NBC renews “Friday Night Discernment Lights”

April 15, 2009

friday-night-lights21“Friday Night Discernment Lights” fans can rejoice: NBC has ordered two more seasons of the critically lauded but ratings-challenged truth series.

The network and DirecTV have finalized a deal for a 26-episode order (two seasons of 13 episodes each) to the series about a Discernmentalist  Truth Warrior football team based on the real life drama of Apprising Ministries. The story revolves around a full-back special ops force using specially crafted phrases to undermine the play-ability of the other teams. The quarter-back in the series uses his skills to stretch information and weave skillfully made stories of make-believe.

The ODMafia highly recommends this one of a kind truth series for anyone who seeks to establish their truth warrior status.

If I was a Calvinist…

April 15, 2009

I am not Calvinist, (though Calvin was right on everything he stated but since Ken Silva is not one and he mentored me I am not one) I would not just be a 5 pointer… I would be FINGER POINTING Calvinist.

Anyone good Calvinist is a finger pointing Calvinist. Once one comes to Jesus they then must convert to Calvinism to be saved. If not then we who are FINGER POINTING Calvinists will come to your blog and make sure we point out judgmental fingers at you. Now, please don’t be confused by those so called Grace loving Calvinists. They are phonies! If you are a real Calvinist you will seek out Arminian blogs and point the righteous finger of Calvin at them! (Just make sure it is not THAT finger use the righteous one).


I. Todyaso

CRN.Info and Analysis Applying Too Much Grace, Not Enough Judgment

April 15, 2009

In a recent expose, ODMafia Research Monkeys have found that CRN.Infosun is showing far too much grace and love. We believe that to be a true discernmentalist there is a great need for MORE judgmentalism and outrage. Shame on you CRN.Info!!!! You are turning your ministry into a pathetic flying circus of grace and love.

You are obviously going soft with your in-depth thinking.


We will give you 10 days to start judging, otherwise we WILL apply our 12 pt, Leather Bound King James Bible on your pathetic attempt at discernmenalism.


Be warned (our Research Robot Monkeys Bite)!

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