Subliminal lesbian chewing gum advertisement exposed!

February 23, 2010

The ODMafia is always focused (like all Online Discernment Ministries – ODMS) on finding evil, and sin even where it does not exist.  We are so attuned to evil that we can see evil even if it can’t be found.  We view this as a gift that is beneficial to all discernmentalists. By twisting, misunderstanding and accusing we expose more evil per capita than any other country in the world. In fact we are world leaders in accusing others. We follow a great number of other ODMS who find evil where there is none. But that takes practice and a skill like no other.

This is why we are FIRST again by finding evil in this gum advertisement. For the uninitiated this is simply a chewing gum advertisement. But for the ODMafia, we know that Wrigley’s Co. is subliminally promoting lesbianism. These two woman are lovingly gazing into one another’s eyes…we can see it with OUR own eyes.

We plead with our readers, send us money!!!! We cannot continue to expose non-existent evil without your help. We cannot continue in our mighty ministry without your cash.


PS We also use long range gay-dar to discern gays.

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