Conservative Christians arrested after post-Roe laws deem miscarriage illegal

Amos Thugger arrested on charges of causing Covid related abortions

Ameicanstan (near future)- a group of pro-life anti-mask/anti-vaxxers including Amos Thugger were arrested today on charges of being accessories to the crime of involuntary abortion aka miscarriage. The police explain that this was necessary because the current understanding of post-Roe rulings is that bodily autonomy is no longer legally protected so therefore refusal to wear a mask and/or get vaxxed during a pandemic is now a crime. Even more so now that refusing to wear a mask and/or get vaxxed has been deemed being abortifacient vis-a-vis causing the spread of Covid-19 thereby causing involuntary abortions aka miscarriage. Under post-Roe readings of the law, miscarriages have now been deemed illegal to save the Justice System the hassle of determining whether an abortion is involuntary (miscarriage) or voluntary—and anything or anyone that causes an involuntary abortion (miscarriage) is deemed the instrument of the crime/accessory to the crime. Police were able to trace a direct link to “maskless” and “unvaccinated” Amos causing a 10 yr old girl (his niece) that he raped to miscarry after contracting Covid-19 using medical records. Amos is expected to serve a 5 yr prison sentence followed by community service—his 10 yr. old niece is now on Death Row on the charge of murder.

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