Fox News Controlled By Marxists

April 16, 2019


Dear OD Mafia,

Lately I’m concerned that Fox News has  been failing to report our delusions the Real Truth.©™ What can I do if there’s no Safe Space away from the liberal hordes, Cultural Marxism and political correctness left  to confirm our biases Reality©™? Where can I turn to for Fake Real News©™? Whom can I turn to? Whom can I trust??


I. R. DeLoo Ted

P. S. All countries who are not Muslim should expel them … France, Germany, U. S., etc.

Dear DeLoo Ted,

I’ll tell you who you can turn to and trust. We promise to be #1 in Alt-Facts and Fake Real News©™ as Trump is our disciple. Our Research Robot Monkeys have noted that Fox News too has fallen under the spell of evil Cultural Marxist puppet master George Soros who controls all the Media©™–and that is why:

“Fox has been trying to cover it up from the beginning. They cut off all of the priests midsentence and wouldn’t even listen to what they have to say. There is the issue that liberals believe all problems can be solved through increasing tolerance, diversity, and inclusivity. So if it is those doctrines which are actually inflaming our problem and they are completely blind to it, they will attempt to hide anything that may even mildly indicate that this liberal belief system is killing us.”—Joe Roberts

You can be sure of one thing Fox News will report what George Soros tells the Big Government to tell them to report and the way Big Brother tells them to report the news. So Fox News like all News in the USA is 100% controlled by the Government and the filthy Rich few who own the Media©™. So you can be sure of this, What the News Media©™ Says can say they are sure about what they are told to say. —————————————————–But it is my opinion those Filthy Rich People who control the News©™ are trying to keep the truth hidden so the People of France do not start a Civil War against the Islamic Invaders of their Nation.

Trust Only In Us For Your Alt-Factual Fake True Newsworthy Alt-Media©™ reporting Needs,

Drs. Don Jobson; I. Todyaso and Truthslayer

P.S. Let the Free Market decide the TRUE NEWS©™.







John Piper Swears During Sermon!

April 1, 2008

When I first heard this sermon I was going to state how much of a Godly man John Piper is. Then I heard him swear. Instantly I lost my sanctification and dropped to my knees and repented for thinking those thoughts about John Piper and for hearing such foul language. I see his message, which started out great, was one that I could not even finish as it was so offensive because of its language! This is proof of the infection of the emerging emergents that are out there swearing in every sermon they do! We can thank Mark Driscoll and Tony Jones for influencing once godly men like John Piper and leading them to lose their sanctification.

 Now, before you worry, I confessed for an hour per letter in that four letter word and now I am pure again.

 (Oh crap! I just listened to the sermon again as I tried to post it to make sure it works… now I need go and repent again!)

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God,

 I. Todyaso

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