This site is temporarily closed due to lawsuit threat!


About five months ago we broke the story of the “sort of” salvation of Bigfoot. Yesterday I received a letter from my ISP stating I am committing TOS violations due to that article. Yes… Bigfoot is suing me. He claims I am misrepresenting what he stated.

We here at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia are never wrong. That is our creed and our doctrine. We reported by way of very reliable sources that Bigfoot stated, “Arrrgh, herrrr mmmhhh roooo.” His claim is that instead of “roooo”, he stated, “rooooooo”.

Now we suspect Bigfoot’s salvation as he was lead to Jesus by Rick Warren and Brian McLaren. So, we also believe that Bigfoot is a liar and a slanderer. I accuse him back to his face all the “libel” he claims of us.

On another note, I have received great compliments from many who see this site as mean. Thank God. I strive to represent the God I serve and be true to our Doctrine in the Spirit and Power of the Truth War. The only real mean “person” is Bigfoot who is showing the fruit of the Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren by his unchristian actions of attacking me… a pastor. We are preparing a counter-suit.

If you hate us, then you are not worthy of being a Truth Warrior.

Please stand in prayer with us in this troubled time. This site may be gone do to this lawsuit unless you send donations.


Send donations


Of course we blame Rick Warren for all of this.


I. Todyaso

8 Responses to This site is temporarily closed due to lawsuit threat!

  1. Will Farel XV says:

    Oh, how we are being persecuted! One of these days our free speech will be so inhibited that we won’t be able to say any mean things about anybody anymore. This is truly the end times. The Antichrist will soon appear. (Come to think of it – I think it is Rick Warren)

    Be encouraged brother I.Todyaso, the more you fight this war on of Truth, the more people will be against you. This is the ultimate standard of Truth.

    We are the discerning remnant, we are few but we are mean spirited and have the powerful weapon of the internet to tear down any argument that comes against our angry God that only wants to save the elect and rejoices for every sinner sent to hell.


  2. itodyaso says:

    Yes, I am so persecuted. I had to stop this blog myself as the law suit seems to be on hold. I still need the money though. So please be sure to click on the link and donate today. This is all about the money… and our need!

    I. Todyaso


  3. mapel says:

    the way you write on here does not sound like one who follows Christ. Whether or not the pastors you talk about on here are doing right or not you don’t sound in the least bit like the Christ i read in the scriptures. I do wish you the best in your ministry and pray against anymore of your hurtful words. Leave the discerning to the Holy Spirit.


  4. Timmy says:

    Blessed are those who have been chosen by God and Jesus from the foundations of the earth to bask in the warmth and comfort of eternal hellfires, all because they would not subscribe to arbitrary belief systems. For they are truly to be blessed. For it is written, “The Lord hath decreed that there shall be no air conditioning in hell.” And blessed be Christ, who by the glorification of his own ego hath thereby decreed that billions should suffer in hell forever so that he may be given proper glory. For he alone is worthy! And the only possible way to honor that worthiness is if billions of people burn in hellfire for eternity! Praise his holy name. And beware ye who scorn and mock his holy name, for ye shall recieve a lesser share of your ice cream inherentance when you get to heaven. And ye shall also be deprived of extra unicorns. God will have his egomania mocked by no one! You have been warned.


  5. itodyaso says:


    Now, you must be one of those “emerging” people to utter such blasphemy. Without belief systems, you could not function. Now I recommend you subscribe to some morning and night Spurgeon devotionals that hsould clear up this ugly pox on your spirit.

    Hell is hot and as far as I can see from Scripture there really is no air conditioning.

    I also recommend you download as many Ray Comfort sermons and Way of The Master shows as you can. Also, I believe that Slice can be caught on podcast if it is not already in your area.

    Also repent if you are fortunate to be one of the Calvinistic Elect.

    Beware you have been warned by one of God’s very anointed,

    I. Todyaso


  6. Timmy says:

    Thank you for your admonition brother. It seems as if my theology has been wieghed and found to be lacking, and as such I am truly humbled. And I shall repent of my wrongdoing, but not until 67 and 3/4 days from now, for I do not want to miss the Haloween parties.


  7. itodyaso says:


    I am sure you meant, “Thank you for your humble admonition.” So thank you.

    I. Todyaso


    “the way you write on here does not sound like one who follows Christ.”

    That is because you spend too much time on those girly grace blog drinking milk when you should be reading my teaching and getting meat.

    I. Todyaso


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