Rob Bell’s Emergent tour bus caught in this exclusive photo!

February 15, 2010

We all know that Rob Bell is a secret new ager teaming up with President Obama, the anti-christ and Lady GaGa to take over the world. We have further proof of the new world order taking shape with this EMERGENT SCHOOL BUS. We believe that this bus is an attempt to confuse the natural order of school buses. We KNOW who is the author of confusion is.

All I can say is that if something is ODD it must be Emergent. If its EMERGENT it is bad….because ODD is never good. School buses should NEVER confuse kids….therefore it is all of the devil. We hope you can follow our discernmentalist logic…if you can’t you are likely apostate or liberal….or both.

We are not sure if this is really Rob Bells bus… but we know Rob is evil, and evil people cause chaos and usually drive strange buses (hippies drove really weird buses). If hippies drive buses, then we must suppose that we have enough evidence to accuse Rob Bell of possessing this bus….and possession is of the devil. This is why we do discernment…because we are capable of connect dots that you folks cannot!!!

Thanks to discernmentalist logic, NOTHING gets by us.

The ODMafia….Doing the discernment for you, so you don’t have to.


Sarah Palin: Conservoporn Playmate!

February 15, 2010

Sarah Palin (Yes!  hubba hubba Awesome) to become the newest Conservoporn playmate. Watch as she saves America from the threat of Red Letter Christians and evil Emergents like Brian McLaren. She even puts Obama in his place. All in conservatively appropriate clothingSarah Palin (Yes!  hubba hubba Awesome) is a true Discernmentalist after the hearts of all Reaganolater Reagan loving GOIP Discernmentalists. In fact we’ve heard that Sarah Palin(Yes!  hubba hubba Awesome)  is a female clone of our Final President Ronald Reagan.

A key scene in one of Sarah Palin(Yes!  hubba hubba Awesome)’s Conservoporn productions Slaying Neo-Marxist Red Letter Christian Wolves: Tax Cuts For The Filthy Rich Turn Me On —-

Look for the official Glenn Beck Seal Of Approval on all of our excellent and quality Conservoporn productions:

Devil possessed motorbike found!

February 15, 2010

Our research robot monkeys can find the devil almost everywhere. In fact we have found him under kitchen tables, the hedges and in this case even in a possessed motorbike. In this case, we caught the devil himself encased in this man-made secular and worldly machine. We are proud that we are the FIRST Online Discernmentalist Ministry to find this demonic entity BEFORE anyone else. Normally other Online Discernment Ministries beat us to the punch.

We can only presume OTHER ministries are getting lazy in their discernmentalizing.


PS On good word we believe that the motorbike in question was formerly owned by the Pope or Rob Bell…or both!

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