Breaking: Unbiblical Cereal Persecuting Discernmentalists!

October 26, 2019


We all belong together. So for the first time in history, our famous mascots and cereals are offered exclusively together in the same box for All Together Cereal. It’s a symbol of acceptance no matter how you look, where you’re from or who you love.

Oh the horror is there any object that doesn’t offend us or persecute us! This is worse than when fictional cartoon rats got ghey-married causing hetero-marriages to fail by osmosis! Noted Discernmentlist Ken Ham declared: “We are not “All together,” as the lifestyle/worldview of these fictional cereal mascots is anti-God, anti-biblical & anti-science and consists of only a small minority in the culture.” As my co-Truthwarrior Dr. Truthslayer has pointed out: “We demand that this cereal be stopped!!! We can only guess that some time soon they will introduce whole grain oats, barley, and maize to this liberal mix. Its processed whole-wheat or nothing!!!”

In fact we know this as one Kellogian stated: “Just think now KIDS might get the idea to buy 6 separate boxes of cereal, and mix them up on their own! Kellog’s is now working for the Devil! No more Kelloggs! They are evil, because any of their cereals might get mixed!!! Leading kids to proclaim: Hail Satan!” If this doesn’t make clear how unbiblical and apostate this cereal really is—consider this—our Research Robot Monkeys overheard this apostate cereal saying:

“Black, white, green, red
Can I take my friend to bed?
Pink, brown, yellow, orange, and blue
I love you”

We only wish that more inanimate objects; fictional characters; even animals would hold true to our morals; Doctrines and worldview. We have one word of caution—if you see this cereal in stores…flee!

To counteract this assault on our Truth—we recommend a daily dose of Calvin Crunch; Reformation Crunch; Truth Loops; Catacomb; and Christo-Fascist Flakes for a more Biblically-sound all around healthy breakfast and extra-protection from wetness!

Eric Barger says “give credit and references”

January 21, 2010

Only a few days ago the ODMafia was under discernmentalist attack by Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries. In an occurrence that does not surprise mainstream discernmentalists he…

a) Accused the wrong person of writing the “Truthslayer Guarantee” How dare he cite the wrong person, when it was I, Dr. Truthslayer doing what I do best… discernmentalizing!

b) suggested that “according to copyright law if you are going to quote large portions of our website you need to give credit and references. (My next newsletter is a doozy and I’m sure you’ll want to hack on it.” (see link on our missive to Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministry highlighted in BLUE) Only a true DISCERNMENTALIST could miss the link, busying himself not to accurately read what he is criticizing.

These types of accusations are common among discernmentalists since we teach under-graduate studies such as “Accusing the Wrong Person” & “Accusing others of Citations, Even if they are Sited” Most of our former students are aware of such discernmentalist courses. Indeed, presumption, inability to read and note who wrote a particular argument/article is synonymous with discernmentalism….and we recommend such tactics IF you seek to be the utmost faithful expert.

Just remember, IF you want to be as good as Take A Stand Ministries…..take our courses!

Truthslayer, your friendly neighbourhood truth-detector.

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