Starbucks is an emergent church like entity

February 26, 2008


We here at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia see a parallel with Starbucks shutting down for three hours to re-train its employees, with the emergent/seeker movement in the church.  Starbucks feels like it is losing its way, while we know that the emergent church has already lost its way.  Starbucks is worried about the competition of McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts, while the emergent church is worried about being part of the post-modern culture.  Starbucks started serving breakfast and accommodating everyone, while the emerging church takes in everyone,  while they are still sinning. 

We here will not take three hours of to re-train, since we need no re-training.  God has given us everything we need in the form of inerrant scripture that has been validated by various people including Ken Silva, John MacArthur, and the pyro-guys.  Paul told us to pray without ceasing and that doesn’t mean to take three hours off, like the emergent church guys would do.    We will stand on the street corners and preach how everyone who hears us is a sinner, especially those who would “call” themselves Christians, for they are the worst, and we won’t take three hours off.  We will work the Way of the Master formula to perfection since it is the only approved way of evangelism and is taken straight from the approved versions of the most inerrant scriptures.  We will not take three hours off.  We have TRUTH on our side and so we can’t lose.  Let those emergent “churches” take time off to train and learn new things, let them do new sermon series, let them have Starbucks coffee in their church, and let God rain down his fire to those wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I don’t want to be anywhere around when God’s wrath comes down on those sinners, who think they are fine because they love everyone and follow Christ’s example, in the form of fire and sulfur.  Many churches will be in flames on that day and pillars of salt will litter the landscape as these “Christians” look back on their homosexually loving churches. 

We will not take three hours off because God shines his light on the defenders of his TRUTH, which could be compromised if we take three hours off.

May the peace of Christ be with you, and all who think like me.

Dr. Seymore Spurgeon


More pure Bible teaching for you.

February 7, 2008




The Online Discernment Mafia only preaches Bible Centered doctrines of Grace. To quote John MacArthur who is the greatest teacher/pastor/truth warrior in the universe;

“How can they understand forgiveness if they don’t understand the penalty of sin. Men cannot understand. They cannot seek grace and salvation unless they are affected with the dread of the wrath of God that is upon them. Unless men sense they are in grave danger there’s no pressure applied to them to change.” ~ the holy and anointed man of God John MacArthur

We know that a man has no choice with God’s Election. We know that it is actually useless to preach grace to a person until they understand God hates them and desires only to pass judgment and condemnation on them do display His Holy Wrath! We would never preach a man based religion that says a man can change himself! NO! We teach what good teachers of old taught that God must change the person before they get saved!


We don’t want to pressure anyone. I mean we don’t want people to think God is kind and loves them. No way would we want to misrepresent God and His Wrath in that way. We do not see that a man can respond in repentance because he is dead. How can a dead man change? But, we know that if wrath and judgment and condemnation is faithfully preached, that man will change, or at least pee his pants in holy fear of his position with God.

Spurgeon stated once;

 “I believe that nothing happens apart from divine determination and decree. We shall never be able to escape from the doctrine of divine predestination – the doctrine that God has foreordained certain people unto eternal life.” ~ Charles Spurgeon 

So we know that no matter what we do some will be fried in the fat fryer of Hell. People like Rick Warren and Doug Paggdett for sure will be there! Now we know this because Jesus told us to judge others fruit to see if it is as good as our own.  For as Spurgeon stated; 

“The greatest enemy to human souls is the self-righteous spirit which makes men look to themselves for salvation.” ~ Charles Spurgeon


That is why it is so important that people turn to us, the Truth Warriors to be saved by our sound and pure doctrines.


I. Todyaso

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