Olive Tree Ministries Presents…Christo-Fascist Flakes

October 31, 2009


Olive Tree Ministries presents Christo-Fascist Flakes… a taste of imperialism in every bite. Each box presents interesting facts…. with “fact bites and flake-questions” posted on the back of each box;

1) How can a world filled with secular humanists, atheists, and just plain God-haters be pondering the end of the world?

2) Are We on a Slippery Slope to Fascism? (just keep imbibing Jan’s articles…and you’ll know)

3) We single out Democrats and their evil schemes because Republicans are naturalized Christians.

4) Hitler took control of the airwaves. Obama is Hitler.

5) Criticism of America and Israel is anti-American and anti-Christian.

6) Attacks on conservative radio talk show hosts is an attack on Christianity.

7) Conservative = Christianity.

8)  War is good. Peace is bad. Anti-war Christians are Marxists.

We encourage our readers to imbibe Christo-Fascism ideologies, and Fascism Flakes before Christians get all communistic and love their enemies, and share all that they have in common.

Collect all three poseable Jan Markell Action Figures with the purchase of each box of edifying Fascist Flakes.

Finally, remember these precious words from the Gospels “But I tell you….treat your enemies with contempt. If someone strikes you, hit them again and again until they bless America.  Resist those who are not fascists and strike down anti-imperialists. Resist those who ask ….especially the poor”

This is an ODMafia endorsed cereal.

We are not threatening them with physical harm, we are threatening them with eternal damnation!

October 31, 2009


I can’t wait till Randell Terry gives us permission to use our rights to bare arms! So only the Elect will have the right to life… the rest of you guys will burn in hell!


Happy Helloween!


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