Our Condemnation to You is Grace


“Grace” in the name of a ministry is like “People’s Democratic” in the name of a Third World country. “The more adjectives about Democracy there are in a country’s official name, the nastier a dictatorship it is.”— TV Tropes, “People’s Republic of Tyranny”

Grace to you from us in the name of our Discernmentalist ministry. We promise to hold you accountable in the liberty of our grace which condemns you. We are the most grace-filled grace-centered loving man-hating non-man-worshipping Jesus-loving site on the net and would never heap the burdens of legalism on you like Catholics do nor preach a works-salvation Gospel at you like Arminians do. We just expect you to put in the extra effort to work on following our laws of Lordship doctrine as the Ways of our Master and his Truth War (PBUT) have taught us in the liberty of our grace.

For as he (PBUH) mentored us: “This shallow understanding of salvation and the gospel, known as “easy-believism,” stands in stark contrast to what the Bible teaches. To put it simply, the gospel call to faith presupposes that sinners must repent of their sin and yield to Christ’s authority. This, in a nutshell, is what is commonly referred to as lordship salvation.”

And we humbly and graciously stand against “easy-believism” as we easily believe that we’re saved by virtue of believing on TULIP—whereas you’re not. We have the liberty of our grace to condemn you with our discernmentalization of our many enemies who are always attacking the grace of our Truth. These enemies include: the RCC; Arminians; Baptists; unbaptist Baptists; Anabaptists; other Baptists; infant-baptizers; Elvis; Velvet Elvises; flying Elvi; UFOs; aliens; Presbyterians; Charismatics; speaking in tongues; women who preach; women who don’t preach; Emergents; the Emerging church; Lutherans; Pentacostals; KJV-ONLYISTs; the KJB; NIV; ESV; Santa Claus; pagans; heretics; Rob Bell; Shane Claiborne; the Easter Bunny; unBaptist Presbyterians; unBaptist Lutherans; unPresbyterian Lutherans; democrats; non-conservative Republicans; the Reformed; the anti-Reformed; Christmas; RINOs; Easter; Islam; Hindus; Libertarians; 3rd Party candidates; Canadians; Marxists; Red-Letter Christians; Conservatives who aren’t conservative enough; Contemplative Spirituality; gays; Rob Bell; Eastern Orthodox believers; voodoo; Rock; chanting; Rap; Mysticism; socialists; unAmericans; W; non-American holidays, RCC wannabes, Rich Warren, social justice, weak-willed businesses; Beth Moore, Brian McLaren, Obama; Doug Pagget, Tony Jones, sinners in general who are not worthy of our God, and anyone that sounds like or acts like any of these apostates.

In our liberty and grace we biblically hate all of these; you included; with a commendable hatred. So liberty and grace to us and our fellow Discernmentalists and Truth Warriors—hate be upon the rest of you.


Speaking the truth in love; liberty and grace,

The ODMafia crew

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