Preaching gentleness closet liberalism

October 25, 2009


Discernmentalists everywhere! Watchblogsquared has gone liberal. Our research robot monkeys (always on the prowl) discovered the following quotes…likely influenced by the Anglican Church…

“It is so seldom we find a real gentle spirit, one who is gentle all through, and gentle under all circumstance…It is amazing what lack of gentleness there is among the Lord’s own people. Among the reasons why so few Christians are thoroughly gentle in spirit may be the following:

So few really apprehend the worth of a gentle spirit; they seem to overlook it as a cardinal trait in religion. There are so many Christians who regard real gentleness as a weakness, a soft, sentimentalism, which in some way interferes with thorough righteousness, and boldness, and plain dealing, and a pushing zeal for God.” by George D Watson (we believe through our research ‘DD’ probably stands for double damnation.)

I could go on quoting, but this simply makes me ill. No doubt Watchblogsquared is a secret post-modernist and read’s Rob Bell’s books.

I believe Watchblogsquared quoted Watson to undermine true discernmentalism because without rudeness, obnoxiousness and self-righteous indignation we cannot stop the onslaught of the hordes of false teachers (ie that is mostly everyone.) We have to fight the world using the worlds tools (ie we get a green light to use them because we are truth warriors) for this is the only way to fight back!

We have exclusive rights to be haughty and have contempt for others…and it is completly discernmentalistically sanctioned! Besides, it takes a good back bone to fight the apostates. Also remember that a Fruit of the Spirit Exemption Card applies to all true discernmentalists. Take advantage while supplies last!

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