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May 19, 2019

thank goodness

The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed this prayer:

‘I thank you, God, that I am not a HERETIC like everyone else. For my theological doctrines are pure (American & conservative), I pray 3 times a day (unlike my Muslim enemies who pray excessively at 5 prayers), I refuse to address social justice (because that sounds too my like socialism), I attack anyone who critiques capitalism (because consumerism, accumulation & exploitation) has nothing to do with the good news (and unAmerican). I also criticize anyone who speaks against militarism by calling them commies and liberals…because I am thankful to be alone in holding up the absolute biblical truth.

Finally ….I thank-you that I go from church to church to speak against other believers & calling them false teachers, heretics and apostates.”

Hunting down heretics and spotting heresies in our many enemies for your protection,

Truthslayer out (as in outing heretics)!

Introducing: Our Newest Course….Heresy-Hunting 101!

April 27, 2019


Direct from our Pulpit & Pens we’ll teach you  how to be master Heresy-Hunters such as ourselves:

  1. You cannot underestimate the inability of most Christians to perceive the dangers around them. Again, being discernmentalizing is not about being psychic. (Unless of course you’re like us and have Bible-osmosis). Most discernmentmentalism is just about paying attention to your spiritual surroundings. Most people just will not stop and notice. Go to the shopping mall and watch people. Most people are walking around completely oblivious to the dangers around them, walking from Victoria’s Secret to Spencer’s Gifts without looking up from their Angry Birds app. And if you look long enough, you’ll see somebody else watching people – that’s the discernmentalizing guy. As paranoid as it may be, I’ve always been the type of guy to sit with my back to the wall at a restaurant or watching the hands of the guy in front of me at the convenience store. I’m cognizant of the vehicles that go down my street and have a mental note of the makes and models of all the vehicles on my block in case something is out of place. Most people are simply not that way, and that goes for Christians in the spiritual realm.

  2. You cannot underestimate the inability of most Christians to be students of history – ancient or near history. Ronald Reagan reportedly said, “For liberals, history began when they were born.” For many Christians, that’s probably too optimistic; for many, history began this morning. Another apocalypse date? Really? Again?! And yet, Christians are falling for this. Another omen interpretation? For crying out loud. Rick Warren again insinuates an altogether different cult from last time are his spiritual brothers and you think he just is inarticulate…again. For realsies? Osteen again plays the “I don’t know” card when he’s asked about the exclusivity of Christ? The fact is, most Christians aren’t keeping track of this stuff. They don’t read the news. The first time a sheep “accidentally” bumps off a fellow sheep maybe they’re just clumsy. The second time, it’s bizarre. But the third time that sheep rolls in with mutton between his teeth and lamb’s blood on his chin and you might just have a wolf.

  3. The “discernmentmentalist community” seems to speak in almost absolute unity concerning the more prominent wolves in the flock of modern evangelicalism. There are hyper-Arminians in the Pulpit Bunker. They’re there because they don’t agree with us on discernmentalist issues and they hate and try to pervert our Pure soteriology. There isn’t a Lutheran discernmentalist community, because they’re not Calvinistic enough to be True Christians©®™. There’s a Presbyterian discernmentalist community fighting for our Pure Church polity. There’s a Reformed Baptist discernmentalist community and one in almost every segment of evangelicalism except in charismatic circles (haven’t found one there yet). We may strangle each other over infant “baptism” (see those scare quotes I did just for giggles?) but we agree on Warren, Osteen, Meyer, Moore, the other Moore, the Mystichicks, et al. What could possibly be the reason for that unity, despite the obvious division? It’s #4.

  4. Discernmentalism is a spiritual gift, and should be fostered and promoted as essential to the local and universal church. The reason for unity in the discernment community is that discernment really is a Spirit-led (Hebrews 5:14). The same Spirit that guides the Presbyterians (but not the Lutherans) is the same spirit that leads the Reformed Baptists. We may don’t have different hermeneutics or interpretative presuppositions that allows us to land in different Confessions as our discernmentalist spidey senses all tingle when a wolf draws near.

  5. No matter how many times you’re right, you’re a H8r. No one (well, hardly no one) will come to you and say, “Okay. You were right. Sorry for calling you a H8r.” No, it’s “Lucky guess, but you’re still a H8r.” If you’re in this business for the public accolades, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

If your church is a True Church like ours then they would benefit from our Clear Teachings in this course on Heresy-Hunting as our Teachings are the same as the late great Ken Silva’s Clear Teachings who recommended and followed the Clear Teachings of our Pope of our Truth War John MacArthur (PBUH)’s Clear Teachings—so that makes us more than qualified in our expertise to lecture you on True Heresy-Hunting. Just one second of our course will  make you an expert Discernmentalist and Master Heresy-Hunter just not  as high and mighty in the standards of our Doctrine. Applicants must complete our self-righteousness course first.

The Dangers of Laodicea: You Have Been Warned!!!!

April 8, 2008


You know how I struggle for you. Literally, I am agonizing over you. I want you to be safe at all costs. That is why I am bringing you this update. Here is something I read at a certain online discernment blog:

I’ve known about The Secret and the promotion of the Law of Attraction for some time now, but had never studied it in depth. After receiving a not yet publicly released DVD called The Source of The Secret and after viewing all 67 minutes of it, I have been reading a great deal more about this whole teaching. A researcher friend of mine today suggested I listen to a clip from Oprah Winfrey from exactly a year ago where she interviewed Esther Hicks, author of The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham on her satellite radio show.

As you can see, the author of the particular blog in question has, curiously, been ‘dabbling’ in mystery teachings such as ‘The Secret,’ ‘The Laws of Attraction,’ and ‘Oprah.’ I know there are many of you who frequent this dangerous blog, so I am warning you to beware. Evidently, there is ‘research’ going on a ‘great deal’ of reading on these subjects, and listening to Oprah Winfrey–as far back as a year ago! I think it is dangerous to listen to anything Oprah–even as close as a day ago–so I am at a loss to know why someone is digging up stuff from a year ago.

Friends, I am giving you a stern warning: BEWARE! It appears that the author in question is dabbling in things that might lead her down a dangerous, slippery slope from whence there is no return. Now mind you, it is quite irrelevant why the author is doing all this research into Oprah and The Secret and the Laws of Attraction. The point is, the author is opening up her mind to dangerous teachings. Would you, fellow Laodiceans, join me in my struggle to save the soul of this dabbler? (There is even an outside link to a dangerous myspace page where one can hear further teaching on this subject!!!!!) My friends, this is of great concern to me. I used to think very highly of the author in question, but now I am concerned that she might actually be lost. Who knows what depths of depravity are at the myspace link!!! After all, research had to be done in order to find these links. I hope you can see my concern. Won’t you join me in my…


ps-this is really, really sad. I really hate seeing a fellow discernmentalist going down in flames like this. Isn’t there something more we can do to help those caught in the Oprah web of lies?

Incontrovertible Evidence of Piper’s Downfall

April 2, 2008



All the recent talk of John Piper here at ODM reminded me of a video I saw one day. This should settle any ideas of Piper’s issues. First, not because of the content, but because he says, “I don’t disapprove of it.” Second, you will notice that he has allowed his sermons based on the Word of God to be mixed with music of Michael Jackson–and Piper doesn’t disapprove. This proves: Piper is a heretic.

You need to be wary of Piper! Clearly he is a loose canon within the evangelical church!


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