Yet another evil plot….

December 13, 2014

liberal plot

I comment on a blog about the bible.

February 8, 2008


I use as pseudonym sometimes so I can minister freely without having people attack me as I spread the love and truth of God. Here is a comment I left at a hate site that attacks other ministries like mine. Haters had an issue with the authorship of the Bible… So I unleashed the McStink on them.

I. Todyaso

God wrote it!!!!

It is the eternal inspired word of GOD not man! Stupid imbeciles!

Man had nothing to do with it. The writers of the Bible were like pens in the hand of God and had NOTHING as far as input. (If you did not all go to those liberal bible colleges you would have known this!) Otherwise they could claim it was their works that save us and not God. God alone saves us and we can DO NOTHING TO ADD TO IT!

If you guys were not dead in your sins you could repent like me!

When Paul stated things like “this is from me and not God” it was God being sarcastic.

So, stop arguing and realize how much smarter I is than you as God gifted me to teach/pastor/condemn all of you idiots that deny the Sovereign God in how you destroy His eternal plan and mess it up by your unrighteous acts of man loving theology while dresses as Rob Bell with a goatee and shaved heads like Assyrian male hookers! REPENT!

Now go and get real jobs to stimulate Bush’s economy. God bless America for only real Christians live here. And God bless your collective mommas for not aborting you when they had the chance so later God could toss you into the Hell you all deny!

Nothing shall separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord,
Murphy McStinky

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