Oh How we love those Emergents….!

July 31, 2009

Oh how we love those Emergents… and to show you how much here is my favortie quote.

“The dreams of perfect church -emerging church – of McLaren and others will end with their waking up in HELL!”

And here is a nice little worshp song that we approve!

John MacArthur Holding John Armstrong Accountable For Being Too Truthful

July 29, 2009

TruthAccording to W. Scott Lamb “John MacArthur Exhorts the Church to Be Engaged in the Battle for Truth” and further states “Would MacArthur again call out by name those within Evangelicalism who diminish truth in favor of crowd-pleasing methods and theology? ” MacArthur in his Truth Wars book outlines the following “Does MacArthur name names? Yes. With various degrees of criticism, he mentions Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Chris Seay, John Armstrong, Rick Warren, Donald Miller, and Doug Pagitt. MacArthur says their ministries emphasize theological minimalism and a downplaying of divine truth as the real foundation of the church.” Thank goodness that MacArthur downplays his righteous truth war discernmentalism and reveals true caution!

But what basis is the MacArthur attacks on John Armstrong? P Andrew Sandlin notes “Armstrong dared to say publicly that he had changed his mind, not about his doctrinal beliefs (which stand unshaken), but about his epistemic beliefs” Unbelievable apostasy!!!!

John Armstrong arrives at knowledge in a different fashion than that of  MacArthur the elite standard of orthodoxy and therefore fails to earn God’s grace …and obviously is destined to be a false teacher. We at ODMafia endorse discernmentalist theology of grace + discernmentalist orthodoxy. Without GRACE Alone + OUR THEOLOGY Alone you are destined to be lost….. repent now and give us some money.

Remember we at ODMafia and other discernment ministries support beliefism!

Digitally remastered “Little Truth Warrior on the Prairie” now on DVD

July 28, 2009

praLittle Truth Warrior on the Prairie is about a family in the 1800s making their way to a better life as a Truth Warrior in the American Mid-West. 

Upon their destination they build a little house outside of a small town where they meet numerous villains including Anglican Native Indians, Emerging Gun Slingers, non-denominationalists, and Roman Catholics. There in a new land they learn to take a stand and fight all that is against absolute truth. Becausethey have the truth, they refuse to extend grace to anyone who does not fit their category of what a Christian is supposed to be like.

Marty Goetz to play at anti Rick Warren Concert of Hope.

July 28, 2009

Brannon Howse has posted an open letter to the AG with grave concerns over Rick Warren speaking at the General Council this year. In related news Brannon Howse and Marty Goetz will be having a Concert of Hope to raise awareness of the evil of Rick Warren while conducting praise and worship.

MartyGoetzOn a side note, I once attended a Marty Goetz concert at a church in California. He was playing at Shoreline Community Church in Monterey Ca. I was really enjoying the concert until I realized it was a Purpose Driven Church. Someone needs to alert Brannon Howse over this major oversight.

Discernmentalists sues paris Hilton, alleges truth warrior espionage

July 28, 2009

phlawyerNew Hampshire (Reuters) – Discernmentalists Worldwide  sued rival Paris Hilton who just purchased two discernmentalist ministries on Thursday, accusing her of stealing truth warrior secrets to speed Hilton’s entry into the “truth warrior” market.

Discernmentalists claimed the two special ops of Paris Hilton, lifted more than 100,000 electronic truth files, and a top secret John MacArthur Laptop (rumoured to be named the TruthTop) — before and after they changed sides.

Discernment religions police been called in to solve this troubling episode using specialized methods of truth detection and exposing of error:

1) name calling
2) stretching the truth
3) character assassination

John MacArthur caught in gay scandal, found not true

July 24, 2009

A recent controversy over this supposedly “gay” picture of John MacArthur cavorting openly with a homosexual turns out not to be as it appears. When this picture was sent to me without context I assumed right off that John MacArthur had turned gay. Fortunately this picture is John MacArthur only playing basketball. We want to be clear, John MacArthur is NOT gay and this is not a gay photo of him.

U.S. Christian Church sheds 663,000 John MacArthurites

July 24, 2009

The U.S. John MacArthurite rate soared to 8.5 percent in March, the highest since 1983, as John MacArthurite left in droves to a tune 663,000 due to more epistemological shifts.

In a report underscoring the distress in the truth warrior market, the Dept of Truth also revised its data for January to show truth losses of 741,000 that month, the biggest decline since October 1949.

Paul Proctor anti-mainline writer plans new film

July 24, 2009

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Right-wing Paul Proctor writer said on Thursday he planned to produce a follow-up film “I’m the only true Christian” against the threat of other Christians (obviously apostate ones) that hold views different from his own. At this point in time he fears immigration from mainline Christian churches who may or may not have read NT Wright, John Stott or heaven forbid Rob Bell.

Proctors’s previous film, which was launched over the internet in March 2008 and argues that the mainliners wear crosses around their neck which has GOT TO STOP!

Wilders said his new film would focus on the threat of Rob Bell and Bill Hybels and the impact ‘Bell-isation’ has had on Europe and the United States. The film would also focus on the principle of freedom of speech and should be completed before the end of 2010, he added.


Red-Pen to launch service for iTruth, TruthBerry

July 23, 2009

red pen

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Red-Pen, an online discernmentalist ministry unit of eBay Inc, is planning to launch its service for iTruth users on Tuesday and for the TruthBerry in May as part of its effort to expand beyond mainstream discernmentalism.

Red-Pen has been pushing to make its service work on the most popular advanced truth phones with an aim to expanding its more than 400 million users who were mostly lured by Emergent E-Phones by the promise of free Nooma Videos and Tony Campolo sound bites….now they seek to win them back.

If this new launch fails they will rush the Judgment Phone (Apprising Edition) to market immediately.

Online Discernmentalists forms $100 million venture fund

July 23, 2009


Mackinac Island (Reuters) – Doogle Inc is forming a $100 million fund to invest in early-stage start-up firms. Doogle is an online start-up developed by the Online Discernmentalists known as NATO.

The fund, to be called Doogle Ventures, will be wholly owned by Doogle, but will operate as a separate entity and will seek investment opportunities to minimize TRUTH decay.

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