Introducing the Spuriscope!

October 1, 2009


Definition of Spurious: Lacking authenticity or validity in essence or origin; not genuine; false.

We could have not said it better. The new Spuriscope is portable, and dialable for your convenience. Think heresy or false teaching is in the midst? Dial the special Spuriscope numbers and you could be on your way to being a professional discernmentalist like ODMafia. Thats right!

Do you think there is a demon hiding under your kitchen table? Dial the Spuriscope!

Is your pastor not preaching to your calibre of knowledge? Dial the Spuriscope!

Do you suspect that your friend is an Arminian? Dial the Spuriscope!

If by any chance you cannot afford the Spuriscope (pray harder) or contact us and we’ll send you one on loan.

Thanks to us this is one more instrument in our everlasting battle of the truth wars. Remember, if you are not as truthful as us, you are not truthful at all.

Stay tuned for the Spurgeon edition coming soon!

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