Slice of Laodicea, Take A Stand Ministries Fixated With Warren – Us too!

February 5, 2010

Expert discernmentalists Slice of Laodicea and Eric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries have been fixated with crack reporting, research and news coverage of Rick Warren. The Online Discernmentalist Mafia agrees that we TOO must saturate our readers with Rick Warren coverage.

Bad news is good news.

If Rick Warren looks bad, we look good. In fact we feel good. We get our spiritual life by taking others down, to build ourselves up!

We believe we must take on this calling (ie a very sincere sober biblical calling indeed) because the world hangs in a balance of destruction, mayhem and TV reruns if we do not. Remember, by taking Rick Warren down makes the world a better place. Ultimately, we KNOW the problem….Warren is more popular than us. Therefore, his ministry must be unbiblical because the world responds to him. On the flip side he once prayed for Obama’s presidential inauguration so that makes him bad bad bad.

Finally, we discernmentalists are about absolute certainty. We know that Rick Warren has never supported the doctrine of absolute certainty….therefore once again this proves him unbiblical.


PS Please buy MORE of Take of Stand Ministries DVDs to get the gnostic inside truth of all things scary in this world. Remember, the world hangs in the balance…..buying DVDs will save us all.

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