Stoning a New Testament Perspective! More sound bible teaching

April 2, 2008


Here is some more sound bible teaching. 

Recently a person accused us of casting the first stone. I as a bit taken back at this as he was acting like it was wrong to do so. We see many examples of God commanding us to stone people. From adulterers, homosexuals, witches, Sabbath breakers, and disobedient children. In fact if we look carefully at scripture we are never told to not continue in the practice of stoning people. The closest thing is when the woman is caught in adultery and Jesus challenged the people that if they were without sin to cast the first stone. We can only conclude that Jesus being the only one there who had no sin, knew she was being falsely accused and so He also did not stone her. Be it known that if she had, Jesus would have picked up a stone and began to take care of that sinner.

 We see that even Paul took part of the stoning of Stephen without batting an eye. Paul later boasted in how many times he himself was stoned, which goes to show that we still should be doing so as Paul also stated imitate me and I imitate Christ for we are also denying that some enjoy the sufferings of Christ!

If we see a sinner sin, we should confront them and if they do not turn, then we should treat them like the sinner they are and as a tax collector. Even today we hate tax collectors and I bet most of our gentile readers would love to drag one out of the city limits and cast a few stones at one of them!

I believe if we are to have true revival, we need return to sound biblical teaching and start stoning people as needed. If you vote, vote for politicians that would back passing such a law that would allow freedom of our religious rights to stone a sinner as the bible commands.

Remember, Jesus stated if you love me you will do as I command. Our obedience must never be compromised as the prestigious and grand Way of the Master Himself John MacArthur teaches.

Hoping to stir up the people and the elders and the teachers of the law,

 I. Todyaso

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