Inconsistency approved!

June 29, 2010

We believe that as a truth warrior, we have the right to be inconsistent. For instance, we can state that we must agree on essentials, and if need be  fight over non-essentials….but yet in the next breath fight over non-essentials and defend our inconsistency as consistency. In fact we have the right to switch terms, play word games, mind games and reindeer games as needed. As long as we are defending the truth, we can bend the rules at will. Truth is weak and must be defended from the hordes  (ie all those we disagree with) – that is anyone who asks difficult questions, thinks outside the box and try to upset the status quo.


PS Don’t disagree with us. Make your life more truthful by assenting to everything that we teach here at ODMAfia. Your soul with be soothed.

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