Twilight Of Emergent Idolatry: New Age Apostasy

December 10, 2009

Twilight Of Emergent Idolatry: New Age Apostasy is a sequel to the much beloved Tween Apostate classic of Emergent Babel, Twilight Of Emergent Idols. These Apostate films are based on the Emergent Twilight book series co-authored by a female Mormon false religionist and a bunch of Emergent heretics. A bunch of morons more like it! These films are spiritual confusing for sure! Why they even teach such confusing and postmodern Emergent ideas as: people have souls, there is good and evil in the world, “love conquers all,” redemption, wholesome values, etc.  Discernmentalists do not be fooled by these apostate values since this book series was written by heretics so therefore these anti-Biblical values are opposed to our core Discernmentalist values of  only the Elect have souls, the world is totally depraved, self-righteousness and war-mongering conquer all, wrath, etc.

We Know with Absolute Certainty these Absolute Truths! Todd Friel using Eric Barger’s Bible Based Selective Uncomprohensive Cherry-Picking Reading Machine has said of the newest installment in the Emergent Twilight series that it in fact promotes the false teaching of: “How to Tell God, ‘You’re not the Lord of me. I’ll do whatever I want’.” Yes we should fear and be paranoid of fictional books and films this much as True Truthwarriors. Anyways, the newest installment in the Emergent Twilight series—Twilight Of Emergent Idolatry: New Age Apostasy stars all your favorite Emergent heretics: Rob “Universalist” Bell, Phyllis Tickle “Your Ears” and Tony “I Have No Truth” Jones among others and Dakota Fanning whom these evil Emergents corrupt and turn into a contemplative Soul-sucking vampire.

Here was sweet little Dakota when she was a Bible-believing Southern Baptist:

And here is Dakota after those Evil Emergents kidnapped her and forced her to star in their sin-promoting movies—Hounddog, Twilight Of Emergent Idolatry: New Age Apostasy and now even more heretical movies:

Here Dakota is in an Emergent coven:

And the ensuing results of the evil Emergents’ spiritual apostasy are working on Dakota:


See the difference—We Do—Absolutely! This is why we Discernmentalists must warn you parents to never take your children to movies that we don’t approve of —because your children are too dumb to realize the fine lines between fantasy and reality—and Emergents blur them constantly. This is why we must set the standard for you and tell you to boycott Twilight Of Emergent Idolatry: New Age Apostasy and the like.

Slice is Losing it!

April 23, 2008

Fellow Laodiceans,

We here at ODM are normally very supportive of Slice of Laodicea, but I have to stop for a minute and discern. I seriously think the author of slice is, well, losing it. That is, losing her special discernmentalist powers. She must be sitting near kryptonite or krispy kremes.

She is now concerned because Ravi Zacharias did not pray in Jesus’ Name at a National Day of Prayer event. Wrote the author of Slice:

Shirley Dobson must give an answer to Christians around the world as to why the name of Jesus is absent from the prayer.

Uh, GET ON THAT SHIRLEY! Damnation*,  how could you be so freaking stupid, SHIRLEY? After all your husband is like the pope of the protestant church! You must be a stark, raving lunatic to forget that the Bible specifically mentions in 2 Matthew 23:29, 4 Mark 4:10, 8 Thessalonians 79:134, and 15 Revelation 7957:4109: “Thou shalt pray in the Name of Jesus or you will most certainly die a painful, humiliating death.” And you, Ravi…I have no words for you. What a disgrace.

But I have words for the author of slice. First of all, while I can commend you for thinking that we should pray in Jesus’ Name (See John 14:13 for example) and I am terribly disappointed at you. You see, the same Bible that you just crushed Shirley and Ravi with also says this, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” (Colossians 3:17). Now I have read quite a few of your blog posts and you know what? I don’t recall seeing any of them end with the words: “IN Jesus’ Name.” Now, if we are to do ALL things in Jesus’ Name, why are you not blogging in His Name? Are you ashamed of Jesus’ Name? Ingrid, I’m sorry to tell you this but you are not righteous enough to call yourself a discernmentalist! You are a fake. A Phony. A Fraud. And a dis-grace to the profession. I demand that you explain yourself to all Christians why you do not blog in Jesus’ Name!!! Here is a link to Ingrid’s contact information so you can ask her why she doesn’t obey the Scripture and blog in Jesus’ Name.

Second of all, and this is where Ingrid is really going to be up a creek without a paddle. You see, I have a Bible and I read it. And I remember two very specific prayers that Jesus prayed in the Bible. One is an example of how Christians ought to pray and is found in Matthew 6. When Jesus finished modeling prayer for his people, he failed to pray in his own name. Also, Jesus prayed a very long prayer in John 17 and you know what? He failed to pray in his own Name at the end of that prayer too. I am very disappointed, at this point, that Ingrid hasn’t called out Jesus on this. I would think that surely the Son of God would know better than to not pray in His own Name. INGRID, I DEMAND THAT YOU CALL OUT JESUS ON THIS ONE. THAT IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO FROM YOUR PERCH HIGH ATOP THE LADDER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Friends and fellow pilgrims, I am giving you ample warning: Stay away from Ingrid. She is no discernmentalist. She doesn’t even blog in Jesus’ Name and She won’t call out Jesus for failing to pray in his own Name.

In Jesus’ Name,


ps–May the Lord have mercy on me and forgive me if I have crossed the line. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

pps–I hope you get my point. I seriously think someone needs to put a stop to this. This is outrageous.

*The Lord Editor I. Todyaso will add editor’s comment here: The usage of “damanation” is biblical as it is in the KJV. See Matthew 23:14. Since Jesus Himself said the word, we need press our children to also be biblical. It is well as long as we do not cuss like Mark Driscoll or Tony Jones. In Jesus Name.

John Piper Swears During Sermon!

April 1, 2008

When I first heard this sermon I was going to state how much of a Godly man John Piper is. Then I heard him swear. Instantly I lost my sanctification and dropped to my knees and repented for thinking those thoughts about John Piper and for hearing such foul language. I see his message, which started out great, was one that I could not even finish as it was so offensive because of its language! This is proof of the infection of the emerging emergents that are out there swearing in every sermon they do! We can thank Mark Driscoll and Tony Jones for influencing once godly men like John Piper and leading them to lose their sanctification.

 Now, before you worry, I confessed for an hour per letter in that four letter word and now I am pure again.

 (Oh crap! I just listened to the sermon again as I tried to post it to make sure it works… now I need go and repent again!)

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God,

 I. Todyaso

We Are the Online Discernment Mafia!

January 29, 2008


God’s truth is so fragile we must take a stand in God’s sovereignty to protect it. If we do not, the perverts and sickos of this world will destroy the church. Are you tired of those wimpy so called Online Discernment Ministries? We are and we want to stand up and protect our God and His Truth…Truth is so fragile and if we do not make a stand in the sovereignty of God, the Church might be lost to the sickos and perverts out there who are invading it! We know who and what they are. They are in our pews. They are on your TV. They are corrupting the most godly of things, the Internet!

 This blog is about protecting the truth of God that is so fragile.

What we promise.

To expose all to God’s wrath.

To preach that Jesus is coming back and He is so angry with sinners!

Hell is a real “place”.

If you do not hold to true doctrine then you will be blotted from the Lamb’s Book of Life forever!

Spread the gospel of Spurgeon and John MacArthur (the only truth living teacher of God’s word) to all the world.

 We are tired of emergents, RCC wannabes, Rich Warren, Rob Bell, Beth Moore, Brian McLaren, Doug Pagget, Tony Jones, sinners in general who are not worthy of our God, and anyone that sounds like or acts like any of these apostates.

My credentials are that I studied at the feet of Walter Martin. Yes, I bought some tapes and books and even own a copy of Kingdom of the Cults. I also listened to Ken Silva on the Mike Corely Show when I received my special “just know this Truth“* anointing. With these tools I will wade through the mire of pseudo religious intellect and speak OUR true Doctrines that save Us to all. For, I am God’s anointed Pastor/Teacher to the Internet Congregation.

Peace and Grace from our God to you,

I. Todyaso

*”The Lord would have you know that this generation we are now living in is no time to be “playing” at Christianity. The spirit of this age is one that is quite aggressively hostile to the historic orthodox Christian faith. To the discerning among us it would appear that Christ is beginning to call His remnant to Himself. And…if you are in tune with the Spirit, somehow you will just know this truth.” The Truth Warrior Extraordinaire Ken Silva

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