All new Smear Factor!

October 23, 2009

smearAll new! SMEAR FACTOR is the game that can be watched on TV and relived at home! This popular truth-warrior tv show now on DTV (Discernmentalist TV) and picked up on TWN (Truth-Warrior Network) and follows several popular truth warriors as they attempt to disparage others reputations, by engaging in rumour, mildly researched subjects, and hearsay to arrive at Discernmentalist Truth (which is apparently different from actual Truth). The religious gestapo will help decided who is the finalist and therefore the best and most elite in SMEAR FACTOR.

Winners receive genuine Walter Martin Cassette Tapes so that they can claim they have been mentored by him!

We at the ODMafia are looking forward to see your favourite Truth Warriors engage in their favourite subject on TV and hopefully in syndication.

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