A Serious Concern & A Serious Praise & Rules of Engagement for Serious ODMs

May 1, 2008



This post might be a little longer, but I think it will be worth your time. I have two points to make about blog posts of so-called discernmentalists (emphasis on the ‘mental’ part). Before I make the two points about two different blogs, I would like to take a little time to lay out what I believe to be eleven very important aspects of the work we do here at ODM. You might call these the ‘Ten Commandments’ of judgmentalism discernment, but since there are actually eleven, and since we do not mock the word of God by making silly metaphors like this, I’ll just say it is eleven very important rules of judgmentalism discernment. Here they are:

  1. I think the most important aspect is to keep as many people out of heaven as possible. We don’t want heaven too crowded as that might make it difficult for those of us who truly deserve to be there because we follow the rules. (This will be demonstrated in part 2 of this post.)
  2. I think in order to do this we must constantly be alerting you to the myriads of false teachers that are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. We take this very, very seriously.
  3. It is also import to nullify any silly notions that we are saved by grace and not by keeping rules. To do this, we continually add new rules to the Scripture and judge discern those who break them.
  4. It is most important that we keep tabs on the church and identify all sinners, while carefully maintaining our own sinlessness, because, clearly, the Lord does not have enough time to ‘Annanias and Sapphira’ the unworthy. We thank God constantly that we are not like the sinners in the church.
  5. It is important that we keep the real Enemy of the church happy and his home populated by running down anyone who wears the name ‘Christian’ in a way we discern is not Christian at all. The Bible was written for us to do this very thing.
  6. To protect heaven’s purity from all fake Christians. (This is similar to number 1, but also different.)
  7. Most significantly, we want to continue pointing out to the real world why hate is a necessary theological construct in the church. If we do not have a proper theology of hate how will the world ever know who the real disciples of Jesus are.
  8. We want to protect the church from all sinners who might ruin it for us. The church is not a hospital for sinners, but rather a museum for dusty relics to be admired by passers by.
  9. We want to solidify our power base so that we might control what all people think about Scripture, the church, Jesus, and how to administer ‘justice’ in the world. We are the determiners of what is right and true worship. There must be no imagination, no contemplation, no change in the church. We should reflect a Puritan system of worship and sing hymns alone written by dead people who are only too aware of our current cultural situations.
  10. To protect unbelievers from anything that smacks of Jesus. Seriously, we don’t really want people to be saved by the Gospel, but brainwashed by ‘gospel.’
  11. We hope to continue doing ‘our father’s’ bidding. (With apologies to CS Lewis and Screwtape.)

Now, to be sure, there are other objectives that we have and this is really just a preliminary list. I’m sure others have done a better job of articulating our Mission Statement. If I have failed, I will gladly renounce my membership in the church.

Finally, two last points. One point of warning and another of praise.

First, the warning. I am sick of the fake discernmentalist over at Slice. She constantly tries to convince us of her holiestness and righteousnessism, but we are not so convinced. Here is the latest travesty of this debacle of a discernment blog. All you have to do is look at her ‘blogroll’ and you will see a link to another blog called ‘Always Ready‘ which purports to:

It is my desire to fulfill the great charge of this passage by addressing theological errors directly from the Scriptures, as well as by posting edifying material for those who desire to grow in knowledge of the truth. This I will do with God’s help and to his greater glory.

The problem is this: The author of Always Ready posted a poem the other day by noted Roman Catholic by birth converted to Anglicanism P*** Poet John Donne. That’s right. John Donne may have written much ‘religious’ poetry in his later years, but his early years are marked by a clear involvement in the underground world of P***. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Donne’s early career was also notable for his erotic poetry, especially his elegies, in which he employed unconventional metaphors, such as a flea biting two lovers being equated to sex.[7] In Elegy XIX, “To His Mistress Going to Bed,” he poetically undressed his mistress and compared the act of fondling to the exploration of America. In Elegy XVIII he compared the gap between his lover’s breasts to the Hellespont.[7] Donne did not publish these poems, although he did allow them to circulate widely in manuscript form.[7]

We fail to see how this sort of poetry is going to ‘edify’ anyone, let alone Christians. I think all of us can see clearly that Slice of Laodicea is pandering to the world of p*** by advocating a link to ‘Always Ready.’ We are at a loss to know how anyone can be ready when they are so brazenly involved in advocating p***. Here is an example of Donne’s writing from Elegy XIX. Notice first how he writes about his ‘mistress’ and second how he makes reference to ‘Mahomet’s Paradise.’ I guess we can safely say that perhaps Slice is also, along with Always, advocating Islam:

A heaven like Mahomet’s Paradise; and though
Ill spirits walk in white, we easily know
By this these Angels from an evil sprite:
They set out hairs, but these the flesh upright.

License my roving hands, and let them go
Behind before, above, between, below.

All of us, then, have much here to be concerned about when it comes to Slice and Always. You have again been warned.

Second, we have a word of praise. In keeping with our first stated purpose above, we have nothing but praise for Lighthouse Trails Research. If you are lucky enough to get on the front page after clicking that link (they are so busy that sometimes the Internet is jammed up from the traffic) you will see on their front page that NO ONE is going to heaven except the blessed administrators of Lighthouse Trails Research and a few who write books for them to make a profit from. This makes us happy. We are glad that they, along with us of course, will someday enjoy the Father’s bounty. We are glad that they are exposing the world, including non-Christians, to the dangers of so many different fake Christians and Bibles. We are glad they are warning us about the Eugene Peterson’s, Rick Warren’s, and Bill Hybels among others. Oh, and we are especially grateful for this page which warns us of all the dangerous ‘Christian’ organizations like Christianity Today, Focus on the Family, and more. Also, if you belong to any of the following denominations, you may as well forget about heaven: American Baptist, Church of the Brethren, ELCA, PCUSA, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and more. Also, if you are reading David Jeremiah, Chuck Swindoll, David Seamands (that heretic Dan Goldfinch wrote a review praising a book by Seamands), Brother Lawrence, Henri Nouwen, Eugene Peterson, Rick Warren among others–your salvation is in danger, and we are glad.

I can only speak for myself, but I am fairly certain that Dr Spurgeon and I Todyaso will agree: Gladly there will be more room in heaven for us without the millions represented by these denominations being there. Thanks Dombrowski’s for keeping them out for us. 

We say a hardy Thank You to Lighthouse Trails Research for saving the Lord time on judgment day by discerning now, in the present, all who are bound to hell. This will free up the Lord’s hands and give Him more time to pat on the back those of us who are really laboring for the Kingdom. These folks are my new heros (but only just because I don’t want to be accused of idol worship): David and Deboroah Dombrowski! Three cheers for them!

I know this is a long post, and I applaud you for sticking it out with me. I encourage you to leave congratulatory remarks praising the Dombrowski’s for their fearlessness in the face of the obvious persecution they must be facing here in America for publishing some very important works by noted and remarkable authors. And we here at ODM reject any notions that they are running down other authors and publishing houses and ministries and para-church organizations and churches and preachers, etc., in order to make their own books more attractive and a bigger profit for their own for-profit publishing company. There is no way on the planet that these two upstanding disciples would ever sink to such levels of depravity in order to make a buck.

So, to sum up: Slice promotes a blog that promotes p***, Lighthouse Trails Research is simply going above the call of duty keeping heaven free from delinquent and poser Christians, and there are at least eleven rules governing the work that we, and most, ODM’s do.

Thank you and remember: If you are a in Laodicea, we are struggling for you. We do not want you to be left behind. Please join our crusade to convert all Emergents, Purposians, Contemplatives, Liberal Democrats to a more wholesome, whiter, more Republican version of the Faith once Delivered. And remember, we are struggling for you.


PS–I have conveniently written P*** as such to prevent those of you with filters from not seeing this post. That’s how much we care. Too bad Ingrid doesn’t care that much.

PPS–I am sorry if I have offended you by publishing an excerpt from Donne’s p*** poetry. If I have offended anyone–well, tough. That’s the price you have to pay to know the truth!

Mark Driscoll the Cussing Pastor, forgets to Cuss During Sermon!

March 5, 2008


Picture of Mark Driscoll using hand gestures as he describes his latest series on Song of Solomon.

Discernmentalist News~

Mark Driscoll who was made famous by Donald Miller in his book  little book of heresy “Blue Like Jazz” is the lead pastor Mars Hill Seattle an emerging church (every other week).

 While preaching last week Mark Driscoll finished his service and almost fell on his face when he realized he forgot to swear during his sermon. He was put off a bit when half the congregation (that only comes to hear him swear and find out if they are to give a thumb up or down on Emergent Village.) began to get up and leave half way through his sermon.

There were some that were over heard as they left stating that they were wondering if Mark Driscoll had gotten saved sometime last week before the service, though this cannot be confirmed or denied we just thought we might let the reader JUDGE whether condemnation is needed.

Continue to pray against Mark and his Church of potty mouth wannabes so that God will be still Holy in Seattle.


Rick Warren and Brian McLaren Save Bigfoot! Sort of!

February 22, 2008


Discernmentalist News-

Rick Warren known for his heretical book the Purpose Driven Life which presents the soft-shell version of the Gospel and teaches the lie, God has a purpose for you, and Brian McLaren who has written many heretical books that tell people false teachings such as the Kingdom of God is “Here and Now” saved Bigfoot while hunting together for new paradigms to push on churches for church growth. Bigfoot had read The Purpose Driven Life and found certainty in his world of savage beasts and wild berries, but then after reading A New Kind of Christian lost all certainty and began looking for Emergent Villages to ravage. Brian McLaren (a heretic) and Rick Warren (another heretic) were able to sooth the savage beast and assure him God had a plan for him and that even in his uncertainty that we can still bring the Kingdom of God to all and be little Images of Christ.

 Yet, all was saved when Rick Warren (a heretic) accidentally regressed and dropped a copy of John Macarthur’s “Truth Wars” that Rick and Brian were deconstructing and as he read it was so struck by the magnitude of Truth and began spouting anti emergent slogans at Brian McLaren (a heretic). Brian McLaren then in a fit of rage began to pummel Bigfoot in a sicken display of Emergent violence.

 The Picture was take while Bigfoot just finished reading John Macarthur’s book. Rick Warren was off in the bushes fulfilling another purpose and realized he must have dropped John Macarthur book and was having trouble finding weeds to use instead.

 Bigfoot was quoted as saying, ” Arrrgh, herrrr mmmhhh roooo.” No one knows what that means.

A friend sent me this encouraging email

February 2, 2008


An Emerging Church Service~!

This may are may not be from a contributor of CRN. In fact all it stated was from the editor’s desk about Rick Warren’s new book* he helped co write.


From the desk of the Right Reverend Pastor Teacher general-editor/editor:**  

The Lord spoke to me the other night as I read the dustcover of this book. Seeing as Warren is a semi-pelegian-Armenian-emerging-ecumenenical-diaper wearing snot head, it only seemed appropriate that I would be disgraced with the presence of God and it would lead me to write this diatribe….errr….missive.  

I didn’t even have to crack the book open since I realized that the editor was a cousin of a friend of a coworker of the mailman of a Rob Bell (who himself is a semi-pelegian-Armenian-emerging-ecumenenical-kid who writes the short bus). And since everyone who is a true convert knows that Rob Bell is the man-boy love child of Brian McLaren, who the Lord has told me is a slowly becoming catholic Birkenstock wearing hookahs smoking emergo poser, it pleases me that the Lord would also tell me to write a review of this book that’s only suitable for toilet paper, littler box liner, or tissues that I’d rather stick in naughty parts of my body. Now, I’m telling you in the Lord that “deeds not creeds” loving Warren is rotten root of the man centered liberal theology, since Africa is where fleshy tunes of Satan originates.  

Clearly this worldly music is eating away at the souls of children everywhere and in his own flesh mind Warren tells us that we should be involved in the great social causes such as emancipation, which the Lord told me is only dominion theology. Now apparently, in this freeing of slaves from slavery, which God didn’t see as a problem, see the scripture on this, it warms the cockles of my heart to let you know that emerging lead guitarist “pastors” everywhere are only going to use this book to encourage more commie loving puppets in their congregation to care for “the least of these”, who, everyone who is a true convert knows, are only people who God elected since before the beginning of time.  

Finally, since the time is near for His Return, and you now see how the Devil is bringing us to a one world religion, thanks to the North American Union and the apostate Roman Catholic Church. In closing, I want to remind all God fearing Christians everywhere to NOT DRINK soy milk, since it can make you gay. 


Thank God we have people like Ken Silva  the general editor/editor at CRN that understand the hate of God and want to spread that message of His Anger to all!

I also wanted to share this bit from the Holiest anointed non cessationist prophet of Jesus Christ living today.

“And may I add that it is not to say that God doesn’t love, but it is to say that you’ll never understand how great His love is unless you know how great His hate is. I mean, if you understand that God hates sin so profoundly then you will find it all the more amazing that He can love sinners. So that without an understanding of His hate, His love is crippled too in our thinking. Love and grace are favorite terms, are void of meaning if God does not hate.” ~ John MacArthur


No doubt you have been blessed more by me as usually. (Hebrews 7:7)

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.,

I. Todyaso

 *My lawyers told me that I must state that Rick only did the forward.

** The name was removed so that the evil Emergents don’t attack my friend with their vile anti heaven/hell/ teachings! 

New book and Rick Warren Tries to steal the Glory!

February 2, 2008

Rick Warren is all wet!

Rick Warren is all wet! What will he do next?

Recently one of my fellow “Truth War” warriors who are fighting by my side sent me a link to a book called The Better Hour: Lessons from William Wilberforce.


Rick Warren wrote the Foreward in it so we all know it is just about his own ego-driven-lies!


Let’s just say, HERETIC!

 If Jesus read this book filled with heresy He would vomit. I agree with the great apostle Paul as he states in 1 Thessalonians 3:” …no one would be unsettled by these trials. You know quite well that we were destined for them.” 

If John MacArthur read it he would drop dead from all the heretical things Rick Warren states!


We all know that Rick Warren is the antichrist and is pushing through the United Nations his plan for a purpose driven world! I have a source who attended one time Saddleback that told me Rick Warren is the head of the Illuminati!


Anyone who even hears the name Rick Warren knows that God has already judged and condemned this man. Oh, when will all those girly-grace- loving-hippy-pot-smokin’-beer swilling-gay loving-semi-plagioclase-filled hearts realize that God hates sinners.


God is angry and if we do not all repent and return to the “workman approved” doctrine. Then we might as well hand everyone over to Satan now. I mean the emergents already are with their mystical – labyrinth -candle-couch driven drivel they call “church”. I mean it is the Great Commission not missional. Missional is not even in the Bible!


To quote Tozer:


“The poor quality of Christian that grows out of our modern evangelistic meeting may be accounted for by the absence of real repentance accompanying the initial spiritual experience of the converts. And the absence of repentance is the result of an inadequate view of sin and sinfulness held by those who present themselves in the inquiry room.”


I can’t wait till the fires of Hell bring them the Truth of Christ!  I see that they must not be saved as they have no idea and dead man can’t save themselves… they better repent fro their postmodern anti Truth Gospel!

God is sovereign and in that we must protect Him and His Holy Truth.  If we the Holy Elect of God do not make a stand, books like this will come out and destroy the American way of life and the Gospel that we hold so near.


The only thing that is missing is endorsements from Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo. YEP THAT WOULD MAKE IT A NEW RICK WARREN BEST SELLER! OR SHOULD I STATE, BEST SELL OUT!


I will now close with this quote from Tozer and my comments.

THE MAN WHO IS SERIOUSLY CONVINCED that he deserves to go to hell is not likely to go there, while the man who believes that he is worthy of heaven will certainly never enter that blessed place.”

Tozer is so right! Rick Warren so seriously is heading to hell unlike those of us who are the true Elect of Calvin’s Reformed God who also hate Christian Mystics like me! Now, I have written extensively on the dangers of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Theology here (Add link that links right back to this page) and it shows that my research* is right on where this is all heading. Pigheaded Satanists rejoice over the Gospel of The Crucified Christ not being preached at those PDL churches! We know that God does not have a plan for you life or any purpose for you when you get truly saved. Heretics add lies like this all the time!

The Greatest Biblical teacher of all history except Jesus and Paul themselves, John MacArthur stated once, “How can people under­stand anything about love if they don’t understand God’s hate?” and I agree! We need to get the Truth out that God hates us all and just by Grace some of us are saved by The Great Predestined plan of God as taught by the Great Reformers that Rick Warren has decided to desecrate as he defecates on their blood and even worse their writings.

People like Rick Warren and the emergents make me sick with their lack of training and denial of the Truth Doctrines of Grace that hold us secure in God’s grace.

May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you,

I Todyaso

*My lawyers asked me to define “research” as “just my opinion.”

I missed this… but another soldier in The Truth War saw it.

January 30, 2008


Chris Rosebourgh found this story.

Rick Warren Councils Jewish Leaders On How to Recruit Congregants

WarrenThis story from the Christian Post is just mind boggling. It says:

“Megachurch pastor Rick Warren attended a large Reform Jewish gathering last week to share tips on how to build a community….The “Purpose-Driven” pastor spoke to thousands of Jewish leaders Thursday night at the Union for Reform Judaism’s biennial convention in San Diego.With the holiday season in mind, Warren urged clergy to take advantage of crowded events to publicize other programs so people can get involved in the community through smaller groups.“There are some principles that apply regardless of our faith, if it’s Jewish or Christian,” he said at the convention….After Warren spoke a few minutes at the podium, he sat alongside two popular Southern California rabbis for a casual talk about strengthening congregational life.”

Am I missing something here? I’ve been working from the notion that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way of salvation and that we as the church are called to make disciples through the preaching of Christ Crucified for sinners. With that being the case, I don’t see any freedom given by God in His Word for a Christian pastor to help Jewish synagogues recruit people.

Have I completely missed the boat here? Are non-Christians now saved? Is the only thing that matters to God is that people go to “A” house of worship regardless of whether it is Christian, Jewish, Muslim or ‘other’?

How is what Rick Warren did NOT a complete betrayal of Jesus Christ? ~ Chris R.


Now honestly I did not get it at first, so I began to dig further and my superior discernment let me see what Chris R was saying and possibly left out!

1. “There are some principles that apply regardless of our faith, if it’s Jewish or Christian,” he said at the convention.

One of his principles: “Just be nice to people. Smile.”

Oh dear Lord! How dare Rick say we should be nice to people! Then to tell the Jews to do the same thing! What does light have to do with darkness?

2. Other advice given by Warren included looking at everything from an outsider’s viewpoint, such as simplifying worship terms, making strangers feel welcome, and encouraging interaction.

 This is truly an abomination! I mean Jesus never tried once to look at the outsider’s viewpoint so why should we follow Pope Rick’s advise! Simplifying worship terms? I am not ever sure what that means, but I am sure it is semi-Pelasgian! Making strangers welcome? Sure as long as they are not sinners! And who needs interaction? We need doctrine! I bet Satan just loves all this emergent influences that Rick peddles!

He is an apostate rump roast for hell!
Enjoy the smoking section heretic!

At least some of us are here to protect God and His truth for Him…

In Christs love,

I. Todyaso Mdiv

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