to use all mean means to protect it. And lastly, I.Todyaso does not need to read your Bible to know his Truth.

    Will Farel
    In hiding from the Truth


  7. Erwin says:


    Just as you said, it is YOUR truth. It seems to me that you have much to gain from YOUR truth, that you must protect it at all costs. Obviously, the truth that I believe in is different than the truth you believe in.


    • crossman says:

      Dont worry about your own truths!It is only yourself..It is others truth that disturb and as such need muffling if one can!!Let god be always on our side and finish our enemies..If still others truth succeede well that is a matter for god to gravitate!



  8. […] Blogs.   After reading their satire …. I have to admit …  I just have to start reading this blog!!!! […]


  9. molleth says:

    I feel so safe now that I’m in your hands. I’ll scan through my library right now and then check back with your blog to make sure that my books aren’t on your do-not-read list. Bless you for your ministry. I’m sending you a check in the mail right now. Please keep up your important work battling against those mean people who throw rocks at our paper walls.


  10. centralityofthegospel says:

    “God’s truth is so fragile we must take a stand in God’s sovereignty to protect it. If we do not, the perverts and sickos of this world will destroy the church. Are you tired of those wimpy so called Online Discernment Ministries?”

    — you have a keen eye.


  11. itisfinished says:

    I see nothing of the Christ on this website. Just another Fundamentalist coldly and brazenly telling everyone how right they are. Your attitude is a very worldly approach to possible the right ends, but you will never. Of course the emergent teachers are false prophets. Anyone who is serious about the Word of God knows that. However, your methods are not even remotely Christ-like. Only those who hold ‘true doctrine’ will be saved from hell. Wow, and I thought it was being born again and filled with Christ and becoming a new creature in Him – old things passed away and all things become new. Oh no, I may not have used perfect KJV language.


  12. itisfinished says:

    This blogger is an insult to the finished work of Christ.


  13. itodyaso says:


    First: note in the banner and on the top right hand side it states.

    Dude! This is a satire site!
    Before you get all bent out of shape, please realize this is a satire site spoofing the so-called “discernment ministries” who deem themselves more worthy of Grace than the rest of us. So read and have fun! BTW, we are not against “good” discernment ministries that do actual real research and extend grace to others, only the bad ones.

    Second: THANKS! We hope to mirror the hate and how those that ARE like this insult the finished work of Christ… we actually agree with you. This blog is meant to expose those who are truly like this….


  14. Teresa says:

    It is like this site is run by five year olds who are deceived and blinded to the truth. Read Revelation 17 as you drools over your Emergent heretics who play with the bible. So sad how many people will be swallowed by this deception the bible predicted and you help to support it and run smear campaigns against those who try to love and warn others. Your work is disgusting and you need to go read reinventingjesuschrist.com by Warren Smith and A Wonderful Deception by same author. Wise up!


  15. itodyaso says:

    We are soooo with you Teresa… so we support those who use smear campaigns against those we disagree with and use the Bible and Jesus as weapons of abuse rather than loving our enemies… I am so glad we have people like you who support all this and make the Truth War the farce force it is.


  16. Y’all might enjoy my Nov 10 ’09 post; click on my name above.


  17. […] All Arminians are not ignorant of the Bible—the King James Bible AV 1611–unlike we Calvinists who are not inerrant because of our Pure Doctrines and Godly education so Arminian sermons are not a  bunch of Babel. All Arminians are in league with the devil because they are so evil especially Wesley who never burnt heretics at the stake like our Final Prophet commands us to. We know with Absolute Certainty that when an Arminian or Emergent preaches about Jesus and prays in His name, they are not really preaching about Satan Lucifer and praying to the devil–for all Arminian and Emergent sermons do not promote the  Purpose Driven Heresy and works based salvation  by money making pyramid schemes—unlike our blind obedience to faithful teaching of the imPure unBiblical Doctrines of crapitalist materialism Capitalism. Ken Silva warns all members of God’s Only Inerrant Party of the non-Soul Damning non-heresy of Arminian teachings and preaching so ye non-heretics should not pay heed.  Our Discernmentalist Doctrines of God’s Wrath are not Pure, Inerrant and Holy and so are our Expository Sermons —which is not the only True and Pure way to preach— and the reason you should not only listen to us. […]


  18. […] for you so that you won’t have to strain any of your brain cells. In the words of the OD Mafia: God’s truth is so fragile we must take a stand in God’s sovereignty to protect it. If we do […]


  19. addict says:

    My my, this sight is so much fun I may have to join a self help group to get any thing else constructive done for God. ,Because you know if it’s not for me some millions of souls will be condemned to hell if I don’t get my doctrine write repent and never sin again and don’t dip or cuss or chew or go with those who do . Because you know it’s up to me, boy oh boy you know maybe I could get on that cross


  20. bobby57 says:

    blotted from the Lamb’s Book of Life forever!how, if salvation is all of GOD, and he will see us safe till the end , also if GOD sovereignty IS TRUE, and he knows his sheep, and his sheep, need time, like it was 15 years before understanding ,GODS elect,are the only people saved by christ, on the cross, so lets not condem, all to hell, even John Macarthur, was lost in Arminian false teaching for years, j piper, also, we are not GOD, we can only point weak brothers and sisters to study and learn, the bible on this great doctrines of grace, and not all confused , but just lazy and in weak bible teaching churches, god bless , bobby57.


  21. george57 says:

    oh, yes , not anyone can take over the true church, not the devil, or man, GOD is in charge not anyone else, i find it hard to find love in your site, we all get hot when b/graham, and colson and pals want us to bow to there pope, in rome, but without love,knew have nothing,lets do what macarthur does, just print, and point the lost, the weak, and lazy to gods word, then pray and pray, who ever the lord has chosen, will not be lost, also change your name, mafia, is not a good choice, for a christian site, god bless.


  22. ladilesper@hotmail.com says:

    I don’t know where you get the idea that those who stand for the integrity of the Bible are persecuting the Seeker Sensitive/Emergent/Purpose Driven paradigm leaders. I’ve opposed these positions humbly and secretly to the leaders of my church and I was cast aside and mocked. The leaders said they “didn’t want to hear it.” They encouraged me to start a home church (as though they were coddling me).I find it interesting that you choose to mock also.

    I was taught that once a person resorted to ad hominem attacks they automatically lost the argument. Instead a person should use reason, intellect, and the authority of the Word as their method for debate.


  23. Forest says:

    So, basically you make fun of Christians who truly are discerning? That’s very uncool. Just briefly looking over your site I see you making fun of different groups who I know do a lot of research and do not consider themselves better than everyone else. So basically your full “dude, this is a satire site!” statement doesn’t work, because you are not just mocking “bad” discerners as you suggest. So you are either not good at discerning, or you have a hidden motive.

    By the way, Truth is not fragile. The Truth of God is firm and unchanging.


  24. Forest says:

    So, basically you make fun of Christians who truly are discerning? That’s very uncool. Just briefly looking over your site I see you making fun of different groups who I know do a lot of research and do not consider themselves better than everyone else. So basically your full “dude, this is a satire site!” statement doesn’t work, because you are not just mocking “bad” discerners as you suggest. So you are either not good at discerning, or you have a hidden motive.

    By the way, Truth is not fragile as you say. The Truth of God is firm and unchanging.


  25. R.A.L says:

    I accidentally stumbled across many of these “discernment” websites (when wanting to read up on teachers I enjoy or respect), and they made me immensely depressed.

    Thank you so much for this site. It’ literally saved me. I never knew comedy could be such an effective way of undoing the damage those sites (and the teachers they love) did to my walk with Jesus.

    Because they speak with such sternness and eloquent narrow-mindedness, one can feel “bullied” into feeling like they have to believe what they write. But a site like this lightens the atmosphere and exposes those sites for the self-righteous nonsense that they are.


  26. Forest says:

    You don’t think Jesus spoke with sternness?


  27. Valerie Shannon says:

    I can understand being frustrated when God is portrayed to be something He is not. It is natural for His children to have an adverse reaction in such situations. But will you please explain how a satire/parody blog exalts the name of Jesus Christ? Thank you for your time! God bless you!


  28. 3vix6 says:

    I love it!

    I’m an Atheist/Agnostic for over a year now and you never truly realize the absurdities of faith until you’re seeing it from the outside. The Abrahamic god is a farse.. It’s a huge pyramid scheme that borrowed stories from babylonian, sumarian, and egyptian cultures that are designed to give people who claim to know the truth about life and our universe a job. Preaching and telling stories of the “Gods” is the second oldest profession… next to prostitution!

    reminds me of the saying by epicurus (who lived MANY years before Christ’s supposed existance)

    “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?”
    – Epicurus

    If God is so mighty, then why do people fight so viciously to protect the Church and God’s word, if God could just smite all of us evil “heathens”?

    Awesome site.. I will definately be around!




  29. Forest says:

    One could just as easily say that those cultures borrowed ideas from the Abrahamic God. They took Him, and did their own thing with it.

    Wouldn’t you protect, or stand up for your family they were being attacked?

    As for why God doesn’t smite all of us “heathens”…
    2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.


  30. Oengus says:

    I dig the cool picture of the Four Horsemen. Can I use it?

    Have you heard of the “Bloke Katzbalger Thesis”?


  31. yp says:

    Excellent site. A man in my church has gotten sucked into this “Everybody but us is wrong” nonsense. How that happened in our church (non-denom Charismatic type) I’ve yet to ‘discern'(:P), since everything we teach seems to make him think that both pastors, plus myself as Youth Pastor, teach heresy. What’s interesting is he has yet to share any scriptures that counter our stance, though he is unsatisfied with ANY we provide. I think his objection has less to do with what the Bible teaches, but more about what Brannon Howse teaches.

    Anyway, consider yourself ‘bookmarked’!


  32. maizie says:

    This is mocking. Is that you were going for?


  33. There is no doctrine but Lordship, and MacArthur is its messenger! I pray five times a day facing Grace Community Church. I practice Lying in the Spirit whenever I preach, because I believe Lordship is a doctrine of deception and its god Ba’al a great schemer. We murder souls in the name of our doctrine, because that’s what we are lead to do. And we humiliate the disobedient wherever we find them, until they feel themselves subdued to Lordship and gladly add their works to salvation. Then we strip them of their blessed assurance and ship it back to Charles Stanley in a body bag, signed, “Gift Returned”.


  34. katia swartz says:

    WOW!!! First website I have found on the net where the purveyors of mindless drivel actually were so cowardly and minus a scintila of a gonad that they could not even identify themselves. Heh dude – satire requires a spark of intellect at the least – no spark here. Drivel on dude – no one listenin twice except your mama and dada who really wish you would get a real paying job and scoot on out of their basement to your own digs. bye bye loser


    • ythpstr2k7 says:

      Wow, just when I began missing the love walk of the ‘heresy hunters’ this site mocks, I find out that I don’t need to search out there spiritually homosexual ‘you don’t look exactly like me so I can’t love you’ message. You guys deliver!


  35. kumcrow says:

    I chanced up on this site and I am surprised! If some body has not understood the teachings,they need more help, as their lack of understanding is also a part of god’s creation.Or are you inclined to believe that you alone are a better production of god, which the more unfortunates are not? Or would you feel the killed and the vanquished are the failing part of God? If you have lost your love, you already has lost His message-the pain in this world is a reminder how he is giving you a chance to love and live, cultivate and convince the beauty of existance that has an end, which unfortunately, the god has no privilege of!


  36. mtn girl says:

    So, you “mock” the discerner’s because they point out false teachers, doctrine, etc., and they uphold themselves as the arbiter’s of “right doctrine.” And apparently you don’t like that, yet on your site you say you are only after the bad discernment ministries and not the good ones. Aren’t you doing the very thing that you accuse them of doing? Yes, I would say you are. You are upholding yourself as the real arbiter of truth and all that it entails.

    Don’t think I’ll be visiting this site again.


  37. ythpstr2k7 says:

    Think, then think some more. Of course he is doing what he blames them of. That is the essence of mocking. It shows the ridicoulas mess the “heresy hunters” create as they peddle their distorted love. A love that requires you look, act and believe EXACTLY like they do. You know what you call someone who only loves what looks like them? Homosexual. Heresy hunters are spiritual homosexuals. There are some who allow you to disagree on non essentials, but the majority are fundamental ferries.


  38. itodyaso says:

    The big difference between us and those we “mock” is that they are us and we are them… and we prefer the phrase “incestuous linking” as Ken Silva has perfected on his website. We are our own arbiter of truth, justice, and anti-Obama politics. We have on our own seceded from the union to join our own Mystic Union with all other ODM’s that you deem “good”… not like the bad ones like Bible Answer Man or C.A.R.M…


  39. centralityofthegospel says:

    I still laugh so hard when I come here!


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