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May 19, 2019

thank goodness

The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed this prayer:

‘I thank you, God, that I am not a HERETIC like everyone else. For my theological doctrines are pure (American & conservative), I pray 3 times a day (unlike my Muslim enemies who pray excessively at 5 prayers), I refuse to address social justice (because that sounds too my like socialism), I attack anyone who critiques capitalism (because consumerism, accumulation & exploitation) has nothing to do with the good news (and unAmerican). I also criticize anyone who speaks against militarism by calling them commies and liberals…because I am thankful to be alone in holding up the absolute biblical truth.

Finally ….I thank-you that I go from church to church to speak against other believers & calling them false teachers, heretics and apostates.”

Hunting down heretics and spotting heresies in our many enemies for your protection,

Truthslayer out (as in outing heretics)!

So Called Discerner Claims Unbiblical Asteroid Hit Sodom and Gomorrah!

April 5, 2008

After reading this, I realized that only a few of us are truly gifted as Discernmentalist. Most of you claim this as a “gift” but when under closer scrutiny you not only fail miserably, you do not even understand the simplest Biblical teachings… like this wing-nut!

I posted my comments in his blog to show two things.

1. Most likely he is a coward and will not let the comment go through.

2. He is just an idiot disguised as a discernment ministry.

3. He needs to read the bible instead of the for his biblical understanding.

(Note: One with a true discerning eye will note I used the biblical formula of 3 points all great and anointed teachers use.)


I opened my comment with the classic Ken Silva-inspired “Dude” to show how hep I really am.



Please do not insult the rest of us by calling yourself discerning. In fact you proved you are not only not that but have no clue as to what the bible teaches nor the biblical time-line otherwise you would not have even posted this rubbish.

Case and point my friend is that this asteroid you wrote about that hit is 3123 BC would have to have returned and hit the earth again around 1898 B.C. to be the one that hit Sodom and Gomorrah… any real biblical student would have seen that a mile away…

Go study yourself approved… then say you have real discernment.

How can anyone believe you about Rick Warren when you don’t even know your own bible and its history.


I. Todyaso

Update:Note everything I stated came true. That is how good I am!

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