Unknown Facts about Mark Driscoll!

April 26, 2008

1. Mark never sleeps, he plants Churches.

2. Mark is so holy he can add new books to the Bible, like Acts29

3. Mark once killed a man by reading him Calvin’s Institutes.

4. In prison Mark shanked a man in prison to keep his front teeth.

5. Mark is now afraid to shower with other men.

6. Mark used to swear more until his Tourette syndrome was properly medicated.

7. Mark has the mark of the beast tattooed on his buttocks

8. Mark once attended a U2 concert.

9. Mark used to be grunge when grunge wasn’t cool.

10. Mark once talked to Ravi Zachariah so Mark might be saved.

11. Mark once talked to Ravi Zachariah so Mark might not be saved.

 12. Mark shot a man while robbing his castle, Bobbie Sue took the money and run.

13. Before Mark was converted, he was the Rooster  and the Man in The Box (lyrics contain swear words so if you are easily offended do not click link)

14. Mark has seen the Black Hole Sun.

15. Mark dated Alice in Chains and members of Soundgarden.

16. Mark once went to see Swearengen to learn more swear words for sermons but left early as they did not swear enough.

17. A big part of Marks seminary training was at the Chapel before he realized it was a bar.

I am sure there are more, I am doing more research even now.

I. Todyaso

Slice is Losing it!

April 23, 2008

Fellow Laodiceans,

We here at ODM are normally very supportive of Slice of Laodicea, but I have to stop for a minute and discern. I seriously think the author of slice is, well, losing it. That is, losing her special discernmentalist powers. She must be sitting near kryptonite or krispy kremes.

She is now concerned because Ravi Zacharias did not pray in Jesus’ Name at a National Day of Prayer event. Wrote the author of Slice:

Shirley Dobson must give an answer to Christians around the world as to why the name of Jesus is absent from the prayer.

Uh, GET ON THAT SHIRLEY! Damnation*,  how could you be so freaking stupid, SHIRLEY? After all your husband is like the pope of the protestant church! You must be a stark, raving lunatic to forget that the Bible specifically mentions in 2 Matthew 23:29, 4 Mark 4:10, 8 Thessalonians 79:134, and 15 Revelation 7957:4109: “Thou shalt pray in the Name of Jesus or you will most certainly die a painful, humiliating death.” And you, Ravi…I have no words for you. What a disgrace.

But I have words for the author of slice. First of all, while I can commend you for thinking that we should pray in Jesus’ Name (See John 14:13 for example) and I am terribly disappointed at you. You see, the same Bible that you just crushed Shirley and Ravi with also says this, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” (Colossians 3:17). Now I have read quite a few of your blog posts and you know what? I don’t recall seeing any of them end with the words: “IN Jesus’ Name.” Now, if we are to do ALL things in Jesus’ Name, why are you not blogging in His Name? Are you ashamed of Jesus’ Name? Ingrid, I’m sorry to tell you this but you are not righteous enough to call yourself a discernmentalist! You are a fake. A Phony. A Fraud. And a dis-grace to the profession. I demand that you explain yourself to all Christians why you do not blog in Jesus’ Name!!! Here is a link to Ingrid’s contact information so you can ask her why she doesn’t obey the Scripture and blog in Jesus’ Name.

Second of all, and this is where Ingrid is really going to be up a creek without a paddle. You see, I have a Bible and I read it. And I remember two very specific prayers that Jesus prayed in the Bible. One is an example of how Christians ought to pray and is found in Matthew 6. When Jesus finished modeling prayer for his people, he failed to pray in his own name. Also, Jesus prayed a very long prayer in John 17 and you know what? He failed to pray in his own Name at the end of that prayer too. I am very disappointed, at this point, that Ingrid hasn’t called out Jesus on this. I would think that surely the Son of God would know better than to not pray in His own Name. INGRID, I DEMAND THAT YOU CALL OUT JESUS ON THIS ONE. THAT IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO FROM YOUR PERCH HIGH ATOP THE LADDER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Friends and fellow pilgrims, I am giving you ample warning: Stay away from Ingrid. She is no discernmentalist. She doesn’t even blog in Jesus’ Name and She won’t call out Jesus for failing to pray in his own Name.

In Jesus’ Name,


ps–May the Lord have mercy on me and forgive me if I have crossed the line. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

pps–I hope you get my point. I seriously think someone needs to put a stop to this. This is outrageous.

*The Lord Editor I. Todyaso will add editor’s comment here: The usage of “damanation” is biblical as it is in the KJV. See Matthew 23:14. Since Jesus Himself said the word, we need press our children to also be biblical. It is well as long as we do not cuss like Mark Driscoll or Tony Jones. In Jesus Name.

Steve Camp Proves Mark Driscoll is still Emergent!

April 13, 2008


If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it and tell me what you think? (BTW, heads up – at the end of the song, Ben Stiller comes on and in an attempt to be comical says some expletives that are bleeped out though you can pretty much tell what he said.  For Mars Hill Church members, this will seem like Sunday morning worship; for everyone else, it will seem like Saturday night at the bowling alley.)


Kudos to Steve for showing the Truth Warrior he is and teaching us how to properly judge others. I am glad Steve still agrees with us Mark Driscoll should stop cussing in every one of his @*#$ing sermons!

(Sorry for that I lost my sanctification from watching that *&%ing video. So make sure you are prayed up before watching it! I now must go to my prayer closet and gain my sanctification back.)

Seeking after His Kingdom,

I. Todyaso

Please also read the update here

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